Insulation cup size! Mijia Capital Vacuum Machine Evaluation: Experience 199 yuan clean small steel cannon


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1. Foreword: The vacuum cleaner fell to a 100 yuan level

In daily family cleaning, conventional home vacuum cleaners and scanning robots can cover large -scale cleaning areas, but not in all cases need such large equipment, such as cleaning the snacks of sofa seams, crushed hair on the corner of the corner, When the melon seeds on the keyboard are small, they are particularly big.

To deal with these scenarios, ordinary vacuum cleaners are large in size, not easy to store, and are particularly inconvenient to use, and it is inevitable that it will feel like a large amount of snack debris. Stop space, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Xiaomi has recently launched a crowdfunding Mimi vacuum cleaner. This is a portable device with a retail price of 249 yuan and a crowdfunding price of only 199 yuan. The shape is like an extended version of the insulation cup. Use plug -in, carry it with you, you know that the body shape is suitable for products that are suitable for cleaning local areas.


According to the official statement, the positioning of the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is “high -end technology, half prices”. It adopts 9 cone cyan rolls, with a 100,000 -to -high -speed brushless DC inverter motor, which can provide 100AW large suction power. As the first casual vacuum cleaner hanging on the “Mijia” brand, it seems that the stacking is still quite sufficient.


Before starting our evaluation experience today, let’s take a look at the parameter specifications of the Mi family vacuum cleaner.

2. Quickly open the box: appearance, size like a thermos cup

The back of the packaging box indicates that the Mijia vacuum cleaner is made of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Zhejiang Xingyue Electric.

The appearance of the Mijia vacuum cleaner is very similar to a thermos cup, the host weighs only 500g, so the shape and weight are convenient to pick up with one hand in daily life.


Let’s take a look at the comparison. The diameter of Mijia’s casual vacuum cleaner is indeed more slender than common beverage bottles, but it is slightly longer in length and is convenient for carrying it with you.

The dusty cup is designed with a one -click dust design, and the button can be opened automatically. At the same time, the dust cup also has a lock -to -anti -error touch function, so you don’t have to worry about mistakes.

The outlet at the bottom and the Type-C charging port


The Mijia vacuum cleaner comes with two suction heads, which are the gap sucking head and the bristles. The charging interface is Type-C, which is compatible with the mainstream Android phone charging cable.

Looking at the fuselage of the vacuum cleaner at the Mijia, a button is found. It is a boot button. It also supports the following interaction: single press is a single -boot standard suction mode, and pressing again is to start the strong suction mode.

We can see a dustproof baffle on the inside of the vacuum cleaner’s vacuum cleaner’s vacuum cleaner, which is designed to prevent the dust from the dust in the dust collection cup.


In terms of filtering device, Mijia’s casual vacuum cleaner is equipped with a first filter steel mesh and HEPA filter. Among them, the first filter steel mesh can filter large particles and protect the internal filter element. The HEPA filter element is used inside, which can filter particles with a diameter of 0.3-1 μm, and the purpose is to avoid secondary pollution.


It is worth mentioning that the dust cup, filter, and filter element of Mijia’s vacuum cleaner supports water washing (but do not soak the filter element). Among them, the filter element can be replaced once every three months, not too much consumables.

3. Use experience: Small space is more useful


Everyone knows that ordinary vacuum cleaners are huge, difficult to store, and are particularly inconvenient to use. Especially when you only need to suck a few snacks and seeds of melon seeds, there is a feeling of killing chickens to slaughter the knife.


The Mijia vacuum cleaner is only 55mm in diameter, which is thinner than the Mijia Insulation Cup 2 with a diameter of 65mm. The host weight is only 0.5kg. The weight is equivalent to two large mobile phones superimposed together. The head and hair brush suck the head. Compared with the traditional vacuum cleaner, it has the advantages of easy storage and easy to explore.


This also means that Mijia can be used as a vehicle vacuum cleaner at hand, and the car environment is more complicated than the ordinary home environment. There are more small gaps. It should be said that the use of martial arts in the car is greater.

It is easy to make the product bigger, and it is difficult to ensure that the performance is not affected while it is small. The pain point of many vacuum cleaners is that the suction power is too small.

The Mijia vacuum cleaner has taken into account the large suction power of 13000Pa while narrowing the volume. According to the official statement, this part can be used for 500-1000 hours. According to the official experimental data, in the product test, it can instantly draw a 1.5m water column and does not fall (reminded that the Mijia vacuum cleaner is a dry vacuum cleaner, usually do not absorb water).

Dust is the embarrassing problem that many vacuum cleaners are often encountered during the use of vacuum cleaners.


