Welcome to the hometown guests, attract investors! The village of the Shanghai suburbs fights for the “face value” to fight the famous hall.


There is a piece of forest land in front of the house, and the water is a bay behind the house. In the Tieqiao Village in Chedun Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, such a scenery of the charm of the landscape was spread out in front of the court. Watching the villages in front of the house, the green trees were lined, and the leisure square, the village history museum, the countryside park, etc. were not far away. middle”.

There are more and more beautiful villages like Tieqiao Village. In the past few years, the “Cleaning Action for Rural Human Resources Environment Villages” has achieved full coverage of 84 villages in Songjiang District. While governing domestic garbage and sewage, the villages have also widened the transformation and quality of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, rivers, etc., thereby fully realizing the “American farmers’ houses, American courtyards, American farmland, Mei Road, and Mei River”. “Five Beauty” goals. Due to strong governance, recently, Songjiang District was selected as advanced counties in the National Agricultural and Rural Ministry and the State and Rural Revitalization Bureau. The sense of happiness, gain, and security of the masses have been significantly improved.

More beautiful hometown can accommodate more nostalgia

Like other young people in the village, Fei Lingyun also worked in the urban area many years ago to seek personal development. After hard work, he has settled in the city. In fact, when I returned to my hometown from the urban area, the journey was less than half an hour, but in the past, in Fei Lingyun’s heart, this distance was far away. In the summer, the smell of smelling in front of the house was unpleasant. “Femred from that year, Fei Lingyun shook his head straight.

Today, after the rectification of the living environment, there is really a “butterfly change” in his hometown. The sewage was tube, the garbage was governed, and the front and the house was refreshing and open. Coupled with the improvement of public foundation facilities, the village finally bid farewell to the “dirty mess” and ushered in the new appearance of beautiful livable


In fact, the cleaning operation of the rural living environment in Songjiang has changed many villages and many people. Since 2019, there have been 22 demonstration villages in rural domestic garbage classification since 2019, accumulating 157,500 tons of garbage, and promoting the coverage rate of rural domestic sewage facilities to 100%. At the same time, the region rebuilt 42.64 kilometers of damaged roads and 22 damage bridges in the village.

The farmhouse, courtyard, farmland, road network, river channel, as these rural elements are becoming more and more beautiful, their hometown also welcomes many juniors who have gone out of the village. Fei Lingyun said that as soon as the weekend, several of their sisters and brothers would come back to gather, and sometimes they called a few friends. The leisure time in the countryside not only diluted the fatigue of work, but also resolved the nostalgia in my heart.

A good environment can also become productive forces

In addition to affecting the concern in Youzi’s hearts, the improvement of rural living environment has laid a solid foundation for rural revitalization. Tian Chou turned green, the village became beautiful, and the good environment became a real productivity in the village.

Jinglingqiao Village is a well -known flower village in Songjiang District. The village has the largest flower planting base in Songjiang, Puonan Flower Base. As a demonstration village in the village, in recent years, the improvement of the living environment has also injected a long -lasting stamina in the development of the flower industry. Feng Jie, the secretary of the village party branch, told reporters that relying on the environmental improvement of the living environment. In the next step, they will focus on promoting the improvement of public services, building a flower exhibition hall and an industrial service training center to allow villagers to better participate in industrial development. At the same time, through the policy of the policy, it will build the Shanghai (Songjiang) Yangtze River Delta Flower Science and Technology Park to achieve in -depth development of the flower industry.

The improvement of the living environment has also created an opportunity for the development of new industries such as rural tourism. Changye Village is the largest village in Chedun Town, Songjiang District. Because of its relatively remote geographical location, economic development is relatively weak. Recently, due to the advancement of the living environment project, Changye Village attracted the settlement of Shanghai Science and Technology Film and Television Dean Development Base. Village Committee Member Jiang Lina revealed that the project party also revitalized the idle farmhouse. After renovation Experience points, this can not only increase farmers’ property income, but also drive the village -level collective economy to further strengthen.

The grassroots governance landscape behind renovation


In order to promote the improvement of the living environment, Songjiang has invested a lot of energy in the past three years. Since 2019, the district and district governments have successively formulated a series of policy documents to promote the cleaning actions of the village, while increasing financial investment, and invested a total of nearly 3 billion yuan in financial funds. However, the promotion of the remediation of the living environment, in addition to the government’s leadership, is also inseparable from the active participation of the villagers. The combination of this “top -down” and “bottom -up” has also become a scenery of grassroots social governance.

Sun Wei, secretary of the Party Branch of Tieqiao Village, introduced that in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the farmers’ participation, they first seized the magic weapon of “on -site learning” and organized the old party members and villagers in the village to visit and study. The enthusiasm of villagers building a beautiful countryside. After that, the village initiated the establishment of a “villagers” team that helped the people’s living environment, absorbing the participating environmental transformation of college students in the village, and fully mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the masses.

In order to enlarge the governance vitality of the grassroots level, incentive policies are also introduced at the district level, the living and reward methods of farmers’ assessment are formulated, and the “most beautiful courtyard”, “glory of environmental hygiene”, “red and black list” are widely carried out, and they have been widely launched. The atmosphere of people’s participation, household participation, and building a beautiful countryside.

At the same time as the prize promises are in place, the assessment is also real. Songjiang has formed a district -level “Woodpecker” supervision team, forming a mechanism of “inspections, regular inspections, and assessment of the year”, and publicly reported the results and light up the “traffic lights”, so that the problem was discovered in time and closed loop. Rectification.


Author: Zhang Yan and Li Yan

Edit: Bo Xiaobo