What are the cheap and easy -to -use facial cleanser? Recommended for the use of affordable facial cleanser with a price of about 100 yuan


How to choose cheap and easy to use facial cleanser? It is recommended to use affordable facial cleanser within 100 yuan!

Sither Blue Friends Facial Washing Milk


The masterpiece of Seta -free facial cleanser, the price of the cabbage, is not too friendly to students.

It can’t rub any foam feeling and foam facial cleanser. Feeling is not tight after washing. Some people say that the cleaning power may not be suitable for your skin, or you are used to your habit The refreshing feeling after the strong oil removal. In fact, this is wrong. Although the oil is washed off and the skin’s protection is also washed away, this weak cleaning cleansing should not be too suitable for dry skin.

The only thing I am not satisfied with this cleansing is preservatives, which may be sensitivity, so it is specifically explained so this cleansing is not suitable for children’s use, and sensitive muscles are not recommended.

MUJI Moisturizing Facial Washing Milk

Facial milk girls must not mention MUJI. Everyone understands its products. The packaging is simple, the pursuit of nature is not high -level. Skin care products will not add flavor pigments. Therefore The cleaning intensity is strong.

In terms of use, the foam will not be too much, but it is dense. It will be dry after use. It is suitable for oil skin and mixed oil. It is not recommended for dry skin and sensitive muscles. However, the price is not expensive, and it is worth starting.

Ke Run Facial Clean


Sensitive facial cleanser girls recommend Ke Run, I believe that dry skin girls are no stranger, because the cost performance is relatively high, I also recommended it many times before. Basically, the formula architecture is water, moisturizing ingredients, cleaner, preservatives, and pH regulators. It is more specially added with glycyrrhic acid. This ingredient has the effect of removing acne and sensitivity, but the content is very small. It is not easy to say.

Although strict significance cannot be considered as pure amino acid facial cleanser, the surfactants used are mild types without amino acids, so there is no pressure for acne muscle. Coupled with the foam type, so it is very convenient to use and the experience will be very good.

Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser

Efficacy: Deep cleaning, clean, refreshing, brightening skin tone to improve acne muscles

This Huayu collection of amino acid facial cleanser is rated as the light of domestic products by netizens. As a cleansing makeup remover di -one facial cleanser, its small molecular amino acid can go deep into the pores, absorb the impurities in the pores, completely clean the pores, clean the pores, clean Power is enough and does not hurt the skin, which can prevent acne. It is rich in goat milk and nano -pearl powder. It not only has a good cleaning effect, but also balances water and oil, clean acne removing mites, converges pores, remove blackheads and closed acne, whitening and skinny!

Mild and not irritating sensitive muscle pregnant women can be available



This facial cleanser can make a rich foam with a little bit of squeezing. It can not only remove the waste horny but also balance water and oil, the skin is washed and moisturized, and the skin thief is smooth. Another point is that I like it very much, that is, it can be used directly to remove light makeup, and I am pretty friendly for office workers. Pure amino acid formula does not contain a little soap base, it takes about a month or so,

The pores are clean and delicate, and the black head acne is significantly less, and the skin becomes fair, so that I can easily have water muscles.