4000 yuan renovate the rural style rental house multi -functional partition cabinet super practical


The overall use is

Rural style decoration

, I am most satisfied with the design of the multifunctional partition cabinet and the overall home milk white design. Let’s take a look at my new home together!

4000元改造田园风格出租房 多功能隔断柜超实用

Rural style decoration-living room

The overall decoration wall and indoor color calls are all milky white. With various small patterns on the sofa pad, under the light of the light, it looks romantic and warm. The multi -functional partition cabinet is found in the second -hand market. At the same time, it has the function of storage, which is very convenient!

Rural style decoration-restaurant

4000元改造田园风格出租房 多功能隔断柜超实用

Because the area is small, the restaurant uses an open design, and the printed tablecloth is also found when I was shopping in the mall. With flowers and candlesticks, the restaurant added a lot of romantic atmosphere instantly!

4000元改造田园风格出租房 多功能隔断柜超实用

Rural style decoration-kitchen

Because the area is small, I have worked hard to store it. The kitchen is installed in the kitchen to reasonably place various kitchen supplies to make the kitchen decoration environment look more beautiful!

Rural style decoration-bedroom

The bay window in the bedroom is really very close to my heart. The double -layer curtains are elegant and generous!

Rural style decoration-rest area

4000元改造田园风格出租房 多功能隔断柜超实用

There are tatami, solid wood storage cabinets, and various plush toys in the rest area. The decoration is lively and cute!

4000元改造田园风格出租房 多功能隔断柜超实用

how about it? My rural style decoration effect is pretty good? Such a classic milk white home environment is really great! I still prefer multifunctional partition cabinets placed in the porch!