The hook by the high -speed rail window, why the schoolbag was discouraged, it turned out to be wrong


The high -speed rail has now been closely related to our lives, and my country has become better and better in the development of the high -speed rail industry in recent years. It is officially the improvement of my country’s high -speed rail network. No matter which city goes to, most of them will choose high -speed rail now. The high -speed rail is welcomed by the general public due to its efficient, stable and convenient transportation methods. However, people who often take the high -speed rail will find that on the high -speed rail, there will be a hook on the side of the window, but basically no one can see something on it. Even when you want to hang your schoolbag on it, you will be discouraged by the flight attendants. What is the reason?

Maybe you will say that because the schoolbag is too heavy, the flight attendant is worried that it will not be linked to the schoolbag. If this is the reason, why should you design this hook? Everyone knows that the diet on the train is not only expensive and the taste is not good. This has led many people to take the train to bring their own diet, or some small snacks to pass the time. This kind of snacks are usually carried with you. After the luggage is accommodated, these snacks have no place to put it. At this time, you will choose to hang up when you see the hook. Stop you to hang up.


In fact, the hooks on the high -speed rail can generally bear 10kg of items. The flight attendant is not worried that the items you hang will cause damage to the hook. Then you may think that the flight attendant is to protect your personal property. If you hang the luggage on it on it, it is usually in the place behind you. It is most likely that you will be stolen by someone inadvertently, causing property losses. In fact, otherwise, the high -speed rail is installed with monitoring facilities today. For illegal acts on the high -speed rail, we can take countermeasures in a very fast time. So, what is the reason, causing the flight attendants not to allow passengers to hang some luggage?


The main reason is that everyone is wrong. This hook is not used to hang luggage for passengers. This linked hook is called a coat hook. The railway department clearly stipulates that the coat hooks on the high -speed rail can only hang clothes and hats. No other items can be hung on it. Not only for the consideration of property security, but more importantly, there are some dangerous items to prevent the items hanging, and it is easy to cause damage to passengers for a single drop, for everyone’s safety considerations.


Therefore, when you do the high -speed rail next time, remember that this hook can only hang your own obligation. Do not hang other things, causing unnecessary trouble.