Le Creuset, Staub, LODGE, how to choose a pretty use of pot cast iron pot?


I always feel that stainless steel is a material that has no sense of life, so after defeating two stainless steel pots, I decisively put into the embrace of the cast iron pot.

The use and maintenance of cast iron pots take some effort, and some people feel very troublesome, but in my opinion, like pets and children, every effort is the root cause of happiness, which is also the meaning of life.

I like to watch buyers who bought cast iron pots on Taobao and showed out pots and food. They are often surprised and lamenting their pursuit and love for exquisite life. In fact, it is not necessarily LV that matches the happy life. A good pot that can be passed on may come more realistic.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Why buy cast iron pot?

Foreign cast iron pots are not cheap, but they are increasingly entering Chinese families. So, where is the cast iron pot?

The cast iron is basically recognized as the best pot ingredients. For thousands of years, Chinese people have been using it for thousands of years. Unfortunately, China has not produced high -quality cast iron comparable to the West today. Personally, cast iron pots are the most suitable pots in Chinese cooking in the Western pot. Use it to fry and fried and stuffed the casserole.

There are two types of cast iron pots with enamel and no enamel.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Among them, enamel is divided into

White enamel and black enamel

This refers to the internal coating. Enamel is actually the coating formed by the glass at a high temperature of about 650 ° C ~ 760 ° C.

White enamel coatings in the inside of the pot

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Black enamel coating in the inside of the pot

Enamelless coating cast iron pot

Regardless of whether there is enamel coating, the advantages of cast iron pot are obvious: ▼

◎ One pot to the end

The cast iron pot can be on the fire, but also enter the oven, and it can also be used on an induction cooker and electric pot.

Most Westerners cook on the fire, and then add the pot to the oven. After making it, they can be directly served on the table. The beauty is natural, and even the plate is saved. And it can also be used for baking trays. Baked rice, noodles, pizza or so on. Basically, many dishes in Western food can be done with cast iron pot.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

This may not be suitable for Chinese cooking habits. After all, there are not many families with oven and oven. But now, the young housewives in the city will not bake like it will not make dumplings before, and they are almost becoming a major defect in life. More and more people are interested in Western -style cooking. This is also the choice of cast iron pots. Reason.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

◎ Good sealing

The lid of the pot is heavy, making the steam is not easy to lose. Good sealing can guide the original deliciousness and nutrition of the ingredients. Stewed with cast iron pots does not have to be used for water without ingredients, and water does not need to be added during the stewing process.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

In this sense, the cast iron pot is very suitable for Chinese soup, porridge, stewed meat, and can even be used for white rice.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

◎ Good insulation

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Good insulation. One is that the dishes are not easy to cool and can maintain the best consumption status. The other is that some energy -saving operations can be done, low fire cooking, and you don’t need to boil the food for a long time.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

So, buy a cast iron pot ~

Which cast iron pot is worth buying?

At present, the hottest cast iron pots are mainly LODGE of Le Creuset, Staub and the United States. Le Creuset (mostly white enamel) and Staub (black enamel) are represented by enamel coatings. Lodge in the United States does not have enamel coatings. I have used these pots, let’s talk about it in detail below.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Le Creuset is famous for producing beautiful cast iron pots.

In 1925, it was established in FRESNOY-LE-GRAND in the northern France town, and the factory has not changed the place so far. The Le Creuset pot is polished from 100%raw iron. It has a rust -proof enamel layer. It uses the standard sand casting method, all of which are made by hand.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

It is said that in France, marrying a married woman to send Le Creuset is the one that can be passed down from generation to generation. The French designed, the face value is absolutely guaranteed, and the color alone has made many people want to stop, and people with a choice of disorder can be difficult.

