Which of the six net red shoulder bags is the most worth buying?


When I was a kid, I was purchased by my mothers when I was in elementary school. Since I had the right to choose from in middle school, I started to chop a lot of backpacks one after another. The longest shoulder bag has been with it. I also chopped a lot of various styles of bags, but in fact, the most favorite is the backpack, which can be installed, strong and comfortable. People are emotional. These backpacks even witnessed every small stage of my growth. So today I will share these six backpacks on hand, which one is most worth buying.


1. Backpack brand


1. Hong Kong Doughnut Macarnoon

Price: ¥ 459

Doughnut is a Hong Kong brand. The Chinese name is called “donut”! It sounds like whether it is sweet, just like its colorful color schemes, the macaron color is easy to make the girlish heart flooding! This backpack was recently bought and the latest ~ The grass planted in a big V, except for a little disappointment about the physical color, is not satisfied with anything else. Its biggest advantage is that it is not posing behind it!


2. Japan Elecom S042

Price: ¥ 289


The Elecom brand is the largest computer accessories brand in Japan. The digital products of their home have many types suitable for girls. Since college, they have chopped their hands one after another. Things, I have not been in a cold for their bags before, focusing on photography bags. In my impression, the photography bags lack face value! After all, I am a face control! Later, the S036 packaging type was added. Once the color and style of the traditional camera bag was changed, it was decided to chop the hands ~ S042 is the upgrade of the S036. I was eliminated by me.

3. Japan ANELLO


Price: ¥ 225

ANELLO is a relatively new backpack brand in Japan. Its first well -known bag type is the picture on the picture ~ It is known as the “leaving home bag” for the first time that this brand is a girlfriend, and girlfriends in Taiwan in Taiwan Reading, this brand has a counter in Taiwan, and then I bought this one as a sister. The price of the price in Taiwan is about 250 yuan. Did you buy it three years ago? At that time, no one knew this brand, but according to friends in Japan, this brand was in the grocery store in Japan, and it was particularly cheap!


4. Swedish Fjallraven Kanken

Price: ¥ 447

The Nordic outdoor leisure brand has been founded for more than 50 years, and Kanken is already a red envelope on the bad street? Not only in China, but also the rhythm of people on the streets of foreign countries. In fact, I don’t like to memorize the same paragraph with others, but sometimes people are like this. You see the child of the old king’s family next door has a toy train. You also want to have a bag when you buy it in high school. You can know if you look at the shape. I have been full of wind and frost, and the bag I have the most pampering is the real black. It has faded a bit once after washing. Now it looks gray -black, with a little retro taste.

5. Gaston Luga, Sweden


Price: ¥ 1385

This backpack is the Swedish brand like the Arctic Fox. It is a very niche Nordic designer brand. The student bag who is tired of Fang Fang also wants to change the style of casual maturity ~ This is a friend to see a friend The back feels pretty good, and then go to the official website to chop my hands. Although the niche is still stylish, it is not easy to hit the bag and the price is a bit expensive. Here is a discount code, which can save more than 400 yuan.

6. American Jansport Superbreak


Price: ¥ 199

Jansport’s backpack has always been named as light. It should be a must -have when going to school. It is probably the first bag when reading. It is a military backpack that was improved by a lady and her two dead parties. The name also comes from the real name of the lady partner. In the future, it will become popular in the United States. Many stars have memorized it. The most representative is the world’s first Superbreak super rebel!


Backpack comparison

1. Size:

There may not be a way to understand the size of each backpack. Here is comparing each backpack with a book of A4. The smallest size should be elecom, because you buy S code, you can enter M if you want to install a computer, the size of the other brands is similar, and you can put a 13 -inch laptop computer. From the picture, it can be seen that the package type of Jansport is poorly supported. After the actual experience, Elecom’s package type is the most tough, followed by Doughnut.

