Exhibitors sea charm! HP X710W tie clip U disk test


A few days ago, HP Technology strongly launched a new business product-HP X710W! The metal U disk showing the charm of high -end temperament uses a stylish tie folder design, and its novel creativity has praised everyone. HP X710W can not only play a good decorative role, but also carry the storage device with them, fashionable and gentleman. Let ’s make a detailed evaluation of this U disk on the footsteps of the author …

HP X710W has shown full creativity and practical characteristics in appearance design, which can be designed to be tailor -made for business people. The U disk uses a coverless design for daily use, and does not have to worry about the loss of the block. In order to meet the high -end identity of business people, the HP X710W uses a solid metal material and gives a bright process, making the disc body excellent quality and solid durability.

展商海魅力!HP x710w领带夹U盘测试

The most appreciated design is that it adopts the design plan of the tie clip on the back of the disc body, bold and new, creative. Such a nice design is just right on the USB flash drive, so that the quality of the HP X710W is another step, which can be sandwiched on the tie, pockets, notepads, file packages, and so on. Not only is it safe and practical, but also beautiful, HP X710W instantly becomes a perfect integration of technology and art, making business people feel honored.

HP X710W provides you with a variety of capacity specifications of 8G/ 16G/ 32G/ 64G to meet different use needs. Can be perfectly compatible with Window 2000/Window XP/Window Vista/Window 7/Window 8/Mac OS 10.3 and 10.3 versions. And providing two years of quality guarantee, which is trustworthy.

Below we will test this U disk in detail:

展商海魅力!HP x710w领带夹U盘测试

HD Tune test:

展商海魅力!HP x710w领带夹U盘测试

HD Tune is a small and easy -to -use hard disk tool software. Its main functions are hard disk transmission rate detection, healthy state detection, temperature detection and disk surface scan. In addition, the firmware version, serial number, capacity, cache size, and current Ultra DMA mode of the hard disk can be detected. Relying on the excellent USB3.0 specifications, the highest reading speed of HP X710W in the HD Tune test is 78.7MB/s, the lowest reading speed is 57.8MB/s, and the average reading speed is 58.8MB/s, which performs well.

Atto Disk Benchmark Test:

展商海魅力!HP x710w领带夹U盘测试

ATTO DISK BENCHMARK is a simple and easy -to -use disk transmission rate detection software that can be used to detect the reading and writing rate of hard disks, U disks, memory cards and other mobile disks. The software uses data test packets of different sizes. The data packet is read and write for each reading and writing of 0.5K, 1.0K, and 2.0K until 8192.0kb. After the test is completed It is good to explain the effect of different file size on disk speed. In the ATTO software test, the maximum writing speed of the HP X710W is 27.99MB/s, and the reading speed is 125MB/s, which is superior among many similar products.

HD TACH test:

HD TACH is a test software specifically for the bottom performance of the hard disk. Its reading speed test does not depend on the file system. The curve score is basically equivalent to the internal transmission rate test of the storage device, which reflects the ideal hard disk speed. In real applications, there is very little opportunity to reach such a height. The average reading speed of HP X710W under this software is 88.1MB/s.

展商海魅力!HP x710w领带夹U盘测试

Crystaldiskmark test:

Crystaldiskmark is a simple and easy -to -use hard disk performance testing software, but the test item is very comprehensive, covering continuous read and write, random read and write performance of 512K and 4KB packets, and the 4K random performance of Queue depth 32 (Queue depth) 32 Essence The depth of the queue describes the maximum IO value that the hard disk can activate at the same time. The larger the queue depth, the higher the actual performance. Judging from the results of the CrystaldiskMark test, the reading speed of the HP X710W flash disk is 121.4MB/s, and the writing speed is 20.5MB/s.

The HP X710W adopts a tie clamping design, which gathers exquisite, strong, beautiful, and creative. It can not only play a good decorative role, but also carry the storage equipment with them. Since the listing, it has naturally become a good product for business people. Relying on the strong performance of USB 3.0, it shows a comprehensive performance. HP X710W is definitely the treasure of a business person!