Can go back, rare two -way driving trucks, ZGLE double -head tunnel fire truck real shots


Maybe you encounter a fire truck on the road. It flashed with a police light, running quickly in the inverted car, and seeing the driver without sitting in it. Please don’t be surprised. This is really not a shooting scene of speed and passion. This fire truck is one of the few tunnel double -headed fire trucks in the country.

Tunnel double -headed fire trucks, as the name implies, have two fronts, which make this type of fire truck has a strong maneuverability. The vehicle can achieve the opposite driving without turning around. Essence

The main model of the domestic tunnel double -headed fire truck is the German Manchurian truck chassis with Austrian Austrian EMPL firefighting equipment.

Austrian Anpl uses the chassis of Mang, Germany, with 340 horsepower of the chassis engine.

However, this is no longer the point. Now the country has introduced a new brand of double -headed tunnel fire trucks ↓

This is the protagonist of this article, the two -headed tunnel fire truck.

Ziegler is one of the world’s major fire equipment suppliers. The product involves all the scope of fire protection and has many product patents. Its headquarters is founded in Germany, in Germany, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Spain, Croatia, and Indonesia, which are responsible for creating different types of fire protection products.

Before the introduction:


In 2017, the Qingdao Public Security Fire Bureau released a bidding plan for a double -headed fire truck. The bidding publication time was 15:09 on March 31, 2017, and the deadline for the bid evaluation was 0:00 on April 5, 2017. During this period, the double -headed fire truck products in Czeler in Germany won the bid. After that, some people photographed the chassis of the double -headed Mercedes -Benz fire truck in Europe.

Dampee in China:


The first domestic fire truck introduced in China was first unveiled at the 18th China International Fire Technology Exchange Exhibition in October 2019. Standing.

Preparatory deployment:


On the 20th of the same month, the double -headed fire truck was delivered to Qingdao firefighting. The vehicle was temporarily sent to the Huangdao Special Service III after a period of time in the Licang District Fire Brigade of Qingdao. Prepare for work.

Regarding which one is positive, I will give you a popular science here: The direction of the front of the car is based on the engine of the engine. Below, one end of the double -row cab is the front of the double -headed fire truck.


Someone asked, what if these two cabins meet together?

Before you think of this, the designers have considered it long ago. When the double -headed cab is operated on one end, the other side of the cab is locked. The reaction (non -self -lock button has door and window control buttons). And the lamp at the tail under the cab will light up, inform passersby that this is the rear of the vehicle.

This GGL double -headed fire truck uses the Mercedes -Benz Aksos MP3 chassis. The third -generation model was born in 2008. It is currently the highest -preserved generation of Aksos in China. Due to the high amount of maintenance, this generation of Aksos is very convenient in terms of maintenance and maintenance, which can keep the vehicle the best state at all times.

There are twisted and water cannons installed on the bumper, and two taillights are hung below, because the other end of the car is the rear of the car when the other end is changed, which must be installed.


Because the twisting blocks the location of the license, a license plate is set on the grille to put the license plate, but this length seems to be prepared for European license plates. Furthermore, if the license plate is here, the fire truck is stipulated in the regulation of the fire truck. Where should the word “Rescue RESCUE” in front of the car should be sprayed?

The powerful Mercedes -Benz chassis:


The power of the vehicle is the V -column 6 -cylinder voltage and cold diesel engine independently developed by Mercedes -Benz, the model OM501LA. The power of this machine is relatively small, only 235kW, and the horsepower is 320 horsepower, but from another perspective, the engine horsepower used by fire trucks does not need to be too large. The engine and daily conditions are enough. The most important point is that the fire truck requires high reliability of the engine. When working, it can maintain high -speed operation for a long time to drive the equipment on the vehicle.

The vehicle adopts a 4×4 full -wheel drive. Looking at the axis head is the iconic Mercedes -Benz wheeled bridge reduction. The advantage of using the wheel -side deceleration bridge is different from the ordinary single -level deceleration bridge structure. More, there is a set of planetary deceleration gears on the side of the wheel to reduce the speed and increase, which further improves the driving force and passability of the vehicle.

The steel ring uses a 20 -Kong Pingkou steel ring that is conducive to heat dissipation. The tires are wide -section tires with a specification of 385/65R22.5. This combination can increase the wheel distance and improve the stability of the vehicle during driving and steering.


“Private Custom” cab:


The main driving seats on the cab on both sides are shocked by airbags, but there are very few adjustment items, which are only for daily use.

The first row of the main driving side is separated from the equipment frame. Obviously, the rear cabinet passenger cabin is installed.


There is a equipment rack on the simple seat in the back row.

The Mercedes -Benz logo in the middle of the steering wheel has been deducted. There are multi -function buttons on both sides of the logo. These keys are not used to control multimedia in the car. There is no radio in this type of fire truck. Factory products need to add 10,000 yuan. The key on the left is to control the LED screen on the instrument, which is used to view the various states of the vehicle, such as fuel consumption, fault code, coolant liquid level, and so on. On the right is the control button of the Bluetooth phone, but it seems useless in this car.

The instrument -shaped instrument is more convenient for the driver’s operation. The knobs below the right row are operated by the differential vehicle differential lock. There are two locks in total, which are rotation differential speed locks and between shaft differential locks. The rotation bridge is very outstanding in terms of getting out of the ability.


Equipment on the vehicle:

The rolling door on the car is opened to the equipment warehouse. Modern fire trucks will be equipped with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self -holding respirators, protective clothing, disassembly tools, first aid tools and other equipment. Large fire extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishing device.

The capacity of the water tank is 2000 liters, which is 2 tons of water, but the foam capacity is less than 1 ton. Therefore, this car is sometimes not used as a main chariot. Special circumstances are the time to extinguish the fire.


Top overlook

The warning lights on the roof are all available. A circle of steel pipes around the roof is actually the self -protection equipment of the vehicle. After opening the self -insurance system, the water pipe from the water tank will be pressed, and the fire truck is protected to the groundwater spraying through the surrounding water pipe.


The car foam jet gun is controlled by the handle of the driver’s room.

The rated pressure of the foam gun is 1MPa, and the rated flow is 25L s, which is suitable for rapid rescue at close range.

“For work and good deeds, it will be good for its own things.” The state purchased many advanced firefighting equipment to protect the safety of the masses. At the same time, these silent fire heroes are silently protecting the safety of their comrades -in -arms fire officers and soldiers. The most dangerous type of arms in this peaceful age is fire soldiers. Here, the author wants to say to the officers and soldiers who protect Guoan people: you have worked hard!

Picture source: Luo Chaoyue classmate


Text: Night Rose