Le Creuset more common colors

Le Creuset partial color card

The internal coating of the lecreuset cast iron pot (note that it is inside, not the surface) has two types of white enamel and black enamel. White enamel is more delicate than black enamel. It cannot be used to stir -fry. It is easy to dye for foods with heavy colors. I said that you may be scared and dare not buy white enamel, but in fact, there is no need to panic. The white enamel pot can be used to cook porridge and stew a light soup. Even if it is dyed, it does not affect the use.

There are many types of Le Creuset cast iron pot. I recommend two models:

Dutch oven

Dutch Oven (Dutch pot), the French called it French Oven.

This kind of pot is mainly

Round pot

There are also a small amount of deformation, such as oval, heart -shaped, pumpkin pot.

The internal coating is white enamel, suitable for casserole dishes, stewing, and baking.

If you just want to buy one lecreuset, then I

It is recommended to buy a round pot with a diameter of 20cm.

I have talked in depth with a sales. She said that buying this round pot should first buy a 20cm. After using it for a long time, choose 18cm or 22cm to cooperate with it. Because the pot itself is very heavy, coupled with the soup water, it is very strenuous.

The same is true of my experience. 20cm, for the family of 2 to 4 people, it is a more appropriate size.

Round pot size reference:

About 2 to 5 people from 18 ~ 22cm; about 4 to 6 people from 22 ~ 24cm; the number of people can consider 26cm for a long time; there are 16cm round pots suitable for 1 to 2 people. You can choose the specific size according to the number of family population and living conditions.

If you want to use it to stew a whole chicken and duck or fish, you can also choose

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The oval pot is more suitable for 23cm. ▼

As for the heart shape, those who have the plot can be considered. ▼

◎ Deep boiled pot

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The slow arc of deep burning pot is very similar to the Chinese -style stir -fried pot, which is suitable for stir -fry, so it is more suitable for Chinese people.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

There are two types of internal coatings: black enamel and white enamel.

It is strongly recommended to buy black enamel

It can resist some, even if it is used as a cooking pot, it is completely fine.

Black enamel on the left, white enamel on the right

I often use it to make a spicy pot. It is full of a pot, served directly on the table, and it is full of selling. It is natural.

I bought a caliber of 26cm. I feel that the size and weight of this size are relatively moderate, so the families of the three or four people,

I recommend buying 26cm

There will definitely be a wok in the home, and it does not need to be too big with this use.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Dimensions of deep burning pot:

26cm is suitable for 3 to 5 people, 32cm is suitable for 4 to 6 people.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The first recommended circular pot and deep -burning pot that I just started. In addition to changing the size and color, there are several pots to choose from: ▼

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

◎ Braiser (

Shallow pan


Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The shallow pan is also called seafood pot. Foreigners use it to make more seafood, which is more suitable for Italian risotto, Spanish seafood rice, rice rice, noodles, and can be used for fried things. common.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

It is recommended to buy 30cm in size. Two people with a small amount of 26cm are okay. One person with a large amount of rice can eat, because it is really light and the capacity is not large.

◎ Frying pan

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

There are rounds and square -shaped patterns. I have high quality and low -cost decoction pots. SO, you can do this.

LE CREUSET’s Porcelain Series

This series is not the category of cast iron pots, because it is a product of Le Creuset, so I said it here.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Porcelain is a ceramics that burns to glass at about 1200 ° C. It is a ceramic product between pottery and porcelain. Good insulation, can be cold and hot, you can enter the oven, but

Can’t get on the fire


There are everything in this series of cups and dishes.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Round pot -shaped baking can

, A diameter is only about 10cm. Steamed egg custard, dessert, and Cupcake are very useful.

LE CREUSET cast iron pots are all produced by France, but

The porcelain series are all in China.


STAUB was originally a French cast iron pot brand. It was acquired by Germany in 2008, but production was still in France.

