Rebellion in the mask industry: Le Pei’s upgrade of disposable cover cushions, the outermost layer is switched to antibacterial non -woven fabrics


Citizens who are still buying masks pay attention. If you are still worried that the protection effect of ordinary disposable masks is not enough, then you can choose to add an additional layer of antibacterial non -woven fabric. A few days ago, the Le Pei brand of Changzheng Group announced that it applied antibacterial non -woven patents to one -time mask pads to better achieve the role of bacteriostatic protection. The reporter learned that compared with ordinary non -woven fabrics, antibacterial non -woven fabrics can effectively block bacterial invasion. At the moment of fighting the epidemic, it can improve the protection efficiency of the mask.

“Both fake and selling and selling fakes” investigated and dealt with many cases involving a hood


“In a hurry, it’s about to go to work soon. Where can I buy a mask for emergency?” As the production work of various places has resumed, how to buy a reassuring mask has become the most concerned topic for citizens. But at the same time, some criminals use masks to make unjust money, some use masks to carry out network fraud, some make fake and bad masks, and some people make the mask business into pyramid schemes.

According to the Food and Drug Crime Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of now, there are more than 420 cases of pseudo -inferior products, fake and inferior drugs, medical devices, and medical and health materials involved in epidemics and sales of public security organs.

In a case investigated and dealt with by the Law Enforcement Corps of the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, more than 6,000 boxes of masks sold in a certain online store are “three -free products” with no qualified certificate, production date, and batch number. The criminals will be standard for medical protection masks in 2016 The “inspection report form” forged into the 2019 mask of 10 yuan to 15 yuan per box, sold at a price of 88 yuan and 99 yuan.

“The 100 masks I bought on the Internet are all fake, basically a thin layer of non -woven fabric, and the quality is very poor, and it will be damaged after two times.” Ms. Liu, a citizen of Guangzhou, broke the news to reporters.

The reporter learned that wearing counterfeit and shoddy masks not only cannot effectively block the germs, but also endanger physical health.

The State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism recently proposed that illegal acts such as combating and cracking down on protective products such as illegal production masks, and illegal acts involving the prevention and control of the epidemic should be punished.

Buy a mask and blindly recognize the brand and formal channels

The good news is that with the resumption of work in the mask manufacturer and the transformation of some enterprises, the dilemma of “one cover is difficult to find” may be alleviated. On February 13, at the press conference of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, the National Development and Reform Commission introduced that as of February 11, the national mask production capacity utilization rate has reached 94%; %.

So how to identify whether the mask you bought is true or false? The person in charge of the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau said that for ordinary citizens, the purchase of masks should be purchased through regular channels, such as physical pharmacies, large supermarkets, and regular e -commerce platforms. At the same time, avoid hoarding masks, buy on demand, save use.

How should ordinary citizens use masks? Industry insiders suggest that on the premise of cleaning, complete structure and no bad smell, it can be properly preserved and reused on the premise of cleaning the mask, complete structure and no bad smell.

Especially when the mask reserves are relatively small, citizens can also replace only the internal one -time mask cushion for masks such as N95, so as to achieve the purpose of saving masks.


However, consumers need to pay attention when buying. At present, the quality of disposable mask cushions on the market is uneven. Some products can only play a basic role in dust, hygroscopic, and fogging. Essence How to choose a high -quality and effective disposable cover cushion? In this regard, the person in charge of the Lespei brand marketing department focusing on the innovation of disposable mask pads reminds that effective disposable masks generally have three layers of protection. For example, the upper and lower layers are filter layers, and the middle layer is a bacterial electrostatic adsorption layer. In addition, there are also one -time mask pads on the market. The three -layer protection is breathable non -woven fabric, water absorption filter cotton, and skin -friendly non -woven fabric. It is particularly worth mentioning that, unlike ordinary disposable masks, the outermost layer of the one -time mask cushion after the upgrade of Le Pei’s upgrade uses antibacterial non -woven fabrics to build a safe protective wall. The effect of antibacterial protection is even better. Essence

The whole line upgrade conscience companies are acting

A few days ago, the Lepei brand announced that its antibacterial non -woven patented technology was applied to a disposable mask pad to achieve a better bacteriostatic protection effect.

