Different classifications of water -based paint!


A. Divided according to water solution:

3 types of water -soluble, water dilution, and decentralized type (latex paint)

B. Based on the nature of the film formation:

Water -based latex paint (inner wall, exterior wall)

Water -based acrylic polyurethane coatings (water -based acrylic resin, generally used as weather -resistant, decorative facial paint)

Water -based epoxy coatings (water -based epoxy resin can be used as anticorrosive primer)

Water -based polyester coatings (water -based polyester resin can be used as wood paint)

Water -based amino coatings (water -based amino resin can be used as automotive paint)

Electric paint (water -based special emulsion resin, used as automobile primer)

Water -based inorganic coatings (the most on the market are water -based inorganic zinc -rich primer, silicate resin)

Other water -based special coatings (high -temperature water -resistant paint, etc.)

C. Classification according to the field of use:

Water -based architectural coatings (inner and outer wall latex paint, water -based floor paint)

Water -based industrial paint (

Water -based wood paint,

Water -based metal paint, water -based car paint, water -based plastic paint


Special water -based paint (high temperature -resistant water -resistant paint, heat dissipation water -based paint, water magnetic magnetic blackboard paint, water -based gold powder, silver powder, antique effect paint)


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Divide the resin type:

Water -hydrated paint

Water -based epoxy

Water -based acrylic

Water -based polyurethane paint


Ion type can be divided into:

Popular ion -type water -based paint

Catalized water -based paint

Non -ionic water -based paint

The method of painting can be divided into::

Electric paint (cathode electrophoretic paint and anode electrophoretic paint)

Self -swimming

Water -like painting

Water -based roller paint


Packaging classification:

There is a single group of water -split paint

Double -group water -splitted paint.

Obviously, the single -group score here is not a component, but the form of packaging. It should be referred to as single packaging and dual packaging.

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