Korean fashion backpack, your age reduction artifact


Female college students are in the stage of fullness and youthful vitality. Therefore, when choosing a backpack, not only should they consider whether it is durable, but the appearance value is also an important part. This one -shoulder bag is a one I personally recommend it very much. If you do n’t say practical performance, the Korean version of the stylish and exquisite appearance can be your modeling age reduction artifact ~

The design of this backpack is very beautiful, with simple and atmospheric color, full of versatile performance; most of the color selection is more conspicuous bright colors, is it very youthful at a glance! The zipper uses a contrasting design, which offsets the dullness of solid color bottoming, giving people fresh visual feelings. Not only can it be used on campus, even if you go out with your sisters to go shopping and do your style matching.


The material is made of Namnite canvas, which is lighter than ordinary canvas to achieve the purpose of decompression, and after special process production, it is very solid. The situation occurred. Choosing a special anti -dirty tape, you can easily wipe it to get dirty, which also reduces the troubles of everyone’s cleaning ~


In addition to the above advantages, the most special part of this backpack is that it uses the W -type backbone system to effectively prevent our shoulder back soreness, and it can also prevent the schoolbag itself from being deforming due to heavy weight. If you also need such a backpack, you might as well consider it ~