“Abandoning old thoughts with the times”: Three -stop small commodity market transformation and upgrading at the time


Jiaodong Online March 7 News

(Trainee reporter Tang Meng) As the largest small commodity wholesale market in Jiaodong, Shandong Third Station Co., Ltd. has been standing on the “wind” of the economy. With the rapid changes in the economic situation and the change of commodity transactions, the small commodity market has also ushered in a critical period of transformation. Innovative traditional businesses, enhanced consumer experience, and cultivating education complexes … Just as the unprecedented departure of more than 20 years ago, today’s small commodity market has embarked on the journey again.

“摒弃老思想 与时代接轨”:三站小商品市场 转型升级正当时

Transformation and upgrade

“摒弃老思想 与时代接轨”:三站小商品市场 转型升级正当时

It is understood that since the establishment of the new board of directors of the three -stop shares in 2011, it has invested 47 million yuan to uniformly renovate the indoor environment, comprehensively rectify and maintain fire protection facilities, hydropower equipment, and promote the entire market towards high standards and high -end requirements. A major step in the upgrading of the operating environment. At the beginning of the operation of international small commodity cities, the group and business combinations were deployed in accordance with the direction of “professionalization”, and the tradition of “commercial treasure”, the people, and cheapness. While vigorously developing the main business, the decision makers have introduced facilities, leisure and entertainment and other facilities, and improved the supporting service functions of the market. The small commodity market has shifted from a single wholesale market to collecting, catering, plastic surgery, leisure, leisure, leisure, leisure, leisure, leisure, leisure, Large -scale business complexes that are entertaining.

However, with the changes in the macroeconomic situation and the impact of the Internet economy, the small commodity market is also facing the test of “transformation or demise”. The development of the enterprise is like the water, and if it does not enter, it will retreat. According to Xu Wanhui, the general manager of the three stations company, it is necessary to keep up with the times and respond to the times. How to avoid the impact of the Internet and what brand and formats choose to be rarely impacted by the Internet, and become the focus of the decision makers of small commodity markets. As a result, they have taken the first step in the professional market to the industrial chain.

“摒弃老思想 与时代接轨”:三站小商品市场 转型升级正当时

Liu Ping, chairman of the three -stop shares, said: “Now our environment has also changed the old transformation. You see that the environment is different from before. The earliest was a greenhouse. Now there are a series of supporting facilities such as new buildings, air conditioners, and bathrooms. The facilities have kept up. We hope that the environment is not inferior to ordinary shopping malls, and we can be physically and mentally relaxed when shopping. “

“As the people’s living standards have higher living standards, everyone has gradually had higher requirements for products. Therefore, in order to comply with the high pursuit of modern people’s quality of life, we have improved the quality and brand of goods. At the same time, young people now especially like high -value products, so in addition to the quality guarantee of our current products, we will also take into account the beauty of the goods, and we have many very distinctive shops here. “Liu Ping led everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come to come to everyone to come. In the market, “Go, take you to see a few of our” star shops’. “

Small product sales model “to” Super Model “

Hongcheng Yishe, a more than 300 -flat household goods store, is spacious and bright in the store. The rows of goods are neatly placed. It is not a warehouse -style “small product sales model”, but a modern “super -supercation model”.

“摒弃老思想 与时代接轨”:三站小商品市场 转型升级正当时

Ms. Wang, a staff member of Hongcheng Yishe, said: “We are not doing so much from the beginning. They are all done little by little. With the development of the market and our own progress, we gradually expand The store has also added shelves, which has transformed from the original ‘small product model’ to a modern ‘supermarket model’. And most of the past we entered are some affordable brands. You can find these brands in our family now you can find them in a large shopping mall. , Basically, they are all well -known first -tier brands. It is definitely not a miscellaneous brand with low cost. In recent years, we have slowly introduced some German brands, such as Oudro, and the materials are very good. It reflects that this brand of pots is very durable. At the same time, there are many well -known domestic brands in our store, such as Yachengde and good daughter -in -law. These are big brands that have been in China for many years. Consumers trust these brands. We Just enter these brands. “

