Talk therapy: How is it better?


I wrote a few Euca things, and this part continued to focus. I feel that many times, the reason why I am in trouble is because of contradictions, tangles, and too many conflicts, so that I can’t see what I really want.

There are too many things, too complicated, just like a group of heads, many, but they can’t see the key main line. The disorderly flowers are fascinating, and there are too many conflicts and contradictions. It is easy to accumulate psychological energy here without energy thinking about what you really need to do.

How to do it? Asakusa can no horseshoe. It may be necessary to pull away appropriately, sit on the horse’s back, look at the entire lawn, and see those flowers like flowers to determine which city you are going to.

1. Determine the goal in a happy state. Psychological counseling is actually the visitors to tell the consultant’s anxiety, irritability, anxiety, weakness, and trouble. Therefore, when consulting, the state and atmosphere can easily fall down.

The focus solution advocates that at the beginning of the consultation, do not let the atmosphere and status fall down. First, there is a pleasant opening, and then determine the goal of consultation in a happy state.

If the state of itself is low, it may not require any goals, and death may be the ultimate goal. Start to talk about something interesting, be happy, and determine the goal in this state.

It feels more reasonable. If the mood is very low, and the whole person is in disabled, meaningless, and worthlessness, how can the goal may be better to commit suicide?

2. Describe the future and stand in the future. In the consultation, the description is good, clear, visible, there are scene blueprints with scenes. Then stand in that scene and think about which step should you take now.

For a teenage young man, there will be infinite possibilities in the future. Then choose the best one, you want to achieve the most, maybe better than you are now.

This seems to be a period of time, very hot, a popular view of the final thinking. It is standing at the end, looking at the present, determining what to do next.


3. Measurement distance in measure. However, there is a good future way alone. There may be no way to get a person there. At this time, there are still steps, clear, and steps that can be traded.

This step is the ruler, and the typical sentence pattern is: if you are full of 10 points for the current status quo, how much is the evaluation? So what do you need to feel if you go up one point? What happened, would you raise one point?

Can’t eat a fat man in one breath. Sometimes I am not afraid of slowness, I am afraid of standing. It doesn’t matter if you go slowly, but don’t stop there. You stand there and don’t go forward, but look forward to the same thing in the future. How is this possible?

If you do n’t do action, do n’t do something different from others. Why do you expect your future to be better than now? No reason, isn’t it?

4. Common creation, the goal that needs to be summoned. Psychological counseling is not a matter of one person. Sometimes psychological counselors are like doctors, and they are a career that crosses the river.

The doctor is willing to carry, and the visitor to trust the doctor will carry him on the other side. So this is a goal that needs to be achieved to achieve a project.

Trust each other and cooperate together. Create the beauty of that expectation together, summon this beauty into real life together. Looking up at the starry sky, at the same time, down -to -earth, walking down step by step.


At the same time, you need to pay attention to: the right to speak is equal. There is a way to speak very much, that is, he is expressionless: Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da, like a machine, no, more ruthless than the machine.

That is, he is fully, self -expression, and cannot see the existence of the other party. This kind of person is very charming, because the charm is to give the other person a sense of value and let the other party feel TA’s own existence and value.

I feel that a more comfortable way is that the right to speak is equal. You say a period of time, I say a paragraph, and there is no interruption in the middle. They are expressing their own ideas and thinking, and listen carefully.


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