Stauub is often compared with Le Creuset. I personally prefer Staub. As a pot, the face must be more trustworthy. It is a real “handsome pot”, and

The inside of the staub is all black enamel coating. It does not need to be so “glass heart” to use. A pot, fried and stewed, it is not easy to dye

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

There is also a characteristic of Staub that there is a round convex inside the lid, which can condense the water steam generated during the stewing process, and let these original juice fall into the ingredients. It is said that the effect of maintaining the original food is better, but in the end, there is any It’s useless, I don’t know: ▼

Suggestion of purchase size:

Like Le Creuset, I still

It is recommended to buy a 20cm round pot and a 23cm oval pot

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The cast iron pot has a unique bread formula

Le Creuset, or is Staub?

I know that many people will be struggling to choose Le Creuset or Staub?

I summarized the difference between them. Of course, these differences are not a big deal. How to choose mainly depends on your preference: ▼

1. In terms of styling, Le Creuset is more beautiful, more feminine, and staub is more tough.

2. In color, Le Creuset is rich and beautiful, with nearly 50 colors (some colors are not produced or not easy to buy). Staub has less colors, deep and dark, but several colors are more significant noble.

3. Most of the inner wall of the Le Creuset is white enamel coating. STAUB only has black enamel coatings. The coating of Le Creuset is smoother and more delicate than STAUB.

4. The lid of the staub has a round convex inside, and the water lock effect is better. Le Creuset does not.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

5. Le Creuset’s pot lid handle is a resin, which is not very resistant to high temperature (the limit is 480 ° C), but it can be replaced with stainless steel. The lid handle of the staub is stainless steel, and there are many animal shapes.

6. In terms of price, LE CREUSET and Staub are similar in pricing, mainly depending on discounts.

SO, which brand to choose, I still recommend seeing personal preferences and discounts on the other. There is another possibility, which is Lodge.


Lodge is a relatively long -lasting cast iron pot brand in the United States. It founded the brand in 1896. After World War II and several economic crises, it can survive, indicating that the brand quality is excellent.

The price of Lodge is much cheaper than Le Creuset and STAUB, of course, the value and workmanship are also lower.

There is no enamel coating, which is relatively resistant,

Because of the cheap price, Amazon ’s overseas purchase costs, taxes and fees can buy a Dutch Oven only more than 400 yuan. So there is a lot of creation, and it is not a big deal to change the psychology.

There are not high requirements for styles and colors. The usual style is rough. It is recommended.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

I have never used Lodge’s Dutch Oven, but those who have used Le Creuset and StAub have also recommended it. It should be really good to think of it. I also want to buy a try. If you also have this experience in this area, please please, please, please please, please please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. Leave a message to Galo Jun.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

I have three Lodge fried cookers, which are 8 -inch flat -bottomed small fried cookers, 10.25 -inch flat -bottom frying cookers, and 10.5 -inch pattern fried pan. Why buy so much, because the price is too cheap, buy a LODGE pot, I seriously recommend it to buy on Amazon overseas to buy, the price is much lower than the Taobao purchase.

In addition to fried things, you can also use baking trays, so you are not afraid of too much.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

It’s right to do dutch baby

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Pizza plate

Make a small Spanish seafood rice

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The 10.5 -inch line of frying pan should be recommended. This pot is not easy to splash out when fried. It is cheap, and again, Amazon’s overseas purchase, plus more than 100 yuan in freight and taxes, wait for more than ten days, so it is much more cost -effective than the frying cooker of Le Creuset and STAUB.

Lodge 10.5 inches with pattern fried pan

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Liu Zongli southern iron tstes hand pot

The southern Japan’s iron is famous, but at present, Galo Jun has not carefully studied the Japanese cast iron pot, and only has a Liu Zongzhi 16cm cast iron sheet hand pot. This pot is really small as the slap. It can only be used to fried eggs and make a person’s breakfast.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Liu Zongli Southern Iron Arter 16CM Pine Pot

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Who can resist its temptation?

Good pot must be used well

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

In addition to excellent thermal conductivity and insulation, the cast iron pot also has its durability. As long as you cherish it carefully, the life limit can surpass generations. Well, the premise is properly used.

