5,000 words of dry goods: How to create a beautiful bookcase at home? Buy the finished product or customized bookcase?


Abandoning electronic products and returning to the world of Shuxiang, especially families with children will be given priority when renovating. Having a big bookcase will make the family different and make the family fall in love with reading. Good -looking bookcases are not only important landscapes in the family, but also the core of the family reading atmosphere.

If you want to start a good -looking and practical bookcase, you need to understand the size of the bookcase in advance, the material cost of the finished bookcase and custom bookcase, what kind of bookcase is suitable for your own? This article is full of dry goods in the bookcase. If you like books, you can collect it quickly!

1. Before buying a bookcase, you need to understand the size of the bookcase

Whether you buy a bookcase or before you customize the bookcase, if there are many books in your family, it is recommended to count the number of books at home. According to the size of the book, it will be more targeted to buy bookcases.


Book size reference:

Standard CD: 126mm height, 142mm deep; common 32 (small opening book/booklet) high 175-230mm, deep 110-175mm; common 16 (big opening book/general magazine) high 230-297mm, deep 150 deep 150 -292mm; Super 16 (Copper Board Book/Big Magazine/Edition) is higher than 297mm and 232-265mm deep.

1. Bookcase depth:

It is recommended that 30-40cm is sufficient, and it can be compressed to 28cm. It is not recommended to do too much waste.


2. Internal size of the bookcase:

Statistics the book situation at home, generally the most commonly opened books and 32 books. If there are many books, you can do more open bookshelves. If there are few books in books, it is recommended to follow the principle of “Tibetan Eight Lulu Two” and partly do an open bookshelf.

3. The height of the bookcase:

The bookcase can be customized according to the decoration needs of the home. The space is relatively narrow. Worried about being too depressed, you can make a half -wall bookcase design. If you want to use the wall space more efficiently, you can do the heavenly bookcase, 220-260cm high, but if you want to get a book, you need to match the small ladder.

Second, the material and cost of bookcase

1. Choose the finished product or customized? Contrast between the two


The bookcases are heavier books, and the bearing capacity is heavier than ordinary cabinets, so it is more cautious in the choice of materials. Generally speaking, we can choose a finished product or customized bookcase. Which one is selected? Let’s compare the difference between the two first:

1) finished bookcase:

Compared with customized bookcases, the finished bookcase has two advantages: First, the design sense is strong, the shape is unique, and there are more design styles to compare the customized bookcase. There are large and medium -sized volumes, which can be placed anywhere. The second is that the selection of materials is more diverse: all kinds of solid wood and artificial boards can be selected. And not limited to wooden materials, iron, plastic, etc. can be selected.


2) Customized bookcase:


Compared with the finished bookcase, the biggest advantage of customized bookcase is that it is customized to customize space. You can choose the appropriate material according to your own actual situation, and you can achieve what style of size you want to do.


Summary of purchase: If you just want a small, special style and special material, you can consider buying finished bookcases. If you want to make a bookcase that fit the large space, custom bookcase is the best choice.


2. The material and price of the finished bookcase


The finished bookcase has more space choices in materials and prices, so many people choose to buy finished bookcases. After all, if you just buy a small bookcase, please customize the merchant to do this small business. Buying a finished bookcase is a good choice.

The materials often used on the market: granular boards, density boards, multi -layer boards, solid wood finger connecting boards, solid wood straight panels, and iron and plastic.

Popular science material:

Granules: made of wood chips, shavings, wood wires, sawdles and other fragmented materials, also called fragmented boards. High intensity, high density, and bearing bearing.

Density board: Press the wood chips powder one by one, all of which are plant fibers, which are very delicate. It is easy to absorb water and expand, not nailing power, and poor waterproofness.

Multi-layer board: composed of thin wood slices perpendicular to each other in the direction of 3-13 fibers, which can effectively avoid the problem of cracking caused by the opposite sex. Bevends with a good load, good nailing power, and good moisture resistance.

Solid wood fingers: It is made of large wooden plates directly. Each plate is bonded with glue, and the amount of glue used is the least. Good environmental protection and good texture.

Solid wood straight panels: The remaining waste was spliced ​​from the remaining waste after processing. Each small material is connected to the growth bar with glue tooth -shaped, and each long strip is adhered to. Relatively environmentally friendly and suitable for cabinets.


Iron: It is made of iron. Generally, there are more in the office. There is no worry about formaldehyde, but it is easy to have sound and low face value.

Plastic: It is made of plastic, which is easy to move. But the texture is poor and the sense of cheap is strong.

