What cotton coats born in winter are more warm


What kind of cotton coats should babies born in winter keep it warm?


The cotton jackets for puffy cotton are warm.why would you said this?My family was born in mid -November. I first bought her four sets of cotton cotton jackets, a set of conjoined cotton clothes and 3 sets of cotton clothes. As a result, only one -piece cotton coat was suitable when it was cold.

After seeing the cotton jackets of the fluffy cotton, I bought a set of cotton jackets with cotton. When wearing it, the warmth was warm than that of cotton cotton jackets, and it was relatively soft.The cotton cotton coat baby is not good at moving with hands and feet. I bought a set of fluffy cotton jackets. The 3 pieces of cotton coat replaced. The cotton set is only backup.Put on.Another set of cotton cotton clothes is always more noisy, and maybe my family is relatively smaller!Can’t move your hands and feet.

However, when you buy puffy cotton cotton clothes, remember to be cotton fabric in the clothes.


The above is my own experience. I hope to give you a reference.