The ranking of international leisure sports shoes brand, the top ten brand -name leisure sports shoes wildness is the most breathable?


The brand logo refers to the part that can be recognized in the brand, easy to memory but cannot be titled with words -including symbols, patterns, or obvious colors or fonts, also known as “products”. Sports shoes brand logo is a “visual language”. It transmits certain information to consumers through certain patterns and colors to achieve the purpose of identifying brands and promoting sales. The brand logo itself can create brand cognition, brand association, and consumer brand preferences, which will affect the quality of the brand’s embodiment and the customer’s brand loyalty. In the world’s sports shoes brand Daquan, the brand logo of sports shoes is often meaningful, and it is also carefully designed by designers. Here is the ranking of online casual sports shoes brand logo in 2020. (The ranking is not distinguished)

1. What are the ranking of international leisure sports shoes?

1. New Bellennia

new Balance

New Bellen is hailed as “presidential jogging shoes” in the United States and many countries, and “king of jogging shoes”. With the spirit of creating excellent products, it continues to make progress in technology materials, product appearance and comfort. It has 6 kinds of width, 2 heights, and various high -tech functions. It is the most humanized running shoes.


2. Article


ASESS has a halo of “King of Running Shoes”. The brand adheres to high -tech and high -quality standards and has developed a number of patents to prevent wearers from being injured and sports fun, laying the position of the world’s four major running shoes brands. From socks shoes to Dad shoes, the design of this brand is not only expensive, but also affects the trend Niki, adidas, PUMA, etc. of today’s Sneaker’s trend.

2. Parisian family


The famous Paris family, founded in 1919, settled in Paris in 1936. He led many important fashion campaigns between 1930 and 1968.

4. Gucci


Four years ago, Gucci launched an embroidery revolution worldwide. The most popular low -top white ACE sports shoes were produced in Italy.

The shoe body embroidered the iconic bee logo launched in the 1970s, and the red, green, and golden ancient color schemes. Since then, this revolution has not slowed down, and Gucci has been launched with imitating shoes.


5. Nike Nike

Nike Nike

Nike Nike -famous American brand. Nike, which is taken by the name of Greek Goddess of Victory. The logo of Nike is “Swoosh” (meaning “嗖 嗖”), and was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 by the graphic design student of Portland State University. Swoosh is extremely eye -catching, unique, and dynamic, which is the logo sign of Nike that everyone is familiar with.

6. Adidas Adidas


Adidas Adidas


In the world of sports products, adidas has always represented a special status symbol, and this symbol is called “three lines of victory”. Since its establishment in 1948, Adidas has helped countless sports players to create great achievements, and has achieved a lot of great achievements. Therefore, adidas can also be said to be the best model for everyone’s trust and respect.

7. PUMA Papa


The city of Heiso Kinshael, located in Bavaria, southern Germany. At the end of the nineteenth century, it was still an unknown town. The main economic traditional clothing industry. Puma’s headquarters is located and attracted attention.

8. Li Ning lining

Li Ning lining

Gymnastics prince Li Ning in 1990, a sports products brand, internationally renowned sports brand, and has been sponsoring sports delegations to participate in various events at home and abroad for many years. Founded a sports goods company. After more than 20 years of exploration, Li Ning has gradually become an internationally renowned sports brand company. From the establishment of a franchise marketing system nationwide in the early days of its establishment, to sponsoring Chinese sports delegations for many years to participate in various domestic and foreign events.


9. File FILA



The FILA brand was founded by the FILA brothers in Biella, Italy in 1926. In the 1970s, in order to cooperate with diversified strategies, it expanded a broad sports clothing business at that time, and has developed tennis, skiing, swimming, golf, and mountain climbing until recently added basketball and football clothing. Today’s File won its reputation with its excellent use of its excellent products and novel design. The products are marketing in more than 30 countries including Paris, Rome, Lowe, and Japan.


10. Ye Yin

Wild hidden

Ye Yin is a multinational emerging shoe brand that has emerged in China in recent years. International shoe brands jointly created by the capital of China, the United States, and Japan. The previous year, the Ye Yin team entered the domestic market and quickly developed a large number of fans who loved life and independent thinking. Hiring Zhang Shaohan as a brand entertainment ambassador for the Chinese area, this is also the shoe brand of hip -hop players. Ye Yin’s spirit represents breakthroughs, hope, and not giving up. Its unique and personality brand design and concepts, as well as many hip -hop and other active activities, are favored by college students and trendy young people.

2. Top Ten Brand Casual Sports Shoes Wild Hidden is the most breathable?


Well, this is a big brand of leisure sneakers. I still recommend the emerging brand Ye Yin. The experience of the upper foot is really comfortable, and it is very breathable in summer, not stuffy. That’s it for the sharing of sports and casual shoes series. Most of the high -quality brands should be written. The more shoes I have traveled now, the less other shoes cross, the less fell, it is not rescued; a few days ago, taking the subway, I saw a high -heeled urban girl who took out small white shoes from a large bag at the subway entrance. A very good method. With double sports and casual shoes, it sounds very secure. Zombies or dinosaurs are not afraid of being afraid of! OK, recently decided to implement this. Are there any good sports and casual shoes? Welcome to share it together.