What facial cleanser is used on the face? Acne Cleaning Facial Cleaning Milk Ranking Top 10


Acne on the face is very distressed. Many people will adopt methods such as squeezing, scratching, buckling, and thorns. Some people trust the “acne” products on the market. It will cause serious consequences! An excellent acne clean facial cleanser can effectively improve acne muscles. Today, I will take a look at acne cleaning and cleaning milk row,

The top ten brands on the list are: Yuelei, FANCL, IPSA Infusa, Lancome, Tike, Omisi, Dream Makeup, Biotherm, Fulfangs, L’Oreal,

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NO.1 >>> Yuelei Rose Ying Run Jing Yan Mousse 128RMB/120ml


Yuelei cleansing is rich in vitamins and minerals, with high -efficiency moisturizing factors and amino acids, which can give skin angry and vitality, plump and dense foam, can effectively wash the face dirt and residual makeup, smooth touch, oil control acne and acne The effect is significant. Just make a SPA for the face of the face, let the skin naturally breathe, and the skin after washing, and it blooms like a baby to moisturize the QQ beauty muscle.

NO.2 >>> FANCL moisturizing cleaning flour 160RMB/50ml


The cleaning ingredients of hydraulic amino acids only selectively wash the dirt and oil, and retain the natural moisturizing layer of the skin, so that the subsequent essence will penetrate faster and exert a more ideal repair effect. Plumbing foam, clean pores, weak acidity, natural moisturizing factors and lipids needed for the skin after cleansing.

NO.3 >>> IPSA Yinfusa soothing cleansing foam 230RMB/175ml

Against skin with weak functions. No added, weakly acidic low -stimulus cleansing products. The soft foam cares for the skin and clean the skin.

NO.4 >>> Lancome clean skin foam 220RMB/200ml


The transparent water -like cleaning foam will produce foam after pressing, which can not only quickly wash off the face makeup and unclean objects, but also make the skin more transparent and shiny. The composite enzyme essence containing pineapple and papaya can help the aging skin cut off, without hurting the skin at all. The foam factor of activity makes the cleansing mousse changes from liquid to foam texture.


NO.5 >>> Tikko cleansing cream 160RMB/120ml

The elastic and rich foam is closely fitted on the entire facial skin, effectively removing the dirt on the skin surface. It brings enough moisturizing the skin, but does not appear sticky, showing a refreshing and smooth skin.

NO.6 >>> Osmis and Hanjing Muscle Cleansing Milk 139RMB/120ml


While regulating the skin, the old waste horny of acne causes, dirt in excess sebum and pores, use, refreshing and tender and tightness.

NO.7 >>> Dream Makeup Flower Class Bai Jie Noodle Cream 110RMB/100ml

It has the dual cleaning effect of clean facial skin and accumulating keratin, while helping improve the dullness of the face, so that it is smooth, smooth, smooth and white, and lay the foundation for the skin to be translucent and clean.

NO.8 >>> Biotherm Living Spring Toner Cleansing Milk 220RMB/150ml


Gentle light green cream texture. In the case of water, it becomes a soft -like texture foam, and its soft and lightness. Can completely remove dirt and purify the skin. Because zinc is added, the water and oil balance is adjusted. After washing, the skin feels refreshing and soft, and it does not feel dry. Show healthy vitality and translucent.

NO.9 >>> Fulfang Silk Clean Cream 99RMB/60ml


Jingrun facial cleanser is a frost -like facial cleanser that remove dirt, locks water with weak acidity, and locks water. After washing, the skin is soft and moisturized. Add new 6 and Chinese plants to extract the moisturizing essence. Even if it is easy to dry, you don’t have to worry about adding a burden on the skin. When using, you firmly lock the moisture that is easy to dry skin.

NO.10 >>> L’Oreal Cleaning Bubble Cleansing Ointment 125RMB/100ML

Contains the basic minerals and moisturizing essence required by the skin. It can completely wash and remove makeup, fat and dirt, moisturize the skin, and have no tightness, so that the skin is in a fresh and refreshing feeling. After 4 weeks of use, the skin tone was obviously improved, and the skin texture was more delicate.

Editor’s words:

Now most people are plagued by acne. Many people always squeeze acne with their hands, but from the perspective of aesthetics or safety, acne is a dangerous behavior. Because the bacteria in acne may affect the health of the surrounding health, aggravate the reaction, and leave acne pits. The top Yuelei rose is not only cleaned deeply, balanced water and oil, but also effectively removes acne. It can be used with Yuelei Ocean Glacier hydraulic dew. I hope the above recommendations can provide your reference suggestions. Wu Yuming/Wen