The design of the Japanese is very strange? This magnifying glass designed for the elderly is really practical


I believe that everyone must be familiar with the magnifying glass. It is a device that enlarges the observation observation.


It is said that as early as 2000 years ago, the Assyrian had grinded transparent crystals or transparent gems into “lens”. These lenses can magnify images. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylon also have similar lenses.

British Museum Crystal Legend

Since its birth, the magnifying glass has a history of more than 2,000 years. During this period,

The material of the magnifying glass adopts some cheaper glass or plastic, and its shape and use style have not been innovative.


Essence At present, the most functions of the magnifying glass on the market are relatively single, poor practicality, unstable control, and short service life.

As you get older,


Many middle -aged and elderly people who are over 50 will decline.

Essence Sometimes reading the newspaper is not good. Not only does the magnifying glass, but also to open the lamp to see the words above. It is very troublesome.

At this time, the appearance of a magnifying glass with a lighting function is the expectation of many people who suffer from flowers.

At present, most of the magnificence mirrors with lighting functions are used in one -time battery. Or directly connect to the power supply, which has great limitations, and disposable batteries to the product itself

The environment has caused pollution and poor environmental protection, which greatly reduces the service life of amplifying mirror products.


When using the traditional magnifying glass, you will encounter various problems:


Poor use. Newspapers, magazines, and publicity articles, the fonts on it are so tired that the small eyes are really tired

At night, the lights are uneven, and there are always shadows, looking at it for a long time, the eyes fatigue still hurts the eyes

Holding focus sometimes shaking hands (especially the elderly), it is more difficult to read words;

The general model charging amplifier you buy needs to be replaced back and forth. You must choose the dedicated size and disassemble the trouble!


Sometimes we often say that the Japanese design is strange, but some things are really practical.

Here, Xiaobian recommends a black technology multifunctional magnifying glass that is popular in Japan, which can solve all the above problems!


Smolia XC charging magnifying glass

This is a very creative magnifying glass. The appearance is very novel, the creativity is unique, and it makes people love it.

Smolia, a black technology product designed for the elderly

Essence Nearly 300,000 units have been sold in Japan, which has entered an older society in a short time.


The bottom of the magnifying glass is equipped with 3 LED lights, which is soft and not hurt. The LED light on the magnifying glass does not need to be replaced regularly, but instead uses a charging form.

If the LED light is out of power, everyone can charge through the interface of the magnifying glass,


Just one USB charging cable can directly connect to the computer or charging the charging treasure

, And can also use it while charging, convenient and practical.


The switch method is also very convenient,

After turning on the switch, press the mirror ring, at this time the light can be turned on, bringing a comfortable lighting experience to the eyes

Essence By designing the clever design of the light, this charging enlarged mirror can not only enlarge the font, but also assist the lighting. Such a delicate design allows everyone to see the text on the newspapers and books in a bad room.

SMOLIA charging magnifying glass can also be used directly on the desk

It uses a barrel design and combined with books. It is much more convenient to focus on the traditional enlarged mirror. The traditional portable magnifying glass needs to be held in hand and constantly adjust the focal length. This charging amplifier only needs to be read on the table or book on the table to read it back and forth. It does not need to adjust the focal length. It is very convenient to use.

In addition, the magnifying glass we usually use is used by hand holding, and this magnifying glass can be placed directly on the desk without raising our hands, so avoid the hand acid and hand shake caused by raising our hands for a long time. Tired, it is very convenient to read newspapers and books.

At first glance, the SMOLIA magnifying glass looks like a SLR lens. The lens uses a large diameter of 70mm to achieve a large requirements of 3 times.

The mirror body is made of aluminum alloy. As long as the aura at the lens is pulled up and down, it can adjust the magnification of the magnifying glass.

This allows it to get an excellent texture and achieve a smooth and delicate feel. The design of this magnifying glass is also very distinctive, with curved bending on both sides, which can easily achieve the palm of the palm.

You can use your fingers to slide the glue ring to control the bright LED lighting line

Smolia charging magnifying glass not only facilitates reading and reading newspapers, but also has many functions in other aspects.

It is convenient for the appreciation of antique jade, the identification of stamp collection, family safety protection, and children’s field exploration. Not only that, picked, painted, nails, and even shaved fish, fish bones.

This small, light and intelligent charging magnifying glass, ahead of humanized design allows it to cope with many use occasions. It is definitely a small assistant in everyone’s life.

Looking at the hard -looking words of my parents, I ca n’t see it with the old flower mirror, and I ca n’t help it. This intelligent magnifying glass may make them easier.

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Equipment library SMOLIA XC charging magnifying glass reading reading newspaper artifact


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