The staff picked up an Eko smart trash can to show: “The most expensive smart trash can sell for 399 yuan, but it still sells well.” The staff demonstrated: “It can automatically turn on, close In contact with your hands, you can effectively block the odor and bacterial infection. It can be used for more than 180 days for three or four hours of charging. We are basically guests. It is not cheap but the sales volume is pretty good, because we modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. “

Abandon the old thought

“摒弃老思想 与时代接轨”:三站小商品市场 转型升级正当时

In line with the times

“Our store made a big decoration around July and August last year,” the owner of the Golden Triangle knitted tone talked to the store with the main color of the green. What pays attention is to give people a comfortable feeling. Green makes people look refreshing and comfortable, so we finally choose green as the theme. From the beginning of May 1 last year, I collided with the designer, and then it took a lot of time and energy to start decoration. , During the light decoration period, it was stopped for more than 40 days. Because customers now pay attention to the purchase experience, we have to abandon the old thoughts and be in line with the times. You can see that although the decoration has been resting for so long, there are more guests who come to buy things now. In the long run, I think it is worth it. “The boss said with a smile.

The boss introduced the socks and introduced: “In the past, everyone sold the volume of the goods, but now you look at it again. Our store is more fashionable and personalized products, because the current consumer groups are generally pursuing fashion, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one old one old, unlike the old one, it is not like the old one. For generations, as long as we can wear it. And our brands in the store now are familiar and guaranteed, such as West Keyou, including POLO, etc., which belong to the “Light Luxury Series”. Demand. “

“Of course, we are more quality than ordinary market goods, and in terms of quality and price, we are also constantly coordinated, hoping to find a balance point in it to make the cost performance higher and make the people easy to accept. In fact The product will still have the audience, but what we consider is that our third station market is a market for the people, or it is still a product that ordinary people can accept, so that we will not violate our original intention. “

Make unique genuine products

Never sell inferior imitations

“One fifth is the Hangzhou native designer brand established in 2006,” said the “one -fixturing” boss Liu of Guo Chao Hanfu children’s clothing store, “this brand focuses on Chinese style. To this day, both styles and fabrics are constantly being updated, it is becoming more and more beautiful, and the workmanship is becoming more and more exquisite. It should be countless in Hanfu on the market. “

“The outside of our clothes is brocade embroidery, the inside is cotton, and the inside is wrapped intimately. Because of the clothing, it is not only to wear good -looking, but also to be comfortable and healthy. The style from spring to winter to winter There are styles, and the audience is mainly children from kindergartens to primary schools. “The boss picked up the clothes on the shelves to show us,” Because our brand is famous, there are many imitations on Taobao shops, the style is similar, but the fabrics, but the fabrics The work is far away. Some parents thought it was our Taobao shop. When I bought it back, I was all on the line. I told them that we would do a unique genuine product, and never sell inferior imitations. “The boss cried and laughed. Say.

The boss told everyone: “When we went out to find the source of the source to see this brand, we especially liked this style. I think it’ s too beautiful. On the other hand, in recent years, the country has attached great importance to the development of traditional culture, and I feel that it will make it more It is a very meaningful thing to put on Hanfu to promote our traditional culture. Now the school often requires children to put on traditional clothing in traditional festivals such as the Mid -Autumn Festival and the Lantern Festival. In these days, there are many. Children will come to our store to buy clothes, we feel a sense of accomplishment. “

At present, the three -stop small commodity market aware that the impact of e -commerce cannot be ignored, but the physical market is irreplaceable. “Experience” marketing is still about people’s consumption. They adapt to the personal needs of consumers, boldly explore the road of mid -to -high -end transformation, bring a large passenger flow and benefit to the owners, boost the business confidence of the marketing households, and come out of a new way to upgrade and later.

Nowadays, the transformation and upgrading of the small commodity market is in full swing. We believe that through the mid -to -high -end transformation, the road to the three -stop small commodity market will be wider and wider!

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“摒弃老思想 与时代接轨”:三站小商品市场 转型升级正当时


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