“IT House Open” Xiaomi MIX 4 Mobile Phone Picture: Wild Run all -ceramic body


IT House August 11 News Xiaomi MIX 4 mobile phone was officially launched on the evening of August 10. This is the Xiaomi MIX digital series updated again after 3 years. After 500 million yuan of R & D investment, Xiaomi achieved the full screen effect on this phone, hiding the front camera under the diamond arrangement of AMOLED screen. In addition, Xiaomi MIX 4

The start is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus processor

, Also have 120W cable charging, UWB fingers and other bright functions.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

IT House got the Xiaomi MIX 4 mobile phone “Shadow Green Gray” model, and now brings you the box opening map:

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

1. Open the box

The packaging box of Xiaomi MIX 4 is pure black, dotted with hot migrant trademarks and MIX words, showing different identities from other Xiaomi mobile phones. After opening the box, the first thing to see is a black card, which says that “there is no perfect in the world, but there are always people who are pursuing perfection.”

After getting the card, you can see that Xiaomi MIX 4 is lying in the middle. The film when the mobile phone leaves the factory with a circular opening on the camera under the screen to ensure the light transmission.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

Xiaomi MIX 4 with the packaging with the packaging

120W charger, dedicated data cable, and transparent protective cover

It can be seen that the USB-A port of the charger is orange, and it can achieve full speed charging with the exclusive fast charging data cable.

2. Xiaomi MIX 4 real machine

IT House got the shadow -green gray color model, which is low -key and restrained. This phone inherits the tradition of the ceramic body of the MIX series before. The three colors are all integrated all -ceramic fuselage, which has a warm feel and high intensity.

The mobile phone uses a lightweight ceramic processing process, which reduces the weight by 30%

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

, The thickness of the fuselage is 8.02mm and the weight is 225g.

The camera module of the Xiaomi MIX 4 mobile phone adopts a step structure similar to the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. The raised is relatively obvious. There are depression and microphone openings around. The main camera of this phone is adopted

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

108 million pixel Samsung HMX sensor

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

, 1/1.33 inches, four -in -one 1.6μm large pixels. The mobile phone main camera uses a 7P lens, aperture F/1.95, which supports OIS optical image stabilization function.

This phone is also equipped with an 8 -megapixel subtrance telephoto lens, supports 5 times optical zoom, 50 times digital zoom, and the equivalent focal length is 120mm. It also supports OIS optical image stabilization function. In addition, the mobile phone is also equipped with a 13MP free curved super -wide -angle lens, F/2.2 aperture, 120 ° perspective, and does not support optical image stabilization.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

There are speakers, microphones, and infrared openings above Xiaomi MIX 4, and the edges are printed with “Harmancaton”. This phone has a stereo dual speakers and Hi-Res certification. It supports real-time ear return, audio zoom, high-definition recording 2.0 function in audio. In addition, it also supports WeChat/QQ call recording, which is greatly convenient for business users.

Next, you can take a look at the screen of Xiaomi MIX 4. In the bright screen, the front screen is almost invisible. Only the opening of the film indicates the location of the camera. The mobile phone uses a 6.67 -inch AMOLED micro -song flexible screen, and the edges are less than Xiaomi 11. The screen resolution is 2400 x 1080, the refresh rate is up to 120Hz, and the touch sampling rate is up to 480Hz. In addition, the screen also supports 10bit colors, covering the DCI-P3 color gamut, the global brightness 800nit, a contrast of 5 million: 1,

It also supports HDR10+, Dolby Vision


「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

Xiaomi MIX 4 has 20 million pixels under the screen, which can achieve 1.6 μm fusion large pixels, bringing higher image quality performance; combined with deep learning -based enhanced algorithms, it can also comprehensively optimize color and improve photos.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

The width of Xiaomi MIX 4’s screens, the width of the left and right borders, and create an excellent integrated visual perception. In addition, the screen surface covers Corning Gorilla Victus glass for protection.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

IT House learned that Xiaomi MIX 4 is built

4500mAh graphene -based lithium -lyric battery, wired charging power 120W, wireless charging power 50W

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

At the same time, it also supports 10W wireless anti -recharge. This phone also supports the NFC function and the UWB one -finger connection function, which can realize the space positioning of the centimeter level.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

In terms of performance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor is equipped with a mobile phone. The main frequency of the oversized core can reach 3GHz, and the AI ​​performance is more than 20%compared to the Snapdragon 888. The mobile phone is equipped with a large area of ​​the latest graphene, combined with MIUI’s latest temperature control scheduling settings, which can greatly improve the fever. In terms of price, Xiaomi MIX 8GB+128GB version is priced at 4999 yuan, 12GB+51GB top version, priced at 6299 yuan.

「IT之家开箱」小米 MIX 4 手机图赏:温润全陶瓷机身

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