The first three Invitational Tournaments of Shaanxi Iron Man, you are a handsome guy, let’s sign up.


The first three Invitational Tournament of Shaanxi Iron Man


In the beginning of the 14th National Games, in order to further promote and develop the three sports of the Iron Man, give full play to the role and advantage of the three sports of the Iron Man in national fitness, and promote the rapid, orderly, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy and healthy people of the province. The sustainable development, the “2018 First Shaanxi Iron Man Invitational Tournament” hosted by the Shaanxi Golf Fencing Sports Management Center was held at the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training Center on September 22, 2018.

1. Organization

Organizer: Shaanxi Province Golf Fencing Sports Management Center

Co -organizer: Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training Center

Shaanxi Youth Sports School

Shaanxi Sports Association Preparatory Office

Organizer: Shaanxi Lexiang Sports Industry Co., Ltd.

2. Time and place

Time: September 22, 2018 (Saturday)

Location: East Track and Field of Sports Training Center of Shaanxi Province

detailed arrangement:


7: 00-8: 30 Get participating items

8: 30-8: 50 opening ceremony

9: 00-12: 00 competition

12:30 Awards ceremony

3. Group and content

Invite 100 groups, 3 people in each group, a total of 300 people. The competition items and distance are as follows:

Total distance from swimming cycling running

3450 meters 50 meters 2400 meters 1000 meters 1000 meters

Fourth, participation methods

(1) Equipment qualifications

The young people and two relatives or colleagues who were born in the age of 6-15 (born before September 2012) participated in the team. There were 3 people in each group and a total of 100 groups, a total of 300 people.

2. Each group determines that three players participate in one of the swimming, cycling, and running projects. Project; if you cannot participate in the competition, please inform the event organizing committee 3 days in advance to cancel the registration.

(2) Registration conditions (free registration)

1. Participants must receive participating items with the second -generation resident ID card or hukou book and the day of the competition. (Each player is equipped with 1 T -shirt, 1 running backpack, 3 participation numbers, 2 bracelets each)

2. The accident insurance of the contestants shall be handled by the provincial golf fencing sports management center for the contestants. If the accidental damage occurs, the relevant expenses such as the required medical first aid are taken care of by the participants.

3. Participants with their own swimsuit swimming trunks, swimming caps, bath products, bicycles and other supplies.


(3) Registration time

Registration time: 12:00 on September 14, 2018

As of at 17:00 on September 17, 2018, the number of competitions is over.

5. Participating equipment

(1) Participating

(2) The medal finished medals

(3) Participating backpack

6. Settings of the competition route and conversion area

(1) Competition route

1. Swimming route: The open -air pool on the west side of the provincial training center, 50 meters in length.

2. Bicycle route: The open-air swimming pool-South Square Transit-Hubei Crossing Bridge-Sports Institute, the length of the route is 2400 meters.

3. Running route: the provincial training center East track and field field, two laps 1000 meters. The whole process of the game is 3.45 kilometers, and the route map is as follows:

(2) Convert area

1. In the game, only the players entered the track with the participating bracelets and number cloth.

2. Ask all contestants to place bicycles and race equipment in an orderly manner.

3. It is strictly forbidden to ride in the conversion area, and bicycles in the conversion area are only allowed to be implemented. Players can only ride bicycles after leaving the conversion area and start the car.

4. Players who complete the bicycle project must get off before getting off the car and promote the car to the conversion area.

5. In the period of cycling and running, players must wear tops.

(3) Swimming


1. The player’s swimming posture is unlimited, and the swimming mirror or mask can be used for the swimming mirror or mask.

2. When swimming, it is not allowed to wear socks or gloves, and the swimming safe floating ball (airbag), fin, swimming ring, floating jacket or other swimming auxiliary equipment is not allowed.

3. If the players have discomfort in the water, the safety life personnel will have the right to terminate the player’s competition.

(4) Bicycle

1. The types of bicycles are not limited. (Except for electric vehicles, motorcycles), the competition day is uniformly conducted, and the qualification certificate is posted. During the competition or the conversion area, it will no longer be inspected. The organizing committee has the right to prohibit bike vehicles that do not meet the requirements.

2. It is strictly forbidden to ride between players. During the game, the minimum distance between the players is 7 meters. This distance refers to the start of the front wheel end of the player to the front wheel front end of the rear player. The overtaking must be completed within 30 seconds. The horizontal distance during the period is at least 2 meters. The surpassed players must automatically establish a specified non -ride distance.

3. If the player encounters a vehicle and other faults, he will not accept third -party aid, and offenders will be disqualified from participating.

(5) Running

The running stage is only allowed to run and walk.

(6) Others

1. Participants need to take care of the environment, please throw the garbage in the designated area.

2. Players should properly keep personal items, equipment, personal items, equipment loss, damage, etc., and the organizing committee will be irresponsible.

3. Except for swimming players, other project players need to lay their numbers with a prominent position with the body.

Seven, results and rewards methods

(1) Acceptance of grades

1. This competition uses three people’s relay to transfer the bracelet. After each person completes the respective projects, enter the handover area. After the hand ring is passed, the next person will continue to play.

2. After three competitions are completed, the total score is recorded, and the total time of three members of the three members is before the ranking.

3. The award -winning participants must be distributed uniformly.

(2) Reward ranking


1. Each group has won medals, honorary certificates and prizes based on the ranking. Each award is selected by the organizing committee based on the total time consumption and the overall performance of each family. The reward is as follows:

Award -winning medal certificate prizes

There are exquisite prizes in the first five groups of first prizes

The second prize is 6-15 with exquisite prizes

Third prize, 16-30, there are exquisite prizes

(3) Pride and appeal

There are objections to the referee judgment, athlete behavior, and the discipline of the game.