Environmental protection:

Iron> solid wood> solid wood finger connection board > Plastic> granular board, multi -layer board> density board



Moisture -proof:


Plastic > Iron> solid wood> solid wood fingertips> Multi -layer boards> granular board> density board

Loading capacity:

Solid wood > solid wood finger connection board > granular board> density board > multi -layer board > plastic > iron

Material summary:

Each material is different, but if you are renting a house or just want a small bookcase, you can consider plastic, granular boards, density boards, multi -layer boards, etc. are good. If you are used in the office, you can consider the iron bookcase. If it is used for decorative home, the bookcases with unique shapes, good texture, and strong design can consider solid wood bookcases such as solid wood fingers, solid wood straight panels, etc., which highlights high -end texture.

Recommended by the finished bookcase brand: Genji Muyu, Lin’s Wood, Visha, Primitive Family Home Furnishing, Lianggong Home, and Wood Furniture.

Reference price of solid wood bookcase: ranging from 1000-4000 yuan.

Artificial board bookcase Reference price: 500-3000 yuan.

Buying reminder: If you just want a mini bookcase, use density boards, plastic, iron, and steel on the material, then the finished bookcase below about 500 yuan is a good choice. If you want a medium -sized bookcase made of solid wood board with a unique shape and design sense, a finished bookcase of about 3,000 yuan will meet the needs.

Production points for finished bookcases:

1) When buying, you must have a good size at home, and then confirm the size when buying. To avoid buying home, it is more troublesome to find that the size of the furniture is not suitable before returning the goods.


2) Whether the paint brushed inside and outside the bookcase is smooth and uniform. You can smell whether there is a pungent smell. And there is a cabinet door to switch whether it is smooth.

3) Most finished bookcases will not be designed according to the height and width of different books, which can easily cause waste space. When buying a finished bookcase, you can actually buy it according to the book collection situation at home. If the book is mostly 32, you do n’t need to choose the bookcase of the layer height and thickness.

4) There are few books, you can choose a strong bookcase, which can have the effect of partitioning and displaying display products. There are many books. When buying, you should pay attention to whether you need to have a door door, which is easy to engage in hygiene.


3. Customized bookcase material and cost


The suitable material for customized bookcases: At present, the mainstream boards on the market are: solid wood granular boards, density boards, multi -layer boards (plywood), solid wood finger connecting boards, solid wood straight panels.

The analysis of each material can be seen from the analysis of the finished bookcase above. Compared with the finished bookcase, the customized bookcase has less plastic and iron materials on the materials, all made of wooden materials.

Environmental protection: solid wood > solid wood finger connection board > granular board, multi -layer board> density board

Duravity: solid wood> solid wood finger connection board > granular board, multi -layer board> density board

Moisture -proof: solid wood > solid wood finger connection board > Multi -layer board > granular board> density board

Rangers: solid wood > solid wood finger connection board > granular board> density board> multi -layer board

Suitable for custom solid wood types: Black walnut > Red Oaks > Palm wood > Cherry Wood > Rubber Wood > Pine wood


The texture and performance of solid wood are very good. However, it is not recommended to make a whole -side bookcase for example, such as pine wood, it is possible to customize small bookcases. If the budget is medium, but if you want a good wood species, you can look good -looking solid wood fingers. If the budget is low, it is also good to choose a multi -layer board, density board, and granular board.

Suggestions for customization methods:

1) Woodworking:

If there are good woodworking masters around, you can choose to buy boards for carpentry. On -site production is more fitted with the wall, but it is recommended to make design drawings in advance.


Let the woodworking custom bookcase, you can buy materials, board brands and price recommendations:

Customized board brands recommendation: Da Ya, Jilin Mori Gonglu River, Dehua Rabbit Baby, Red Cotton, Weiye, Egger Egger, Kronospan Knos.

Purchase board price refer to: Slightly brand-grade artificial board price: 1000-1500 yuan per square projection area, solid wood log straight board price: 1800-3000 yuan per square projection area.

2) Customized merchants:

If you have customized cabinets at home, you can consider handing it to the same custom merchant. Customized merchants’ edge and craft design levels are better than wooden unions.


Customized merchant brand:


Three giants in domestic customized merchants: Shangpin House Dating, Sophia, Hollying Customers, in addition to the Liva family, Shi Niman, Kofan, Maggie, red apple, gold medal, etc., the price range of the board is 1000-1500 yuan For each square projection area, of course, if you want to be cheaper, you can choose your own local small brand custom merchant with a price range of 800-1200 yuan per square projection area.

Summary of customization method: The woodworking on -site production period is relatively short. The material purchase can be controlled by itself, but the low face value needs to be designed by itself. Customized merchants have a high level of professional design and good edges, which are more expensive than carpenter.