The reporter learned that most of the outer layers on the market are ordinary non -woven fabrics. This material can only protect the bacteria infiltrate the contact surface of the human body, and the bacteria brought by the external environment will still be attached to it. On the mask, it has always existed.

And it is worth mentioning that in the test report issued by Lepei, the reporter saw that the antibacterial non -woven fabric used in the one -time cover cushion after this upgrade is for Golden Bacizol, E. coli, and E. coli, and E. coli, Common bacteria such as Candida Candida have more than 80%of bacteriostatic effects. Among them, the bacteriostatic rate has reached more than 99%for Golden Plantation and White Candida.

The newly upgraded Lepel’s disposable mask pad, the outer layer uses antibacterial patented materials, which can not only resist bacteria entry, but also suppress harmful bacteria attached to the surface, and effectively play multiple protective effects.

“The quality has been upgraded, but in terms of price, we also invite consumers to rest assured that the new version of Le Pei’s disposable mask pad will not increase the price because of this.” The relevant person in charge said that the antibacterial use of this product has nothing to do The price of woven materials is cheaper than ordinary cotton materials, and it will not be higher than other non -woven fabrics on the market, and can be widely used in various products. One of the high -quality and affordable raw materials.

In addition to continuously innovating and upgrading the disposable mask cushion, in order to continuously meet the needs of the protective supplies of individuals and more other scenes, Le Pei recently launched the “one -stop” home disinfection small medicine box and portable health guards. Among them, of which It contains a series of epidemic prevention supplies such as one -time mask pads, 84 disinfection, alcohol spray, free -to -hand gel, disinfection wet towel, to meet the health protection needs of different scenarios such as going out, resumed, and home. It is understood that the above -mentioned products have been launched on platforms such as Tmall.

Taking family portable disinfection box as an example, it covers 84 disinfectant, disinfection soaked tablets, 75%ethanol disinfection, antibacterial -free hands -free gel, alcohol cotton slices, cotton soft towels, disposable mask pads, one -time mask pads, one -time mask, one -time mask, one -time mask, one -time mask pad, Use PVC to check gloves and other 10 home -to -home disinfecting and health care products. Whether it is cleaning the floor, furniture, and kitchen and bathroom at home, or personal health and cleaning, it is very practical. In order to cooperate with home use, the LE Pei family portable disinfection small pills are packaged by plastic pills or iron box pills. One pill box is available, equipped with all the products for daily disinfection and protection of the family. As a result, it is not an exaggeration to call it the “anti -epidemic box”.

Antibacterial fiber patent application may cause industry chain reactions

The reporter learned that Lepei has recently used this antibacterial material for one -time health and textile fields. The Changzheng Group, which is affiliated to, also plans to use this patented material technology to fully invest in the upgrading of various maternal and infant pregnancy products at the beginning of its maternal and infant brand. “Generally, the red butt of the baby’s diapers is caused by the effect of related antibacterial and sterilization. In addition to ensuring the effect of the product itself, this antibacterial product can also play a role in antibacterial and bacteriostatic. Health adds a protective wall. “. The person in charge of Changzheng Group said.


According to reports, the Changzheng Group will give priority to the use of this patented material technology to the upgrading of highly hygienic, healthy and safety needs such as disposable diaper, wet paper towels, female sanitary napkins, and anti -overflow pads. This may cause a chain response in the washing industry.

According to the data, at the beginning of the main brand of Changzheng Group, it focused on creating Chinese mother -to -child care brands, while its new brand Le Piece paid more attention to and caring for everyone’s health in the family. At present, Le Pei’s will continue to pay attention to market demand, actively innovate, and continuously promote more personal protection products for sub -scenes such as home, travel, and work.


【Author】 Peng Ying

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