Super easy -to -use moisturizing water Recommended: These moisturizing lotion make your skin more tender and full of hydropower



【Qianxian grass loofah water】

Qianxiancao is a cheap brand that belongs to our domestic goods, and this loofah water in their home is also a famous one, cheap, large bowls. It focuses on the effect of hydrating and moisturizing, which itself has a fresh taste of loofah. Generally, I use it for spa, and apply a compressed mask every day to apply a well -applied hydration effect, much better than applying the mask every day, and save money. And you can put it in a small spray bottle daily, and put it on your body. The skin is short of water and spray it at any time. All in all, the cost -effective is very high, absolutely conscience brand!

【The Mystery of the Sea Blue】

The price of the mystery of the sea blue is really not cheap. It can be said to be a product used by the lady. It has a secondary cleaning effect. After the facial cleanser, it can clean the deep dirt on the face, which is mainly suitable for dry skin.


The mystery of the sea blue can regulate various skin types. After cleaning the skin, let the skin absorb the water supplemented by other skin care products to the greatest extent. At the same time, the mineral components can also hydrate and moisturize the skin and make the skin crystal clear. The negative water molecules in the mystery of the sea blue can condition the skin and make the skin full of nutrients. If you have a lot of budgets, you can buy the mysterious skin of the sea blue.

Natural hall elastic tender and firming anti -wrinkle color solution


Reference price: 252 yuan

Natural halls tender and firming anti -wrinkle color solution is a hydrating moisturizing skin care product, which contain glacier water and a variety of plant essence can be able to replenish immediately, improve skin dryness and soft skin. The skin care products of Nature Hall are super easy to use. It is refreshing in summer and moisturized in winter. It is particularly recommended for color liquid, and it is particularly good to wipe on the face. Nature Hall elastic tender and firming anti -wrinkle color solution, effectively maintains elastic protein vitality, pops up water, rejuvenates a good look. Delicate and smooth, bright and bright skin tone, maintain and protect, elastic protein vitality, bright and bright skin, delicate and smooth. The precious snowy plantation, open a drop of tenderness, excavate and wake up the beauty of the skin.

Huayu collects hydrating moisturizing toner

Huayu’s hydrating beauty can be called the “immortal water” of medical beauty, which is simply the price of civilians and the enjoyment of nobles. It is not lost to those thousand -dollar skin care products, a bottle of the skin is tender and smooth, the hydration and soothing, the elasticity of the muscles, refreshing and delicate. More than 90%of rice fermentation ingredients


Infiltration of the skin can form a protective barrier for the skin, it can effectively lock the moisture and ensure that the skin is not dry

Perseverance for a long time will make the skin smooth and delicate and elastic. The yeast is also the rice bran fermented. It has a smooth skin, brightening skin tone, firming pores, anti -wrinkle and making the skin more fair


This toner, the taste is a good natural rice aroma, moisturizing and not sticky. After use, you can obviously detect the changes in the skin, and the skin texture is getting cleaner, and the temperament of the whole person has risen a lot. To persist now, I have to boast about the state of the face. The skin is getting smoother and more delicate. Compared with the skin texture of my previous, I will now counterattack into a goddess.

Super easy -to -use moisturizing water Recommended: These moisturizing lotion make your skin more tender and full of hydropower