■ Open the pan

The white enamel coating does not need to be opened, and the black enamel and enamel -free coating must be opened.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

How to open the pan: After cleaning, dry the water on the fire, apply vegetable oil or animal oil, put it for a while, and then put it on or bake in the low temperature in the oven for about an hour or so, just dry the oil.

■ use

When using the cast iron pot, you can only turn on a small fire to medium heat, so that the fire of the fire is only about half of the bottom area of ​​the pot. It is strictly forbidden to use the fire to make the fire touches the whole side of the bottom of the pot, even exceeding the bottom of the pot. It is advisable to be below 800W when using it on the electric furnace.

■ Maintenance

You do n’t have to wash any oil when cleaning, and do n’t use a detergent. You can use that natural fiber pot (introduced below). If the food can not be washed on the bottom of the pot, you can soak it with warm water for a while.

After washing and drying, pay attention to drying, not drying, it is best to apply a little oil, especially the pot edge, so it is not easy to rust. In short, the use of cast iron pots should be a little bit worried, and if you get used to it, you don’t feel trouble.



Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

The cast iron pot is easy to rust. After each use is used, wipe it clean without leaving water. When collecting, there should be a gap between the pot lid and the pot body, or use the pot cover, or apply a layer of oil.

When buying a pot, there is a plastic pot lid in the original packaging, or you can buy this pot cover

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

■ Repair

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

If it is burnt, soak it with warm water for a while after cooling. After softening the burnt, wipe it with a sponge. When the burning degree is severe, you can add some baking soda to the water and clean it. If you cannot wash it at once, you may repeat several times.

If it is rust, you can use potatoes to dip the rust of rust, and then open the pot.

A -class and B -grade products of cast iron pot

Le Creuset and STAUB cast iron pot are hand -made, so there are many products that are not so perfect.

Those problems are not serious, such as

There are a small amount of breath, impurities, and scratches that do not affect normal use. It is usually sold as B -level products on the market.

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Many of the foreign outlets are selling such B -level products. The price is very attractive, and sometimes it is less than a quarter of the domestic counter price. One of my staub pots is a B -level product bought in Outlets in Europe. There is a stingy eye in the pot, which does not affect use. The price is super cheap. Domestic Taobao purchasing, if you see that the price is obviously low (except cottage goods), basically sells B -level products.

Whether the B -level product can be bought and can be bought, but you need to ask and see where the question is, you can accept it.

Class B product, there is an air eye in the pot, which does not affect the use

Class B, there are scratches, and those who can accept it can also be bought

If you are not bad money or perfectionist, please detour the B -level product, go directly to domestic counters, Tmall, Haitao or Taobao to buy A -level products. The human flesh, buying two pots is basically overweight.

Two pieces of brush pot artifacts

I like to wash it clean every time I use the pot. There is no oil stain or watermark. It is always new and bright.

Cleaning is the starting point of exquisite life. It can be old, but not dirty. The clean things with traces of time are the highest level of daily necessities.

■ Natural fiber cleaning brush: ▼

With this pot brush, you can brush the big oil without a detergent, and the remaining oil is left as a maintenance pot. In other words, it is not that the pot is not clean. In fact, there is no oil, but some pots do not need to be so clean.

The brush head I bought is coconut palm, and there are other natural fibers. You can go to Taobao or supermarket to buy.

■ Nano sponge: ▼

It’s really a magical rag. Basically, the stains can be wiped off with water. If the stain is serious, it can also be used with a cleaner. My stainless steel pot was tragically stunned, and it was renewed after wiping, or it was really about to throw away. With it, I don’t fear any stains. The key is cheap, dozens of dollars, dozens of tablets, Taobao search keywords#nano sponge#. This must have.

■ You still need one piece

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

Wipe the bowl of water absorption

Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

, Wash the pots and pans, wipe off the watermark: ▼

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Le Creuset,Staub,Lodge,真好用的锅铸铁锅怎么选?

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