Yi Nengjing shows the luxury house, but his son wears women’s clothing for “behavior art”, netizens shouted: too spicy eyes


March 10, well -known artist


Yi Nengjing

Update your recent dynamics on your personal social platform.

This article with a total of 432 characters with punctuation can be seen that Yi Nengjing is still very satisfied with his current state.

From the decoration of the home to the recent skin care products, to the dynamics of the children, it looks good.


The Shanghai Villa mansion that was exposed to the most of them also sighed countless netizens:

It ’s good to have money. Everything is not good for everything, and it is not even good!

From Yi Nengjing’s photos, it is not difficult to see her “壕”.

There are not only independent courtyards in the villa, but also two floors.


The environment in it is also quite good, especially in the current March warm spring, flowers are blooming and beautiful.


The decoration in the home is biased towards European -style classical styles, and even a fireplace, the details also reveal a nobleness.

What is even more “exaggerated” is the daughter’s rice -grain toy room, almost her beloved toy.


There are even small sofas for rest.

Sigh again: with money, you can really live as a princess.

However, when netizens lamented the happiness of Teacher Yi, some netizens bluntly said: her son is like that, she is still beautiful.

It turns out that on March 10, Yi Nengjing’s 19 -year -old son


It is also updated on social platforms.


However, his dynamics are a set of “large -scale” photos.

Harry inside, with a thick makeup look, accompanied by female friends, performed very boldly.

The latter was more and more “exaggerated” with his friends. He saw his eyes dull, and his friends on the side made “bite”. This kind of behavior art has made many netizens say: I don’t understand, it is too spicy.

But obviously, this is not the first time Harry’s bold performance.


On March 2nd, Harry showed a video of wearing women’s clothing. After a long hair and a thick smoke, his eyes were blurry and charming.


And then, netizens also picked out many exaggerated moves before.

For example, his love to wear women’s clothes is not a recent “heart -up”, but a long time ago, and the shape is mostly a “thick makeup” style of Europe and the United States.

Is this “rebellious”, does his family careless?

In control, first of all, his grandma Peking Opera famous


Zhang Zhengfen

It is extremely opposed to his “women’s clothing” behavior.

As a mother, Yi Nengjing also talked about the matter.

But it was surprising that she was not an opposition to her son’s “new difference” behavior, but said:

worth it.


She chose the behavior of the default son and respect his choice.

Speaking of which, Harry’s behavior is also largely related to its growth environment.

Harry’s father is a well -known singer in Taiwan

Wu Chengqing

Yi Nengjing was in love as early as 18 years old. At that time, the two were popular artists. Although they were sweet, they were very confidential.

At the age of 32, Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing walked into the palace of marriage.


Two years after marriage, Harry was born.

But this small family who is divided into a happy family is more and more happy.

Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing were unable to accompany Harry to grow up because of their busy work.

When Harry was 7 years old, Yi Nengjing and Yu Chengqing announced their divorce.

Since then, Harry has been living with her mother Yi Nengjing.


Yi Nengjing took his son wherever he went. For a long time, Harry, who lacked his father’s love, had more dependence on his mother.

Personality seems to be more paranoid “women”.


Ineng Jing got married again in 2015, and married

Qin Hao


And gave birth to


; On the other side, Yu Chengqing also “unwilling to show weakness” and the anchor

Zhang Jiaxin

Remented, there are 1 son and 1 woman.

For Harry, the parents of their parents have become a “outsider” again.

In addition, Harry, who studying abroad, studying arts related majors, which also made his understanding of the world more “unique” and “art”.


In fact, such a star family is not a case,


Jackie Chan



Wu Qili

Daughter Wu


The same is true.

Families that lack father’s love also make it “alternative”.

Of course, Harry’s women’s hobby may be a way of expression of his art, as Yi Nengjing said is a kind of freedom.

In fact, Yi Nengjing also said on social platforms that support Harry:

People add color in the naked appearance, not because they don’t like themselves, but because they like themselves, they make themselves more confident and colorful.

And his relationship with his mother is also very good, and often taught Yi Neng to dance and make up.

Even when she participated in the variety show “The Sister of the Wind”, Yi Nengjing performed in the show was written by Harry for her.

Looking at it this way, although it is a boy, Harry just performs a bit differently. With the progress of the times and the change of people’s ideas, I believe it can make people slowly recognize.

However, looking at Harry’s growth process, it lacks his father’s companionship. It is also a harm for Harry. I hope the road of art can heal him and bring him happiness!


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