If the body lacks vitamins, there will be symptoms to tell you, how to make up? One article explain to you


Now young people are not more beautiful than their looks, nor more expensive than mobile phones. They like to know more about health than anyone else. They often take out a few bottles and cans from the bags. Remind yourself to take it on time in the morning, middle and evening, and sometimes eat a capsule, and ask others if you want to eat together.


Although vitamins are good for the body, they cannot make up for it, make up too much, or make up for the mistake, which may cause more diseases. Moreover, supplementing vitamins can not be obtained easily during the diet, not so complicated.

If the body lacks vitamins, there will be symptoms to tell you, and it is not too late to understand it.

Vitamin A

—— When the lack of vitamin A, the sensitivity of the retina to light will decrease, and night blindness will occur. At the same time, it will make your cornea dry and always want to rub your eyes. It has a protective effect on mucous membranes, the lack of vitamin A’s immunity will decrease, and children are more likely to infect diseases. You can usually eat more carrots, tomatoes, green vegetables, a glass of milk and one egg every day, and 2-3 animal liver 2-3 times a month.

Vitamin B1

——If you find that your limbs are easy to edema, your body is easy to fatigue, and no spirit, it is always yawn. It may be a lack of vitamin B1. It is recommended to eat more miscellaneous grains in staple foods. , Can be cooked softly. In addition, lean meat and beans can also supplement vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2

—— When lacks vitamin B1, the mouth is prone to sores, the skin is particularly dry, producing a lot of dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp. The eyes are afraid of light, tears, and red blood. Usually you can eat more dairy products, eggs, lean meat and beans. Black beans, soybeans, and red beans in beans are better.

Vitamin B6

——The people who lack vitamin B6 in their bodies are prone to mental illness, such as depression, and also problems such as low appetite, insomnia, laulitis, conjunctivitis and other problems. Pay attention to diet, regulate your mood, and come out of negative emotions as soon as possible.


Vitamin B12

——The people who lack this kind of nutrition will have symptoms of anemia and insomnia. They often dizziness, the tongue is prone to sores, the skin is dull, and there is no blood. It is usually caused by excessive diet or vegan. The proportion of meat should be increased. Eat more fish, beef, chicken, milk and eggs.


Vitamin C

——In frequent gum bleeding, ductiles under the skin, and muscle pain may be lack of vitamin C. This situation is relatively rare, and normal diet is generally not lacking, but rarely eats vegetables and fruits. Essence

Vitamin D

——The child lack of vitamin D will cause spinal deformation. Lack of joints will have joint pain and insufficient calcium, which can be supplemented from deep -sea fish, eggs, and cheese. Frequent the sun outdoors, don’t always stay at home.

Vitamin K

——It often oral bleeding or nasal bleeding. If the number of times is frequent, it may be a lack of vitamin K. You can eat more nuts, soy products, broccoli packaging, celery, etc., or vitamin capsules.

Vitamin E


—— Women always feel muscle soreness, weakness, dizziness, and decline of vision. It may be caused by the lack of vitamin E. Olive oil and germ oil can be used as edible oil. In addition, eating a small number of nuts a day can prevent vitamin E deficiency.

If the symptoms are mild, it is generally available through food, and the economy is safe, but for people with severe symptoms, the diet supplement is slower. You can take preparation supplements under the guidance of a doctor. Essence