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The temperature difference between morning and evening is getting bigger and bigger, and many people have taken out the old electric blankets of previous years.

Sweat, appreciate, and even the baby’s urine taste … taste and hygiene are worrying.

Ordinary electric blankets cannot be cleaned, and it is a bit cope with.

I recommend this one today

The skin -friendly blanket that can be washed,

Morita Morita, a well -known Japanese heating home appliance brand.

Its small home appliances such as electric blankets, heating tables, and electric fans are very popular in Japan.

A perfect electric blanket should have the advantages, it is a lot of: fast heating, good thermal insulation effect, timely, timely, precise temperature adjustment;

The blanket surface also has special technical treatment to lock water. It’s softer to the touch, and the skin does not feel dry all night.

The safety factor is also very high, not only waterproof, but also automatically power off at high temperature. The radiation is only 1/70 of the international standard!


The most attractive is that it can be washed with water and has the function of mite removal! It’s just cost -effective


The electric blanket!

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Ordinary electric blankets cannot be cleaned, it is inevitable that there are odors, and bacteria and mites may be breed.

And it can be washed, paved after washing, sleeping healthy and peaceful.

Do not conduct electricity with water.

The outer layer of its heating wire is wrapped with two layers of heat -resistant insulation layers, and it is still effective for cleaning.


Especially suitable for families with babies, don’t worry about baby’s bed.

Unplug the controller, the interface is completely closed and will not enter the water.

It is also very convenient to wash, and it can be washed and machine washed.

When the machine was washed, put it in the attached washing bag and throw it into the washing machine.


Remember not to dry and dry it, and dry it naturally to avoid damage.

In addition, it is warm and intimate. You know, the temperature perception of various parts of the human body is different.

It has a “head warm foot warm” design, which can make the feet warm, the head temperature is not too high, it is not sweltering, and the whole body is very comfortable.

Unlike traditional electric blankets, it is a temperature from head to toe. The body is warm and the feet will be cold. The feet are warm and the body is too hot.

Note: This is because of its scientific hair



Circuit cloth, the feet are more dense and the head is thinner.


It can be adjusted by 1 degree and 1 degree between 25-50 ° C, which is much more flexible than the “high, medium and low” “high, low, and low” high.

It can meet the warm needs of the warm winter, cold winter, early spring, and in different seasons.


Choose a temperature that is best for you, comfortable to sleep well, cool!

Warm and fast are the bottom line of an excellent electric blanket.


It was heating up quickly, and opened it before going to bed. In 3 minutes, the quilt was warm.


And the insulation is lasting. With it, the old electric blanket that “gets colder and colder after turning it off” was thrown aside early.

The electric blanket is thirsty, dry skin, and static electricity. These dry experiences can be eliminated together.

It has two layers of aloe aloe protein moisturizing coating, which can better lock the water. Without drying, the above problems are solved.


I often sleep at 37 ° C for one night, and the skin will not dry.


Morita Electric Blade (left) and ordinary electric blankets (right) humidity test

After doing an experiment, put Morita electric blankets and ordinary electric blankets together to the maximum gear to test the humidity of the surface.

It can be clearly seen that as soon as the humidity meter was placed on the Morita electric blanket, the value rose.

In order to save costs, many electric blankets use chemical fiber fabrics, which are rough.

And it is made of cotton. It feels soft and comfortable to feel.

Note: But still



Putting it under the sheets can reduce wear and extend the service life.

Its face value is also high. Sakura pattern, there are two colors of pink and blue, each color has three sizes:

160cm × 85cm, suitable for single beds and dormitories;

190cm × 1



CM, suitable for 1.5m wide beds;

190cm × 160cm, suitable for bed for 1.8m ~ 2.0m wide.

easy to use.

Pay the electric blanket according to the identification (the black arrow in the figure).

Plug in the controller, pass the power, and use it.

Press the “key” control switch, and the boot temperature is 50 ° C by default.

Temperature + -key can accurately adjust the temperature within the range of 25 to 50 ° C.

Support time shutdown for 1 to 12 hours. If it is not set, it will be automatically closed after 12 hours, which is very safe.

Preset of sleep mode:

The temperature is stable at 37 ° C and closed for 10 hours.

When sleeping, you only need to press the sleep key gently without complex operation.


It can also remove mites.

Stack it well, put it in a plastic bag, pass the power, the temperature is set to 50 ° C, and the time is one hour.

As soon as time arrives, the mites on the electric blanket are all killed!

Very electricity saving.


Even the two largest dual models, open

Temperature, 1 degree of electricity at 6 hours.

It only costs 5 cents a night. Compared with the air conditioner, the electricity bill can be saved by several hundred in winter.

It is also safe, through the authoritative certification of the CQC China Quality Certification Center.


The radiation volume is only 1/70 of the EU security standard, and pregnant women and children can use it with confidence.

Note: In fact, the radiation generated by electric blankets is minimal, which is much lower than the radiation of mobile phones and computers, which will not harm the human body.


Built -in temperature sensing system, monitor the temperature of the electric hot blanket in real time, avoid the temperature of the temperature.

During the abnormal high temperature, power off will be automatically disconnected without leaving safety hazards.

There are cloth rings in the four corners, and the electric blanket can be fixed on the bed with a rope, which is not easy to run off.

For a warm winter, the preferential activity price was also won.

With it, say goodbye to “shrinking your hands” and sleeping warmly.




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