Twelve life selection strategies that seize the opportunity of the dissection


In our lives, we all make various choices consciously and constantly. For example, what school is studying, who is married, what business is business, what occupation is engaged in, and so on. Some choices, seemingly insignificant, can actually change our lives greatly.

But when you are making a major choice or preparing to make the next major choice, I don’t know what to do. Most gaps between your real life and ideals are caused by your choice. Although there are many cases you cannot directly control, you can control one thing -what should you do now? “Key Points for Life” uses a list to help you solve these troubles.

This book comprehensively analyzes the topic of the choice of close connection with the key points of life, starting from the 4 major choice stages that determine the direction of life -student stage, initial entry stage, career mid -term, and the middle -aged stage of crisis, create a wealth and workplace in the workplace , Education, partner and other 12 life selection strategies, and with 13 sets of personal exercises and selection tools to help you control your own direction of life!

The 12 options that determine the direction of life are education, partners, fertility, social, environment, occupation, debt, health, hobbies, curiosity, partners, and illegal. This is a large fork in life, and it is absolutely invalid to grasp the breaking point of these destiny.


For example, you find your partner in a repeated way, but you find that everyone is not perfect, and there will be shortcomings. Falling in love is not a good indicator. The quality of your partner, and what age you find your partner, is the factors that determine your love between you.

For another example, the choice of education has a great impact on his career. If you have no skills and no education, work in a fast food restaurant or supermarket, or some work with low salary and no growth. At the same time, you live independently or have children to raise. You are facing harsh reality. Economic pressure is too great. In order to survive, you may need to do two or three jobs.

In order to choose not to choose blindly, we need to start preparing between the age of 10 and 16 when we were young, what kind of habits we should develop in the future, what kind of work morality should we develop What kind of person wants to be. Of course, if you have not entered the preparatory area so early, it is also applicable in adulthood.

This is the major adjustment selection area of ​​the middle -aged stage. We look around, and we will find that the peers around you are more or less troublesome in the first half of his life. What should I do? Is it a question we have been considering, and do we give up directly? Still rescue yourself.

The answer is: we must make major adjustments.

The first is the adjustment of mentality, stop self -blame, and forgive yourself. At the same time, make yourself humble, even if you have a lot of achievements in the past.

In fact, it is re -learning, correction, and restarting. Focus on creating something with lasting value. Together all the lessons of life to the past and put them in the preparation area. You can even make a adjustment in expenditure to reduce unnecessary expenditures and save your money strength.

Just as the soup is broken, it does not work as much seasoning. To some extent, no matter how much you spent, the soup must be dumped and do it from scratch. The same is true of occupations and interpersonal relationships in life. If you find that you are unable to recover, you should make the right choice and start again.