Watson mask is so good, why don’t I buy it? The truth is like this!


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In the peak season of travel and tourism in spring, MMs are the most reluctant to go out. The mask is not only offered. The mask can not only replenish the skin with sufficient moisture in an instant, but also effective and convenient. Take the essential mask as an example today to see what the fascinating masks of Watsons cannot buy and buy willlessly.


Meidi Well Hydrum Moisturizing Mask

Seduced selling point: imported products, in the early stage, there is a premium of the Kles mask


Truth: The original name of Midi Well was called Clinie Klece. At that time, because Litzi and Clinie were packed like a clinie, “Clinie” officially renamed “Mediheal Midi Well” in 2012.

The Midi Whale sold by Watsons is indeed a Korean brand, but there are Chinese descent. In December 2015, A -share listed company Langzi issued an announcement that Langzi’s wholly -owned subsidiary acquired a 10%stake in the Coco brand parent company and South Korea ’s L & P cosmetics company for 60 billion won (about 330 million yuan).

In addition, this mask is not absolutely safe. Last year, CCTV had exposed South Korea’s “Leaders” and South Korea’s “Mediheal” mask all added fluorescent whitening agents. In addition, no additives such as fluorescent whitening agents are not marked from the outer packaging.

Flower printing water, moisturizing water supplement mask

Seductive selling points: fresh packaging, it looks very hydrating, the taste is good


Truth: Huayin has always claimed to be a Japanese brand, imported goods, and is actually an authentic Chinese brand. Public information from the industrial and commercial department shows that Beijing Huayin Renmei Trading Co., Ltd., which has the Huayin brand, is a 100%all -funded subsidiary of Beijing Longhe Longsheng Cosmetics Co., Ltd. There is no “Japanese blood”.

In addition, from the perspective of the ingredients of the water -printed water moisturizing mask, sodium chloride shows a certain degree of acne and irritation in many sources of foreign data, which is mainly derived from its concentration and usage method. In addition, benzene ethanol is irritating to the eyes and is dangerous for low skin allergies.

That’s why MM feels that the signature mask of the flower print is allergic and acne.


Watsons Bird’s Nest Qin Baizhen Mask Mask


Seasoning selling points: economics and hydration effects are okay


Truth: I believe that many sisters have seen the Watsons Bird’s Nest Qin Baizhen Mask (hereinafter referred to as: bird’s nest mask) are cheap, have no contributions to use, and a little moisturizing effect. Proclaimed (benzene ethanol, potassium sorbate, chloropenal ether, sodium benzoate, iodine glycopromamate basin, sodium removal acetate). , Easy to choose with caution.

@小 Blue: I went to Watsons to buy a bunch of things last month. The total price was relatively high. At the end of the checkout, I gave me a box of Watsons’s self -produced bird’s nest Qin Baiyan facial mask. One day of heart, the bird’s nest mask was removed, and the piece was tried. The next day, it was allergic to gorgeous.

From small to large, I have been rough and thick, and I have never been allergic to facial masks or skin care products! How poisonous this is!

Water360 mineral water transparent and shiny mask


Seductive selling points: cost -effective, fresh packaging, hot shopping guide push push for shopping guide

Truth: This mask ranked fourth in the 2015 mask hot sales list. It seems that Watsons’s own brand mask is still very popular.

However, this mask contains components of hydroxybenzoate. According to Xu Shuyuan, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Consumer Council’s propaganda team, hydroxybenzoate is a type of preservatives. People who are allergic to such preservatives may cause preservatives to remain on the surface of the skin and cause contact dermatitis Essence Therefore, people with skin allergies should pay special attention to the ingredient description of the mask curl and choose carefully.

Limei Rose Flucker Word Run White Mask

Seasoning selling points: economics cost -effective, hot push for shopping guide, good packaging

It is seen in the mask composition table that there are many moisturizing ingredients of this mask and advanced, indicating that the hydration effect is okay, but the whitening ingredients have almost no. In addition, triolamine is used to regulate acidity (itself is weak), which can easily cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Studies have shown that benzoic acid can react with UVB ultraviolet rays on the skin, thereby increasing the risk of skin aging.


Therefore, using this mask cannot be used frequently, it should not be too long for staying on the skin, and it has to be cleaned. The most terrible thing is that benzoic acid nails are suspected of promoting skin aging, so this beautifully packaged mask is not cost -effective.

Long press Copy: Izhuangsha

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