Customized bookcase pay attention to the main points:

1) sockets, lamps:

If the bookcase is to be topped, it is recommended not to leave the socket on the wall of the bookcase, otherwise the bookcase is blocked in the later period. In addition, the bookcase is topped, and there should be a downlight shot light above. Plan the location of the bookcase in advance, install a spotlight above 40cm outside the bookcase to increase lighting.


2) Bookcase layer board:

The span of the bookcase should not exceed 120cm, and the thickness must reach 2.5cm. Such a bookcase layer plate is strong and durable. And the bookcase layer board should be made into adjustable, you can adjust the height of the layer at any time as needed.

3) Bookcase door panel:

If the bookcase door panel is glass, it is recommended to add a steel bar to play a reinforcement. Make the bookcase more durable.

Third, the style of bookcase

1. Fully open entire wall bookcase, full wall book incense

Imagine if the bookcase of the whole wall is placed at home, how big the book will be full of visual impact, which makes people feel full of walls.


Advantages: What books do you like, it is convenient to take at any time, making people feel that the family is full of reading atmosphere.

Disadvantages: Open type is easy to hide dust, and it is a difficult problem to engage in hygiene. In addition, the entire wall is used as a stand -up bookcase, which needs to be added as a ladder to facilitate the above books.

Suitable for the crowd: a lot of books, love reading, and created a fragrance of books

Suitable space: living room sofa or TV background wall, living room aisle, study room


2. “Tibetan Ba ​​Lu Two” bookcase, strong sense of art

If you feel that the full open bookcase is not good, and there are not so many books. It is also good to consider designing the bookcase of the “Tibetan Eight Lulu Two” principles, or the half -covered bookcase design is also good.

Advantages: The staggering cabinet door design makes the bookcase not look so monotonous and more full of design. It will look too much open or closed on the entire side, and cabinets with cabinet doors can also be stored.

Disadvantages: It is easy for the entire wall to make a cabinet to appear depressed. It is necessary to grasp the principle of how many cabinets to show, so that you will have a sense of design.

Suitable for the crowd: There are not many books, but families who need to reveal local books and need to storage space

Suitable for space: corner position, study room, living room sofa or TV background wall, bay window


3, half -wall design bookcase, not suppressed.

If the house space is small, you can consider the bookcase design of the semi -wall design, which will appear to be depressed. If there are children at home, the half -wall bookcase can make children read it easily.

Advantages: Half -wall bookcases are convenient to get books, without climbing ladders, the use rate is higher.

Disadvantages: The space for booking is limited.

Suitable for the crowd: small units lack a family of large bookcase space


Suitable for space: corner, aisle, TV background wall.

4. Glass cabinet door, good -looking cleaning and convenient

If you are still struggling with the door, consider choosing a glass cabinet door or a black transparent glass cabinet door. Even if you close the cabinet door, you can see the books inside, and you don’t have a headache to engage in hygiene.

Advantages: The black transparent glass doors are currently popular, which adds lights inside, full of high -level sense. Don’t worry about hygiene, or make all the cabinet doors.

Disadvantages: The glass cabinet door needs to be a good frame, and the glass door is put off and smashed into the danger.

Suitable for the crowd: I don’t like to engage in hygiene, but the crowd who needs to reveal the book cabinet collections

Suitable space: living room sofa or TV background wall, study room

5. Blackboard Gate Bookcase, graffiti

If the bookcase is a push -pull cabinet door, you can consider the blackboard paint on one of the cabinet doors for easy graffiti or notes.

Advantages: If you have children or like graffiti, the blackboard cabinet door is good. Not only can you draw and write on it, you can also act as a door.


Disadvantages: The blackboard paint is relatively troublesome to engage in hygiene. After many blackboard paint is written with a lust, the chalk will be left. Wash the blackboard door with water often.

Suitable for the crowd: children with children like graffiti

Suitable space: study room, living room sofa or TV background wall


6. Projector curtain bookcase, multi -functional use


Now more and more people like to abandon TV in the living room and make a projector directly. If you like this design, you can consider the cabinet door as a white cabinet door and serve as a projection curtain.

Advantages: more fully created a book incense environment and can be used multifunctional. Want to watch TV movies to open the projector, want to create a scent environment, and put away the projector.

Disadvantages: The door of the bookcase cabinet should be made into white, and there is a certain limitations in space design.

Suitable for the crowd: do not want to be centered on TV and want to read as the center

Suitable for space: living room TV background wall, audition room leisure study

Although e -books are now increasingly occupying everyone’s life, many people still choose to make a large bookcase at home. Paper books feel that it is not comparable to e -books. If you have children in your family, it is important to cultivate them from childhood!

Iron> solid wood> solid wood finger connection board > Plastic> granular board, multi -layer board> density board

Material summary: