Colleges and universities have received the quilt of my girlfriend’s hand -woven, netizens: I think of me sour again


Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News


Source | Xiaoxiang Morning News

Reporter | Wang Kaihui


On November 30, a boy in Handan, Hebei received a quilt of his girlfriend’s hand -woven quilt. On December 1, the man sent the video to the social platform to attract a lot of attention from netizens. Netizens left a message, “I think of me sour again” “This is youth.” On December 2nd, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhou and the boy who received the quilt contacted the contact. On November 30, the classmate Zhou received a special “gift” of his girlfriend. “


On December 1st, Mr. Zhou posted a video on the social platform “Xiu Fei” and wrote: In winter, your girlfriend woven a cute little bib. My girlfriend was afraid that I would freeze to death in the dormitory and woven me in bed. Quilt.

In the video, the classmate Zhou has spread the quilt sent by his girlfriend on the bed, and the gray -white quilt woven by a wool is particularly warm. Classmate Zhou showed a chat record with his girlfriend. His girlfriend said, “Thousands of needles, encryption, I hope my boy will be surrounded by warmth.”


After the video was released on the Internet, it attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Netizens have said that “have been showed” and “I think of me sour again”. Some netizens left a message. Netizens said, “Why let the objects inadvertently see”, and many netizens leave a message asking the wool link.

Some netizens began to recall their youth. “This is youth. At the beginning, I also woven scarves from studying.” Those who want to weave a scarf. “More netizens sent a blessing,” Quilt, don’t live up to her. “

On December 2nd, Mr. Zhou issued a video explanation that the two were college students and were working hard to take over their own books. For the links that netizens have been asked, Zhou said that it is the wool bought online, and netizens can search. And explained the reason why his girlfriend woven the quilt. “No knitting bib is because she feels bad, and gives you a lifetime (a quilt). I hope you can have a warm person around the cold winter.”


On December 2nd, a reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News contacted classmates Zhou, “On November 30, she gave me when I sent her back to the dormitory, and they were stunned when they got it.” People are college students. They are working hard to upgrade their books. Two people often learn together and work together for their dreams. “She is particularly hard, because there are a lot of class during the day, she is woven at night, and it is very expensive.” Student Zhou said that he was surprised when he received this “gift”, so she posted a video “show affection”.