In the rural collection, the fresh and natural fresh walnuts


As the saying goes: July Walnut August Pear. July of the lunar calendar is the season when walnuts are listed. On the rural collection, some stalls were put on walnuts early. Different from previous years, the stalls are basically fresh walnuts, some with green skin: picked from the tree, without processing, pure natural walnuts. The green epidermis is very much like pear skin. At first glance, I thought it was a certain kind of pear. There are some, peel off the green skin.

The old farmers said that the old farmers said that this year Xingxian walnuts: They all say that it has less nutritional losses and is better than dry. Also, now, all talks about health care, green skin, without any treatment, it is really green and natural.


sounds good. It’s just a headache. Old farmers say it is not difficult. You can use a small knife to cut it directly, or you can use the traditional method: first cover the skin, remove it, and then soak the water. You can eat it directly or dry it.

However, some people are in trouble and are unwilling to pay for it. In the rural collection, there are also fresh walnuts that have been peeled, which is dark and selling is not good -looking. The old farmers said that these were hand -peeled by themselves, and it looked like it was not good. In fact, this was the natural appearance of walnuts after peeling. There are some walnuts in the market, and the colors are good -looking. Most of them have been soaked in the potion. It is not good to eat too much.


Some people also use potions to soak green leather walnuts, and the skin is easy to remove. Such walnuts have odors. They sell them, and natural walnuts are trapped by hand.

Sure enough. Looking at the hands of the old farmers, it is dark, which is peeled.

Walnuts are rich in nutrition, can nourish the kidney and health, nourish qi, nourish the skin, and ebony. It is good for nourishing and health care. The fresh walnuts are crispy and tender. Although there is no dry walnut to eat fragrant, it has another taste.

In the rural collection, green skin walnuts are 10 yuan for 3 to 4 pounds, and the skin of the skin is 10 yuan per catty. It is almost the same as dry. However, fresh, one is the special taste, and the other is green and pure. Such walnuts can be relieved.

Remarks: About whether green skin is toxic.

1. Experienced old farmers say that it is hard to say. Anyway, the villagers are fine with their hands. It is toxic and may not be very big.


2. Some people will be allergic to green skin, causing allergic reactions such as burning pain and red itching.

3. Green skin can dye, and it was often used as dyes in ancient times. Corresponding measures can be taken when peeling.


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