My mother brought a 4 -year -old child to play with stickers every day. Grandma was disdainful, but the kindergarten teacher said that he found the treasure.


Text | Ning Mom Wu Yu

After the children went to kindergarten, they couldn’t sit still, did not like to learn, and let the teacher have a headache. They always sued their parents. Parents have no other tricks except that they told their children “listening to the teacher’s words”.

But this situation did not happen in my children. As soon as the child enters school, he shows amazing concentration and learning ability. Sitting a whole lesson can keep up with the teacher’s rhythm.

4 -year -old Erbao seriously sticker

The kindergarten teacher is like picking up a treasure, always boasting that children are too worrying:

In class, not only can I sit and learn things, but also to learn things very fast. When I do handmade, I have a lot of good logical thinking when learning mathematics.

The teacher was curious how to do it, thinking about imparting experience for other parents. I want to share one of the simplest methods, but it is necessary to remind that we must take care of the pressure of being disliked by the family.


why? Like my grandmother, I especially envy people spend tens of thousands of dollars to make early teaching classes. It is disdainful to bring my children. I think that every day is not to do business, and it is not like others’ talents, learning and subtraction. Essence

What is my trick? Just bring children


It seems to be playing, it seems that you don’t have the brain, you don’t need to learn it. However, many doctoral mothers are using it. Because of the development of the child, children are particularly interested and improve their ability unknowingly.

4 -year -old Erbao is taking stickers

The most immediate thing is to cultivate concentration

The child is around 4 years old,

“Interested attention” will gradually be formed,

It is a good time to cultivate concentration.

The focus is on the surface, but the concentration is actually included

Stability, allocation, transfer and breadth


That is, children must be able to focus on a goal, one -hearted, and focus on active things, to complete multiple tasks at the same time, and so on. These abilities can only be mastered by deliberate exercises.


The stickers are different in shape, colorful color, vivid and interesting patterns, and can also operate hands -on

For children with visual sensitivity and hands -on, they will fall in love with it at a glance. Two treasures

Since the age of 2, I like to post paintings. By the age of 3, the popularity has been improved, and I am obsessed with the age of 4


I bought about 50 books


4 -year -old Erbao is posting text

When the child is interested in, first solve the problem of sitting, Erbao can play for an hour by sitting and playing.

The stickers are not casual, but based on the basis

The theme requirements are posted to the right position

For example, helping animals find home, first observe the outline of the animals, and then find stickers consistent with the outline to complete the pattern.

This process is to exercise in many aspects of concentration

: Focus on target animals. Looking at the two movements in the eyes, two actions were completed at the same time. If you are not neat, not discouraged, and not crying, you must be patient and re -paste. If you want to stick fast, you can stick the stickers to your hands in advance for task breakdown.

The seemingly simple action is actually a collection of multiple steps. Children’s comprehensive concentration ability is cultivated.

What is more hidden is to exercise the fine movements of the hand

Children like to throw things, tear things, dismantle things, and make a mess at home. It was not that he deliberately destroyed, but was developing fine movements. we all know


Brain science also believes that exercising fingers flexibility is to exercise the brain and make children smarter.

When children play stickers, they are mainly exercising their ability, which just conforms to the child’s development law.

It is not a simple matter to tear down the sticker from the bottom paper. You need to cooperate with your left and right hands. First, use your right hand and your thumb to lift the bottom paper and pinch, and then press the lower edge of the target with your left thumb. The upper edge was raised, the left -hand finger was placed at the bottom of the sticker, pinched with the thumb, and tore off the sticker.

During the sticker, the right finger pressed the page, the left thumb and index finger pinched the sticker, and gently placed on the edge of the outline.

4 -year -old Erbao is posting numbers

Our adults feel a very simple action, but it is a complex and delicate process for children. It is difficult to start positive and flattened. Only by continuous practice can we master this skill. In the process, the hands, brains, and eyes are cooperated, repeated multiple times, the hands are more and more flexible, and the brain nerve connection is increasing.


Improve learning ability in the subtle way

The design of the stickers has a learning function, not as simple as passing time.

Like the set I used


“Concentration Paste Painting”

, A total of 16 books, 16 themes include behavior, IQ, judgment, language, reasoning, living, mathematical ability, creativity, understanding, logic, emotional intelligence, imagination, response, observation, etc. Basic ability.

I will pick a few brief descriptions, first look at the language ability.

For example, get to know the four seasons, let the children stick to the corresponding season stickers, and speak the characteristics of the four seasons, not only let the child post, but also let the child look at the pictures.

For example, the gordstills, stick the text to the corresponding dotted line. Children must remember the shape of the word in order to complete these tasks and exercise the child’s ability to recognize the word.

For example, if you are sick, how to comfort him, show the bubbles in the form of stickers, and children can learn how to express themselves in life.


Let ’s take a look at mathematics. It is by no means simply letting children understand numbers and calculations, but to cultivate children’ s feelings, logical thinking skills, and ability to solve practical problems, so that children really like mathematics.

For example, the apple on the tree is complete with stickers, and then count the specific number. Children can correspond to the quantity, numbers, and real objects, and form a specific impression in their minds.

For example, put the stickers of the building blocks in the corresponding position, and then relatively tall, there are relatively small, how much, thickness, thickness, etc. This is all incomparable content of mathematics, so that children have more understanding of the breadth of mathematics.

For example, through simple calculations, friends who find the small elephant are not stiff torture, but in a flexible and interesting way to let the children unknowingly hook it, try to complete the tasks one by one, and help children, it is very fulfilled.

In general,

Playing stickers looks like playing, in fact, it is learning, and this learning is silent, the child can’t feel it, but the ability is improving.

Therefore, if you want your children to be concentrated, have strong hands -on ability, and like to learn fast and good, let the children play stickers.

Special recommendation of this set

“Focus on Paste Painting”, 16 books, 16 themes,

3080 post paintings

, Children must have fun.

I have tested it with my children. The posting mold is particularly good. It is very good and complete. The child can operate independently. The ability to exercise is very hard.

4 -year -old Erbao is sticker painting

The key is not expensive. It is only 49 yuan, and it is only a pound of beef. The child can play it. Click the link below to place an order.

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Children’s concentration stickers

¥ 49


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4 -year -old Erbao is taking stickers