Women who make men crazy secret


In the process of love, we often like to experience the feeling of heartbeat. In fact, for men, not everyone and women will make him feel good. So, which kind of woman is crazy for men? Which woman makes men feel difficult to get along? Let’s take a look at the psychology of love!

What kind of woman is a woman crazy

What kind of women’s panties can attract men’s attention best? A questionnaire survey for men aged 20 to 40. Girl’s underwear design is always tongue. Any type of pants you think of you can have bold and brave girls to try.

Cute underwear

This summer, the skin care products of major brands promote the magical effects of vitamin C, and this vitamin C whirlwind has blown into the privacy of women. Vitamin C is used as the processing material of the fabric, so that a small pair of pants also have the effect of whitening the skin and clever mind. This series of underwear has 5 different fruits, lemon, strawberries, blueberries, oranges and apples, allowing her to exude a fresh and teasing fruity from the inside to the outside.


Message: It looks like a swimsuit, isn’t it?

Love -type panties

The top of the list is because it gives people the urge to solve.

Message: This underwear has nothing to do with the matching, everything has nothing to do, there is only one word.

Permanent “V” low -waist underwear

Any new pants type is actually closely related to girls’ clothes. The “V” shape was tailored at the back of the underwear, so that she would neither “expose stuffing” when she was wearing low waist pants, and she was comfortable and comfortable to wear.


Message: The most suitable for wearing low waist pants. Now buying pants, almost clear waist pants, rarely buy middle or high -waisted pants, so pay attention to wearing low waist. Now in summer, I am most annoying to see a girl bending down or squatting. Most of the underwear is exposed.


Applying the mesh in girls’ underwear is no longer fresh. The mesh with a perspective effect, light texture, can also bring out the soft and sexy side of girls, which can be said to have won the favor of many girls.

Message: I do n’t like it personally, because wearing is not very comfortable, but it is sexy. Remember that our boring women will privately buy the newly bought sexy net yarn underwear “show” to the good friends to apply the net yarn in the girl. In the underwear, it is no longer a new thing. The mesh with a perspective effect, light texture, can also bring out the soft and sexy side of girls, which can be said to have won the favor of many girls.

Invisible flat foot

In addition to T-back, G-String, and V-back, which makes people jump, there are also flat-footed underwear this season. However, unlike the previous flat -footed models, this season’s flat -footed underwear is walking with an invisible route, allowing you to achieve a perfect effect when wearing tight pants or tight skirts.

Message: Wearing tight pants, especially formal trousers, should be matched with such underwear. Basic models. Well, Bailian’s underwear is the cheapest and often engaged in activities, almost 25. It is best to match meat.

Flower panties

As soon as it is in the summer, people are reminiscent of flowers in the mountains. Therefore, flowers are always indispensable for this season. “Flowerfun Romantic Flower Language” integrates the most popular flower pattern this season into the design of the underwear, or lace, embroidery, or hollow, making her born inside and outside this summer. The “Perfect Bride” series is presented and playful behind the underwear. This little surprise can also evoke your infinite love.

Message: Some people call it a bride underwear. Ha ha. It seems that every bride will buy a particularly beautiful underwear for themselves, pink, lace, gauze, hee hee … the beginning of a romantic life.

T -shaped pants

When a woman is too late to try the magical effects of wearing tight clothes brought by “T-Back”, the market has launched a more shocking “G-String”. Compared to T-Back, G-String has a more thorough revolution in the groin position, shrinking into only one centimeter wide rope design, making her more trace when wearing tights, and the rope width is just right. The ground makes her free without any restraint.

Send a message: I have heard a long time, but I have never tried it. Those who have experienced it can discuss it. It is said that this is the favorite of Xiaotian Sweet Britney.

Which woman makes men feel difficult to get along

1. Love Guardian Girl

They like to guard their love carefully, but often do not go against their wishes. Love is like the sand in my hand. The tighter it is, the faster the flowing. The more careful care, the more difficult it is to run for a long time.

Love is not careful and forever. Excessive care will only make the other party feel frightened and have no happiness. Proper collection can make love more passionate.

Second, the whole body is involved in women


When love comes, they will not take the initiative, but once they touch the heart, they will devote themselves. But when they invest too much, but when they are replaced, they will be more damaged and they will fall into a trough. From then on, they don’t believe in love, nor will they be optimistic about men.

All love efforts and harvests are not proportional, and they cannot be pulled away quickly after being devoted. So believe in life, let time dilute everything, relax your mood, get more frustrated, and find a new love as soon as possible. Don’t understand this for a long time, it really regrets it.


Three, love supreme women

For these women, love is everything. For love, you can give up everything, career, affection, friends, etc. all throw away the clouds. When their love disappears, they feel that they have nothing.

Love is not everything, give up everything for love. Is this love supremacy or dying of love? In fact, as long as you hide in the bed in a lonely night, you will find that these pains can actually pass through the past. In the face, you must face it bravely.


Fourth, the best girl


When love is gone, others persuade her to make nothing about in front of others, but when a person is alone, it is hysterical. She even wanted to get revenge and let others experience her pain. Love becomes hatred immediately.

Stuffy will only make one person more painful, and long -term quietness will burst out suddenly. This outbreak may hurt people around them. Therefore, when you are unhappy, you should say your pain. Only when you vent, the pain will be smaller.

5. Trust the woman with perseverance

They are full of trust in love. Once love leaves, they will touch the most sensitive nerves in their hearts. They cannot accept failure, and they will spend more time thinking about how to recover, which also makes them carry a strong feeling of being betrayed, deeply unable to extricate themselves.

In the face of such a woman, we must understand that love has no betrayal, but just does not know how to cherish it. Fortunately, you can treat your failure as your emotional wealth, and then stride forward.

6. Fantasy longing for women

In their hearts, the beautiful blueprint has been planned for their love. When the plan was abolished halfway, they blindly thought that the other party took their love and destroyed this beautiful blueprint. They will gradually lose their direction and pain.

Do not plan everything since you plan everything. Because others will not live according to their own plans, even if the plan is successful, there is nothing happy.

Seven, facial children

This kind of woman will see her face heavy. After the end of love, they will think that they have lost to others and feel that their charm is not good. Even after many years, facing your opponent’s opponent, he will hate itching.

In fact, face is really not a big deal, just turn your head. Don’t think that you are not as charming as others, but that others do not know how to appreciate themselves, and have confidence in himself and let him regret it.

Eight, get used to women

Taking love as a habit and everything with each other as a habit. This kind of woman is easily lost in love. When love leaves, she finds that her life lacks fun, and she feels that there is no one without him.

Good habits should be cultivated, but bad habits must be changed. Once the habit is formed, it is difficult to change. So you have to have your own way, not to get used to each other, but let people take you as a habit.


From the perspective of love and mind, the most important thing for men and women to get along with is that if they can have a good impression on each other, then love will inevitably have more sweet factors. Sometimes, injecting more fresh air into love, you will get a different kind of excitement in love.