Shanghai Petrochemical New Material Explosion -proof F wrench comes to fill the domestic gaps


Caption: Shanghai Petrochemical New Material Explosion -proof F wrench came out of the source/interview object provided

Xinmin Evening News (Correspondent Hu Baojun reporter Ye Wei) The composite new material fused from the “carbon fiber ultra -short fiber + polyester alloy”. After forming a special coating on the iron F wrench through the molding process, it can allow ordinary wounds to have a possession High -intensity, high explosion -proof characteristics. A few days ago, the new material anti -explosion -proof F wrench developed and manufactured by Shanghai Petrochemical has passed the inspection of the national light industry tool hardware quality supervision and testing Shanghai station and the national coal mining machinery quality supervision and inspection center. Essence

上海石化新材料防爆F扳手问世 填补国内空白

As Shanghai Petrochemical, which focuses on processing and production of petrochemical products, this cross -border R & D manufacturing and manufacturing new materials F wrench, this is another measure to expand the application of the new material market.

The carbon fiber composite material produced by Shanghai Petrochemical has successfully prepared industrial equipment such as carbon fiber oil pumping rods, carbon fiber grinding sheets, carbon fiber gears, carbon fiber steel bars and other industrial equipment. It is widely used in infrastructure maintenance projects with pathogens such as highways, overpass, high -speed rail, tunnels, etc. In terms of polyester industry, various modified polyester new materials have been continuously developed, and engineering plastics have been formed. A series of new domestic and international advanced polyester materials such as esters have been widely used in industrial, medical, civilian and other fields.

It is, relying on the unique technical advantages and product performance in the field of new materials, Shanghai Petrochemical actively develops the scope of the application of new materials.

Traditional explosion -proof F wrench is generally copper, high price and heavy quality. Can you use the characteristics of 7 to 9 times the strength of the steel and the excellent conductivity and electromagnetic shielding of the carbon fiber strength, plus the super strong toughness and ultra -light quality of the polyester alloy, and develop and manufacture a new type of explosion -proof F wrench for the “Shanghai Petrochemical brand” Woolen cloth? Once it was proposed, the relevant departments and units of Shanghai Petrochemicals quickly formed a joint force, and decided that the Shanghai Petrochemical Polyester and the Carbon Fiber Division were responsible for R & D work, and commissioned Shanghai Petrochemical Reform Enterprise Xindu Liang Company to process and manufacture.

At the end of 2019, the first batch of 20 small explosion -proof F wounds were tried on the devices of the Shanghai Petrochemical aromatics and the storage and transportation department. According to the operating employee report, because the quality of the F wrench is about half of the traditional F wrench, it is lightly carried, and it is even more commonly called to use it. hand. In several months of trials, the polyester department and Xindu Liang Company continued to improve the recipes and manufacturing processes of new materials, and finally successfully created the first -generation small explosion -proof F wrench to test through relevant national departments. At present, the technical patent of explosion -proof F wrench is underway.