2. Material:

Doughnut: waterproof nylon


Elecom: Waterproof polyester canvas


ANELLO: Polyester canvas

Fjallraven: Vinylon F (composed of natural polyethylene glycol fibers)

Gaston luga: canvas + leather


Jansport: 600d Polyester (polyester)


Polyester (polyester fiber), spandex (spandex), nylon (nylon)

Generally, the fabrics used by the backpack are not polyester or nylon. The polyester is characterized by good packaging, heat resistance, and sun -resistant, but it is also easy to taste. After a long backpack, the backpack is easy to leave sweat. It is particularly uncomfortable to carry it in summer. Nylon is characterized by wear -resistant, lightweight, and not easy to taste. If you love sweating, it is recommended to choose the backpack of the nylon fabric; if you often use a backpack in strong light, it is recommended to use polyester fabrics.

Doughnut, Elecom, FJALLRAVEN, Jansport’s materials all have a certain waterproof effect, but it is not that it can not support the umbrella when it rains, and the waterproof effect of the Arctic Fox’s material Vinylon F will be more durable. It uses Japan to use Japan. The imported natural waterproof fabric has physical and waterproof characteristics. It can easily resist drizzle without any special treatment. At the same time, waterproof coating makes the backpack lighter.

Comparing from dirt resistance, I think dark color is definitely more resistant than light color, depending on my preferences and choices.

3. Back

Doughnut: Its back design is behind it without posting, and it is not easy to sweat in summer.

Elecom: The material on the back is the same as the front, because the bag itself is relatively small, it will not be very back, and it will not be stuffy.

ANELLO: It won’t be sultry after a period of back.

Fjallraven: It’s breathable to carry.

Gaston Luga: The back is thick canvas. It is a bit stuffy after a long back. It is easy to dye in dark clothes and easy to dirt. If you are dirty, you can choose other colors of the same model. A small pocket design is hidden behind the back.

Jansport: Back on the body is too close to the back, and it will be a bit sultry after a long back.

4, strap

From the picture, it can be seen that the band connection of Doughnut and Elecom is the most solid, especially Elecom has made reinforcement processing, so that even if the back heavy objects will not worry about the backbone break, Doughnut, Elecom, ANELLO, Jansport, which are The shoulder strap of this bag belongs to a wide shoulder strap. The wide shoulder strap will be comfortable and lose weight than the thin shoulder straps. There are many textbooks in high school, and they have always used Arctic foxes, but there are really no books in books. Although the shoulders will be uncomfortable, Gaston Luga is also a thin shoulder strap, but it is a relatively casual backpack. Good -looking.



Doughnut, ANELLO, and Arctic Fox designed a fixed band with a buckle in the handle part, adding a binding buckle, which is more convenient to hand and hang it. The handbelt may be because it has been cracked for too long.


6. zipper

DOUGHNUT: The quality of the new bag ~ zipper is yet to be verified.

Elecom: Shortly after the new one started, the durability needs to be verified.

ANELLO: The zipper looks like a metal. The actual number of this backpack is very small and has been idle in the cabinet, but it is rusty?

Fjallraven: It has been used for about five years. The zipper is slightly worn and the quality is still good.

Gaston Luga: Zippedless design.

Jansport: It is basically rusty after a long time.


7, bottom


It is said that dark bags are resistant to dirt. The Arctic Fox and Jansport buy black, but the bottom is also a layer of gray … and the black bags basically have faded problems after a long time, especially the Arctic Fox. After one time, it faded, and the shape was gone. The bottom of the Gaston Luga is equipped with four metal nails, which can provide protection and support. The material at the bottom of the Elecom is a dirty design. The other four bags are not.

8. Inner


The worst on the inside counts the North Pole Fox and Jansport. Both bags are not lined, and the inside of ANELLO is also very thin. The inner layer of Gaston LUGA’s backpack is made of 100 % cotton fabric. The texture is better than the others. After all, one penny is a penny.


Third, storage function


After the bag is opened, the opening is very large, like a small suitcase.


There are eleven grid storage bags, and every item that travels when traveling can be placed in an orderly manner. It is not appropriate to put some girls’ supplies in the small grid.

If you have office use, it is also possible to install a laptop, and the pads of the inner layer play a good protective role.


There is a large storage bag in the outermost layer, but there is no anti -theft effect, so it is recommended to put some small things. There are two small pockets on the side to put kettle.

2. Elecom

There is an opening on the side.


