Putting on the window period? Xiaomei’s summer trousers


It is not difficult to find out that she has a simple and practical group. If you are in a “empty window period” recently, you may wish to refer to this long -legged trousers dressing. Bring a lot of inspiration!


Dark pencil pants

People have seen the long legs of the chopsticks, even if they wear rules and regulations, they can become beautiful.


The same ripped jeans with white short shirts and small vests, because of the eye -catching bags or lace -up cardigan around the waist.

Black trousers

When the bag is the same, she can put the seemingly ordinary black trousers, wearing two flavors of double -sided, and cross -revealing design. Turning around is really unlimited.

White trousers


The most picky white jeans and leisure pants are simple, clean but very textured, and they have high specifications.



The set has been popular in the past two years, and the two sets worn by beans are quite similar to one -piece jumpsuit. The curve of the big off -shoulder is beautiful, cool and fashionable, and the tie is high -heeled to firmly grasp the trend.


Wide leg pants

Wide -leg pants are very suitable for MM choices that want to cool and sun protection. Light -colored trousers with soft fabrics are first -rate thin, and the fancy low -cut laws of Jin Xiaomei are also sexy and special.