LC bird’s nest repair the original liquid millennium classic bird’s nest, leechee Swiss technology creation


Millennium Classic Bird Nest

Swiss technology creation

Skin anti -age effect

Calcel Glycel Glycel, the Swiss medical beauty industry -grade skin cell regeneration expert, as early as January 2012, it studied the mystery of the anti -time beauty of bird’s nest. With the world’s leading medical beauty technology, it took 4 years for product positioning, trial testing, and mass production. Finally, it was introduced to Hong Kong, China at the end of 2015. Hong Kong Fencao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was the first to introduce the technology of Swiss bird’s nest essence and quickly put into operation. This world -leading Leechee bird’s nest raw liquid was launched.

The main function of bird’s nest raw liquid is to firmly lock the “Beautiful Glossal Factor” EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) contained in the high -concentration ATP energy molecule, penetrate to the depths of the cells, release the cell activity, promote cell activity, promote the activity of cells, promote the activity of cells, promote the activity Newborn collagen synthesis, witnessed firming, smooth, bright white beauty within 30 days.

1. The 10th effect of Leechee Swiss bird’s nest raw liquid:

Antioxidant, brightening skin tone, diluing melanin, hydrating and moisturizing, diluting acne marks, shrinking pores, anti -wrinkle, tiring tightness, soothing allergies, repairing base cells in one step, suitable for all skin types, ensuring your face transparency, which is transparent, and your face is transparent. White tender, smooth and elastic. Both men, women, and children can use it!

Second, each bird’s nest raw liquid comes from Switzerland and take it in bird’s nest. Pure natural, hormone -free, non -stimulating, less lead mercury, safe and reliable. Allergic skin is also applicable.

Third, a bird’s nest raw solution can be used about 10 times, once = you stick 100 masks, the effect is super good, let you use it once, you will fall in love with a lifetime!

Fourth, how to use:

1. After cleaning, take an appropriate amount of micro -essence and apply it evenly on the face of the face.

2. After diluting at a ratio of 1:10, it is installed in a small spray bottle, which is the best toner.

Another note, business analysis:

1. Products are suitable for investment promotion and drainage!

2. Imported in Switzerland, complete documents, manufacturers shipped and customized production.

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