The woman caught a shark weighing more than 1,000 pounds, dragged it to the shore to measure it after being measured


Fishing requires patience. Sitting is not to say a day, and it may not be able to catch a few fish at all. But despite this, many people like fishing. Especially abroad, people who love fishing often go out of the sea by boat, and they are caught in some big fish. What we want to talk about today is such a woman who likes fishing fish.


According to foreign media reports, the woman’s name is Charlene Dillon, 30 years old, from Limerk in Ireland. As a nurser, she usually likes fishing. Recently, she even caught a 15 -foot (approximately 4.6 meter) and 1200 pounds (about 1089 catties) six gill sharks. Charlene said she believed that she was the largest woman in Ireland and even Europe.

(Charlene and crew)


According to reports, CHARLENE usually catchs some barracuda fish in fresh water. On May 12 this year, she went to the deep sea to fish for the first time. “When I found that I found that the fishing rod was shaking, I was very excited. I tried my best to pull the rod, and then felt a huge tension. The captain said that I caught a big shark. After that, I was fixed to prevent being dragged out of the boat by the shark. On a special combat equipment, whenever the shark exposes the water, it will drill down desperately. After about half an hour, I finally took it to the water for 90 minutes. “

It is reported that because the shark was too large on the boat, the crew helped Charlene drag it on the shore for measurement, and then released it.

Charlene said: “I don’t forget this sense of accomplishment in my life. When I saw this shark with half of the boat exposed the water, I immediately felt that I was the most powerful woman in the world. Women who catch the largest fish. “


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