In the experience, we found that the Mijia vacuum cleaner has a rapid start and stop function, which can quickly turn off the dust and avoid the dust from the mouth when shutting down. The dust plate is used in the ABS hard dustboard, which can effectively avoid dust and improve cleaning efficiency. In addition, the dual filtration system of the first filter steel mesh+HEPA filter element we see when we open the box can also play a role.


According to the official statement, the filtering efficiency of the whole machine has reached more than 99.5%, which is unimaginable on many small vacuum cleaners in the past.

Large vacuum cleaners generally need to install charging seats, which is impossible when charging. The Mijia sacral vacuum cleaner supports the use of mobile phone chargers and mobile phone data cables for it. In the daily life, you can fill the mobile phone to supplement the electric cleaner.


The battery cell is 3 knots 18650 lithium ion power cells. In terms of endurance, low -grade can be used for 30 minutes, and high -end positions can be used for 9 minutes. The charging is not fast. It supports up to 5V2A charging, and it can take about 3 hours from 0 to 100%full blood.


Many portable vacuum cleaners are used to rotate dust. It is easy to stain your hands when dumping dust, and even scattered outside the trash can. Here the Mijia vacuum cleaner has made some optimization in detail to support one -click dust.

The working principle of the wireless vacuum cleaner is similar to the human humans. They all run through the high -speed operation of the motor to form a vacuum negative pressure area inside the fuselage to inhale the garbage. This process is definitely inevitable that noise is inevitable, and noise is a part of the comprehensive product experience.

The machine has a total of two working modes: standard and strong suction. Each mode will produce certain noise during work. We test the noise generated by the two modes by scattered instruments. Here we usually keep the interval with the vacuum cleaner. 72.6 decibels and 79 decibels were measured in the office environment.

In the strong mode, the motor speed inside the fuselage has increased significantly, the sound is relatively rapid, and it is suitable for use when no one is resting at home.

4. Summary: “You can buy it with your eyes”

After using the traditional large vacuum cleaner, after suddenly turning to this super mini -wireless vacuum cleaner, it is not very used to getting smaller in suction, but the smaller the suction head, the larger the suction power.

If the house is relatively large and the cleaning area is relatively large, of course, it is recommended to buy a cleaning robot directly. The equipment such as the Mijia vacuum cleaner is simply used to “check the leakage and supplement”, or clean up the large vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots such as the desktop and the corner. Involved.

Some surprises are that such a 199 -yuan super mini vacuum cleaner even supports fast start and stop, which is more difficult to meet on a higher price of large vacuum cleaners. Many details such as noise and workmanship have also reached expectations.

In other aspects, the oversized power of 13000Pa is close to some flagship sweeping robots, and the 30 -minute battery life in the standard mode is completely sufficient.

It is only about 3 hours of full blood charging time. Users who often use the Mijia vacuum cleaner remember to use it and follow the charging.

Due to the crowdfunding just online, the supporting head of the Mijia vacuum cleaner is not as much as possible. At present, only the gap sucks and the bristles. In fact, relying on the oversized absorption of 13000Pa, more suction heads can be introduced, such as extended mites to expand the scenes of mattresses to meet the needs of dust removal.

In general, based on the crowdfunding price of 199 yuan, the Mijia vacuum cleaner is the same as most of the “Mijia” brand products. There is no place to accord it. Consider the demand for cleaning and dust removal.


Fifth, 5 small problems about Mijia causing vacuum cleaners


Q1. What is the battery life of Mijia vacuum cleaner?

A1: The low gear is about 30 minutes, and the high gear is about 9 minutes.


Q2: What scenarios are suitable for the two sucks of the Mijia vacuum cleaner?

A2: The gap sucking head: furniture gap, sliding rail, window sill corner, inside car, etc.; Brush suction head: keyboard, curtain, desktop, coffee table, wardrobe, TV cabinet, inside of the car, etc.

Q3: Can the Mijia vacuum cleaner absorb water?

A2: No, the Mijia vacuum cleaner is a dry vacuum cleaner, do not absorb water.

Q3: How many suction gears are there in the Mijia vacuum cleaner? How to adjust it?

A3: The Mijia vacuum cleaner provides a two -transmission suction power adjustment. Press the physical button alone to start the standard suction mode for booting. Pressing again is to start the strong suction mode. Generally, the low transmission is enough.

Q4: Can the filter element of the Mijia vacuum cleaner be washed?


A4: Filter elements and filters and dust box support water washing, but the filter element is not soaked.

Q5: Does the Mijia vacuum cleaner support the fast charge?

A5: It does not support fast charging. The machine supports charging with 5V2A and Type C charging cables for charging. The electricity volume takes about 3 hours from 0 to 100%.