Spring Festival is easier to go home, and Sule’s new charging treasure is small and portable.


Near the years, the friends have been on vacation one after another, ready to return to their homeland with a heavy bag. In this long journey, the charging treasure as a must -have equipment must not only have a large capacity, but also to carry it lightly. This is the majority of the majority. The general needs of the audience. Sule new charging treasure can perfectly cater to the needs of the audience. Not only is it small and portable, but we can not have to carry data cables. Let’s take a look at this charging treasure -Sule Magnetic suction charging treasure.


The charging treasure is magnetic, so it does not need to be charged with another data cable. As long as the charging treasure is fitted with the mobile phone, it can be charged. It is very convenient. It is used in the iPhone12 series and iPhone13 mobile phones. Other models that support wireless charging are used for it. To achieve wireless charging, you need to match magnetic patch or magnetic shell.


Every time I go home, I have to lament that the luggage is too heavy. A 10000AMH charging treasure has more than a pound. It is undoubtedly added to us to add a travel burden, so I choose a charging treasure to be small and light. Su Le’s magnetic charging treasure is in line with my requirements. The 5000AMH capacity, the weight is only 130g, it will not be heavy at all in the bag. When charging, the magnetic suction with the mobile phone will not be tired.

The charging treasure is very small and smaller than the mobile phone. The small shape and the pattern of the original cartoon have not been said in terms of face value. The function is even more amazing. It has two charging methods. One is the magnetic charging. The mobile phone and the charging treasure can be charged with a speed of 15W; the other is the data cable charging, the charging speed can reach 20W.


According to the official experimental data, when the mobile phone is at a low volume, the 20W cable fast charging can return the blood to the mobile phone by 58%, the charging speed is very fast, we only need to close the eyes on the way home to go home. Fear of playing while charging will damage the mobile phone battery.