This opening is a bit similar to the magnet, and the attached one is quite firm.


There is also a small drawer that can be pulled out.

The middle partition pad can be freely disassembled and combined. The texture is very soft and can play a certain protective role. It is suitable for putting some easy -to -bump items, such as a digital device such as a camera or a lens.


There is also a small mezzanine in the bottom.

There are two elastic mesh -shaped bags at the top layer, which can be used to put some small things.


There is also a messele of the computer, a thick texture. If the surface of the computer is light, it is not worried about scratching at all, but this size is S code. It is not suitable for putting the computer. You can only put a PAD.

You can also pull the zipper, you can use it as a schoolbag ~



There are two small pockets in the inside, but there is no elasticity.

The full effect, there is no compartment in this bag, so it is not suitable for the electric product. There is a bow -shaped steel strip of the zipper part to implement the zipper. It cannot be opened without opening the zipper.


You can put some small things at the outermost layer.

4. Fjallraven


There is no inside in the backpack, there is only one partition in it, and the partition is a very thin layer of cloth. The whole bag is so light that there is no sense of presence.

When I first bought it, there is actually a foam plate. It is recommended that you do n’t lose it. You can set the bag for the bag. Anyway, the bag has been stunned by me anymore.

5. Gaston Luga

The entire bag gives a very quiet feeling, just like the popular cold wind now? The cover of the leather is replaceable. You can change the color of the cover with the mood. The replacement accessories can be purchased on their official website.


The inner layer of the backpack is made of 100 % cotton fabric. It has a good texture and is equipped with a large partition and two small storage bags.


There is a small pocket on the back, but there is no zipper.

6. Jansport

After opening, you can see that the space of this package is very large, but it is not suitable for endorsing, because there is no partition layer and support, computer and other devices need to buy an additional inner bag.

There are two small pockets in the outermost layer.


Fourth, upper body picture

5. Summary

The highest face value: doughnut, anello


The lightest: Fjallraven, Jansport


Most suitable for travel: doughnut, elecom


The most complete storage function: doughnut, elecom


The highest cost performance: Elecom


The most versatile: Gaston Luga, Fjallraven


The best quality: doughnut, Gaston Luga, Elecom

The cheapest: Jansport

Doughnut: This schoolbag has a high value at first glance, and taking pictures is also good. Traveling and shopping are suitable. There are many small storage pockets. The storage and distribution are in place. It is very practical to install some small things. Although a little expensive, the overall price is worthy of its price.

Elecom: High cost -effectiveness, many functions, strong three -dimensional sense, white fabric feels not very resistant to dirty. If you are afraid of dirt, you can choose gray or black. More suitable for short -distance travel.

ANELLO: Although it is also pretty, but this bag needs to be improved compared to several other quality. Usually not to memorize this bag, but the zipper part has been rusty and difficult to see. Secondly, the white canvas are not resistant Blame yourself to die, buy white.

FJALLRAVEN: The square design of the square is still very pleasing. There is no storage layer. When I just started, I felt that the material was relatively hard and would not collapse. The design of the shoulder strap is very fine, so there will be a sense of weight, not very back, it is not recommended to install heavy things, and it will shoulder acid after a long time. It has been used for several years, and it is still not greasy and does not affect the favor of it. After all, this red envelope is a man.


Gaston Luga: This brand is very niche, leather fights canvas, canvas are not ordinary canvas, very thick, the cover of the leather is replaceable, you can change the color of the cover with the mood and mood. Some time will be memorized, after all, you can’t make a more tone backpack like school every day when you go to work.

Jansport: The self -weight is very light, only 0.3kg, there is no layer in the big bag, but the style is really classic and generous.This backpack is the moststable one in these bags. It is suitable for men and women, and it is suitable for couple backpacks.The price is very close to the people, that is, there are more heavy objects, the shoulder strap is not strong, and there will be a risk of broken.

When it comes to buying a bag, in fact, if you can meet a practical and beautiful backpack, it will not be better, but as a girl, it is not too much for the bag.I like different clothes with different styles of bags. After all, it is usually a living control ~

That’s it for this bag sharing. I hope you will like it ~