Xiao Pan Xiang’s secret


The picture comes from the author


Seeing today’s homework content “good successor, good description of people’s affairs” can’t help but think of igniting the fragrance of dish this morning. I did n’t pay special attention to the small pan incense before. This morning, I suddenly found that the tail of each fragrance was slightly tilted out. From the perspective of the incense technology, it should be easy. Outside craftsmanship. The moment I ignited the fragrance of the dish, I realized that the designer did not burn the incense in the inner scent to use the incense when the incense was ignited. At this time, I couldn’t help but be moved by the incense of the incense. I saw their love and carefulness, and saw that they were so thorough for those who used the incense, so that I suddenly realized until today. This reminds me of how many kinds of goodness in my life have not been noticed by me? From this I realized the content of today’s homework “

The aspirations of the good successor, the affairs of the people “is what we keep to discover beauty and speak out in our lives, and use it as a life attitude, lifestyle, and thinking pattern.