The new army of “eating chicken” needs actual combat effect! The wings of fashion are as small as chicken wings, and the special effect guns are not good.


Practical, not exaggerated! I am your intelligence, and I smile ten times with a smile. The new army of peace elites has been exposed. Although there is no official announcement, it has been basically determined to be the flames of red dragon! This type of mech -style military demand is obviously more in line with the aesthetics of male players, and once again persuaded the younger sister players!

The New Army needs to be impressive, and in the end, refer to their actual effects! The performance of many new fashion in the official announcement is beautiful, but the actual combat is very span! Even if there is a designed design, it is still necessary to accept the test of actual combat, so what is the effect of the new army that will be launched soon? Let’s take a look at it together!

1. 3 sets of mech style fashion


First of all, the “Hurricane Flying Eagle”, which is more optimistic, is more practical in the game, but it has become a shortcoming in the actual combat process. The gray appearance has no texture under the low -quality quality, which attracts it as a result. Hao’s wings are as small as chicken wings, which makes people feel disappointing!


It is also a fashion with wings. The design of the Chi Yu Jinzun is very good! Not only the volume of 6 wings is more perfect, but it also has a dynamic effect when the character jumps! Although the wings of Flying Eagle have a high -tech blessing, the volume is too small, which plays a role in painting snakes!

Although Gim’s coloring “Tiger Xiao” has a domineering shape, the performance of actual combat is also very transient! The wings of this set of mech are not small, but it still looks like chicken wings. There is no dynamic effect during the role action!


As a yellow mobile warrior, the addition of blue wings seems very uncoordinated. It is well known that the freedom in the Gundam SEED is also black and blue wings, but the body is white and blue, which will be more matte! However, although this mech borrowed from the free design, it used yellow and white color matching, and it hurts!


Among the 3 sets of new fashion, the proportion of flames and red dragons is the best, and the performance in actual combat is also medium! Although the wings are like chicken wings, they are very matched with fashion! As an original mech, this set of performance in the mall is very good, but the color matching is not practical in the game!

As a new military -in fashion, this set of military needs is the same as the full -class skin of the manual! Now that the golden players are becoming more and more rational, this color will definitely affect the sales of new military needs! It is also a red mech, or the handbook fashion that can be won at 600 points is more fragrant!

Second, special effect gun skin

The installation performance of the first M249 special effect gun is very good. Although it is a big red color matching, it does not affect the player’s love for it! Since the exposure, many players have said that they can enter the collection!


However, this special effect gun’s performance in actual combat is not good. Because the peace elite has always been “color loss”, it lowers the value of the entire gun skin. The color of the black and red color is really difficult to accept! There is no gradient color design that looks very perfunctory!

Third, aircraft skin

The best effect of the new army is the aircraft! Red mech wings are higher than the quality of 3 sets of fashion! And it can be mixed with the previous mech wind army. The only disadvantage is that the aircraft cannot be used after landing, and it looks very bad!

If the fashion of the new military needs the wings like aircraft, I believe that it will definitely get the love of many male players, and it is also a matter of babies to increase sales! In order not to block the horizons, the designer can only make them into the size of chicken wings, which is somewhat regrettable!

All in all, the actual combat effect of the new military demand is not good. Although the three sets of fashion incorporate the popular wings nowadays, the model is too small like chicken wings, and some even do not match the whole fashion! The value of the special effect gun in actual combat is not high, it is worthy of our collection! Personal suggestions, if you have already entered the manual, then this set can be given up!

The above is the “eating chicken” new army. The effect of actual combat! The wings of fashion are as small as chicken wings, and special effects guns are not good! “All the contents of”, thanks for reading! Looking forward to the praise and recommendation encouraged at the end of the article, our comment area will be dismissed! ##