Netizens vomit the traffic package is too expensive, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded


Netizens left a message saying, “Telecom company is a routine. At the beginning, the card has an activity, and the original price is restored after 2 years. Our telecommunications card has used habits. How can each of us change the number easily, and now nationwide, no matter what online operations, no matter what online operations, no matter what network operations, no matter what network operations, no matter what network operations, no matter what network operations, no matter what online operation, it is operating. The general traffic of business is very small, the number of minutes is very high, and the package charging standard is very expensive. “

In response to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that under the intersection of network speed reduction in 2015, by encouraging market competition, mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprises, and promoting enterprises to launch various preferential tariff plans and fees reduction measures “Fees, etc., have achieved positive results. The average rate of mobile flows has dropped from 139 yuan/g in 2014 to 4 yuan/g in 2020, a decrease of more than 95%.

Picture source: Xinhua News Agency

In order to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Party on comprehensive deepening reform and improvement, the spirit of the market determines the price of prices, in 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Credit Development and Reform issued the “Notice on the Adjustment of the Market Adjustment of Telecommunications Business Tasks”, let go of all Telecom business tariffs. At present, the telecommunications business tariffs implement market adjustments. Telecom companies can formulate telecommunications business tariff plans according to market conditions and user needs, independently determine the specific tariff structure, tariff standards and billing methods, and no longer pricing by the government.

Nandu reporters found that many of the current data packages of Telecom stipulate that the tariff period is valid for 2 years. Taking the telecommunications 5G imagination cloud package as an example, the members of the user immediately took effect after ordering. At present, the reserved cloud package with a limited time of a limited time of a limited time, the original price of 199 yuan is 139.3 yuan/month, and the specified preferential period is 12 months.

Some netizens said that this preferential limitation should be prominently indicated, otherwise users will easily ignore. For example, the above telecommunications package, some need to click “View more” on the page to see the life explanation.

In addition to telecommunications, China Unicom’s 5G smooth ice cream package also shows that the monthly fee discount is valid for 12 months. The monthly fee of the package is 50 % off on the basis of the original. The discount takes effect the next month after the number activation, and the original price is restored after the validity period is over.


China Mobile ’s 5G Zhizhi Personal Package is also a 50 % discount on the entire department. The original price from 128 yuan to 598 yuan has a total of seven gears, and the contract period is 12 months. The network, the number of transfers to the network, and the interruption of marketing activities are deemed to be breach of contract. The discounts that have not been enjoyed during the contract period will no longer be enjoyed. At the same time, customers need to pay for the value of resource value that have been enjoyed during the event period. “

(Harbin Daily)