For the older women, try this “wave dot skirt” this summer, retro and noble, very elegant


If you want to choose a single product that can reflect the style and romance of women and make women look lighter and brighter, then it must be a wave dot skirt.


There is a lazy style, but it is not as picky as a print. It is simple but romantic, elegant and fashionable.

Princess Diana is a loyal enthusiast of wave dot elements. She can often see her wearing a wave dot dress when attending banquets and activities. Both black dots and white dots can be interpreted by her different styles, and raising their hands to show everyone what elegance and confidence are.


Princess Kate is also a fan of the wave dot.

Perhaps the wave dot element has become the classic representative element of the royal family. In this issue, I will introduce the wave dot skirts wearing many fashionable icons, especially for women over 50 years old. If you want to show elegance and nobleness inadvertently, wave dot skirts are essential:


How to choose 01 dot skirts?


Why does someone wear a wave point? Someone is full of fashion?


This is because the wave dot seems to be simple, but it contains a lot of details, and the subtle difference can bring a large change in style. Therefore, if you want to wear a wave dot skirt, you also need to understand the genetic attributes of the wave dot.


① style selection

Although they are all ripples, the size of the wave dot is different, and the style is 10,000 miles.

For example, large wave dots give people a retro and generous sense, but also have the risk of aging. It has higher requirements for temperament. It is more suitable for people with strong maturity to control or need to choose some design -sensitive ears. In addition, because of its strong sense of presence, the large wave point will have a sense of expansion. When wearing, learn to be cleverly exposed to resolve.


In contrast, the wavelet dots are very romantic, which is very suitable for Asian women with a small sense of facial features.

② color selection


In addition to the size of the wave dot, the feeling of the wave dot skirt is also affected by the background. Because the background color can determine the color of the overall outline, the wave selection point and background color are also important.

It is best to wear the most basic white background black spots. The refreshing sense is the first. The black dot skirt of the white background also gives people a simple and generous sense, and daily commuting is wrong. Choose rice white and white as the background skirt to make a small chance of making errors and more insurance.

The advantage of the white dots in the black background is obvious, but the refreshing degree is not as good as the white background, and it also looks mature.


The same is true of Tibetan blue.

Compared to basic colors, red, yellow, green … it is more personal. Red has a stronger retro French flavor, but it has a strong sense of existence, especially the big red is difficult to control. It is recommended that this brown -red base white dot combination is more feminine.

Needless to say, it feels full of vitality. However, the dark green is relatively stable and easy to show old, and the light green has a dull risk. For middle -aged women, it is recommended to choose this slightly lighter color than dark green. It is very aura to put a pair of high heels casually.

Yellow is more lively and playful. Turn a ball head at will, and it is fashionable with a pair of same -color shoes. However, for people with yellow or dull skin, it is relatively not so friendly. If you want to choose to change, it is recommended to choose turmens, and the neckline will be a little bigger.

In addition, no matter what color you choose, you must take your own needs, consider the overall effect, and do not lose a small loss because of the cover.


③ style selection

As mentioned earlier, many fluctuation skirts are risky, and it is best to choose a sense of design. For example, like this shirt -like unlocking two buttons, or sleeveless wave dot skirts.

Or use the design of ribbon, bubble sleeves, doll collar, etc. to increase the fashionable sense of wave dot skirt.

02 Details of Platform Dress Dress


① The matching of shoes

Although the wave dot skirt is eye -catching, it will be more refined to pay more attention to the details of the details. For example, the choice of shoes, the most basic choice of wave dot skirts is the same color or the same color shoes, not only visually unified, but also the effect of optimizing and extending the overall proportion. Especially middle -aged women, often whether the shape is good -looking is on the shoes.

When choosing basic colors such as white and black, a pair of red or bright shoes is more charm.

② The embellishment of accessories

The wave dot skirt itself has romantic attributes. Then when matching, choose an accessory embellishment similar to its style. Its style attributes will be stronger and visual aesthetics will be stronger. For example, this body, a red camisole wave dot skirt, a loose white shirt outside, a straw hat and a pair of exaggerated earrings are romantic and eye -catching.


③ Selection of hairstyle

For wave dot skirts, it is fashionable to wear casual laziness inadvertently, and the choice of hairstyle is also important. Such a slightly messy curly hair is very stylish. With the romance of the wave dot, the retro feeling is full.

Well, about the wearing wave dot skirt, this issue is shared here. What is the most item you wear in summer? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area or private letter to us ~

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