Hand -automatic charter machine, fast work efficiency is one step


When the word packaging is the earliest, it means a package. And what is the most important thing for parcels? It is nothing more than sealing, to ensure that the items are intact and intact. Such packaging was the most common category at the time.

With the continuous progress of the times, the word packaging has begun to change its original meaning and starts to differentiate into pure packaging and processing packaging. Pure packaging is the so -called sealing package; processing packaging is a packaging that attracts the crowd and plays the role of sales. And here to talk about pure packaging, which produces a mechanical called packet machine.


The packet machine is a bit similar to the sewing machine. It is a seal connection to fabrics or other materials to ensure good sealing performance. This mechanical generation is completely different from processing packaging, and it brings exactly production efficiency.


In recent years, a type of gun -type packet machine has played a vital role in many fabric connections. Its characteristic is that its connection speed and good connection effect are good. Therefore, the packet machine has become an excellent product in sealed machinery.

This sewing machine comes with an automatic refueling pot design, which can continue to provide you with the most convenient packet service, making you more time -saving. The internal structure is streamlined, the performance is more stable, and the failure rate is reduced, making it easier for you to maintain it yourself. There is a loose regulator above, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of different materials to achieve the best sewing effect.


This packet machine can be sealed and not jumped. The insulated and matte handle of ergonomic design will not conduct electricity and can be used with confidence. It can automatically cut the line, which greatly improves the packet efficiency and simple and convenient. The motor is made of copper core. The noise at work is small and more stable and durable.