One article understands natural fragrance classification


The incense is the taste


The art of changing fragrances emitted by natural incense materials

Then the premise of the incense used must be natural, and it is naturally aromatic, not to say that soaking in the essential oil in the essential oil is fragrant. No matter what kind of fragrance is used, it must be

Natural fragrance has no artificial synthesis

This is very important. Chemical fragrance hurts a lot of physical damage, which is why we have a headache in life in life. The real natural fragrance is not only good for physical and mental, can relax and help sleep, but also has the role of preventing diseases. For example, the fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine during the epidemic period and moxibustion that is usually used for health is actually the basic application of natural fragrance. Essence

Nature is not thin to us, creating a lot of natural incense for us to enjoy,

Let’s take a look at the types of natural incense.


*Flowers and plants: such as roses, jasmine, osmanthus, cherry blossoms, orchids, citrus, wormwood, pine needles

We have fragrant flowers, leaves, or fruits. We all divide it in the category of flowers and plants, unlike aromatherapy therapy again (afterwards, it will introduce the aromatherapy therapy in another article,


Please follow my headline number

To. Because this category of fragrance is not the main fragrance of incense, most of them are used for more aromatherapy essential oil fragrances, mainly to beautify the environment to purify the air.

The fragrance is relatively direct, and the layers are not large

Essence It is mainly to smell its fragrance, which is different from the incense of the incense. It belongs to the primary incense material.

*Fragrant species: such as frankincense, no medicine, borneol, musk, ambergris

These ourselves with different fragrant materials we classify it in Hexiang. Why use it as Hexiang? Because these incense materials itself have different fragrances, it is probably difficult for many people to accept it alone, or it is not a good taste. But they are natural and precious. In the incense, we often add these incense materials to other incense materials, such as sandalwood and agarwood.

After the blending of the ratio, it exudes a natural fragrance, and it is more and more smelling.

The incense made of these incense materials is also called “Hexiang” and “refining incense”.

Due to its preciousness, the ambergris was reluctant to enjoy it at will in ancient times. According to legend, the ambergris is condensed after the saliva that the dragon spit out when the saliva is dried. Wrap these bones out of the body,

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that the ambergris can be “promoting blood circulation, beneficial essence, helping Yangdao, Tongli blood veins”, which is a valuable Chinese medicine that treats the disease and replenishes strongness.

Ambergris (500 grams of auction price is about 40,000 yuan)


*Sandalwood: sandalwood is the traditional mainstream incense of incense

Sandalwood fragrance is sweet and elegant, and can be accepted and loved by the public. But why do you classify sandalwood alone? Because sandalwood is available

Different production areas


Different tree age

Essence The taste of sandalwood with different tree -year -olds in different production areas is also different. Then we have to be subdivided into this sandal

East India Laoshan Tan, Dongjantan, Australian Tan and Indonesia.

The shape of sandalwood tree


Indian Old Sandalwood: Pure and fragrant taste, with the richness of sandalwood unique to sandalwood

Milk fragrance

breath. It is the best in sandalwood.

Dongjia Tan: The fragrance is scent, there is obvious one


Essence It is the main raw material for refining sandalwood essential oil.

Milk flavor is light


Austan: Also known as Johor Bahru, fragrance

Elegant and fresh

Essence There is no milk flavor, the aftertaste is sweet.

Indonesian Tan: Also known as Xiangtan,


The rich exotic atmosphere, similar to the common Indian fragrance, is the raw material for making perfume fragrance. Many of the big -name perfume we smell daily have added the fragrance of Indonesian sandalwood.

Old sandalwood pattern

Sandalwood fragrance is seductive and can be accepted by the public, so

Generally starting at the initial entry should start with sandalwood

Essence Especially friends who have always used fragrance or aromatherapy, the first stage of switching to incense should taste the sandalwood of various production areas, so that the difference between natural wood and flavors can be recognized quickly.

Bring yourself out of the familiar fragrance aroma

In this way, entry incense is more fast.

Incense tool

*Agarwood: Agarwood is the main incense of incense

Different agarwood and sandalwood, it is not wood but cause

The incense branches have been eroded by the outside world, forming a trauma and fragrance

, Correctly speaking, agarwood is a kind

Crystalline substances of fat

It’s like



Essence It has good medicinal value. because

The year of agarwood fragrance is different from the environment of fragrant incense, the fragrance of agarwood is different

The price is also very different. Due to the continuous adoption in recent years, the price of agarwood has been soaring, which is the reason that things are rare.


Why is Agarwood the main fragrance of incense, what is its taste different, and how can we distinguish the level and fragrance of agarwood? Avoid spending a lot of money and buying non -matching agarwood.

This is very important. I will talk about agarwood in the next article.

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