42 set of chiffon shirts with look, small fresh, high value, different every day


Guide: 42 set of chiffon shirts with look, small fresh, high value, different every day

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Friends who open this article, you must have a high value. We are really very destined. I will bring you different fashion information to everyone every day. What are you and have some opinions. Welcome to comment below. Each editor will read it carefully. Then the content of this issue is: 42 sets of chiffon shirts with look, small fresh and high value, different every day! Then let’s take a look!

The most versatile top tops in summer are T -shirts and shirts, but the T -shirt is too casual and there is no problem with daily wear, but it is not suitable for some formal occasions, and the temperament is not as good as the shirt. So today, I will share with you 42 sets of shirts, small fresh styles, all clothes are valuable, so you can wear different clothes every day!


Chiffon shirt+skirt

Box skirt is a proposed matching item I personally, because it can cover up your figure’s shortcomings, such as wide hips, large PP, or poor legs. When to match, pay attention to the hem of the shirt in the skirt and expose the high waistline so that your legs are long.

Chiffon fabric is light and breathable, and the upper body is elegant. Wearing any clothes is a good combination. The upper body of the denim skirt is relatively strong, and the chiffon skirt will look beautiful in it. The chiffon shirt was paired with white straps and lotus leaf edges, and a red dot with white dots. This set of clothes complement the western and temperament.


Compared with the previous sets, these three sets of clothing look a little desolate. In the summer, you should wear a bit of “fancy”, and the solid skirt with printed chiffon shirt will reflect the monotonous feeling of the skirt, and it will feel a bit on the top-very heavy. The last one is a solid color item, which is much better.

Chiffon shirt+casual pants

Good -looking printed chiffon shirts have a strong texture and fashionable casual pants. The whole person’s temperament has been improved a lot. The pants were only 9 minutes long, revealing a thin ankle, which will show stovepipe. Use sandals, it is really full of leisurely.


Chiffon shirt+short boots


Boot pants have retro attributes, so it looks better with long -sleeved shirts than short -sleeved. shirt. The white lace round neck is matched with denim shorts, with a split design in the front of the pants, making the legs more plump and a little dark green shirt with black short boots. The retro taste is very strong, and one -eighth -long pants are very slender.


Chiffon shirt+jeans

The two fabrics of chiffon and denim seem to have no advantage, but they really match it that they look very good. They are both casual and beautiful. That is the best dot shirt with jeans. The high waist design makes your legs look particularly slender, and at the same time highlight your straight legs.


Chiffon shirt+wide -leg pants

Speaking of shirts, wide -leg pants are indispensable. The loose-fit shirt with the same loose and comfortable wide-leg pants will not only appear procrastinating, but will be more fashionable. Just like there are high waistlines, whether it is a pants, a nine -point pants or a long wide -leg pants, it will look good with it.


Chiffon shirt+denim skirt

Girls with straight legs can choose short skirts and shirts as they want. This is a good opportunity to highlight the legs. The length of the denim skirt is in the position of the thigh, so that the leg lines can be exposed as much as possible, and the longer the legs can be displayed. Putting on flat shoes will not hinder your charm of long legs.

If the short skirt is light, then the shirt is suitable for choosing bright colors, so the effect will be more layered. Just like the first game, the overall color is plain and plain, and you will be buried in the crowd.

Chiffon shirt+A -line skirt

One of the advantages of high -waisted A -line skirts is that the proportion of the lower body can be stretched. Another advantage is that A -line skirts can show skinny legs. A -line skirts have a sense of fashion, so it will be more beautiful with high -heeled sandals. I especially like white. The flower embroidery pattern on the shirt makes the dull white shirt more fashionable.

Chiffon shirt+short skirt

There are many styles and colors of shirts and skirts. You can combine them and create a variety of different shapes. This light purple chiffon shirt is really beautiful. First of all, the color is very refreshing and temperament, the version design is also very fashionable, and the purple has a white effect.


Chiffon shirt+denim shorts

The shorts and short skirts have the same effect on long legs, but they are safer than short skirts and are more convenient and free walking. The light -colored striped shirt and denim shorts are better than printed and more durable shirts. The green printed shirt is mainly dark, and the printing is too chaotic, which will interfere with people’s sight.


Chiffon shirt+casual shorts


These casual shorts are more OL commute style, which is very suitable for people. That last black high waist shorts look particularly energetic. The tight version can outline the body curve to highlight the small waist; the high waistline design makes the upper body shorter, the lower body ratio is stretched, and the body is more golden. That proportion!


Can wear medium -length chiffon shirt

The medium -long chiffon shirt can be worn alone or sunscreen. It is best to have a waist or belt design when wearing it alone. With waist circumference, everything will look good. When the jacket is worn, the personal vest inside is not afraid of running out. I feel very chic and happy.

With these 42 sets of clothes, what are you worried about? The shirt match this summer has been signed to you, put it on!

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