After picking up the whole network explosion heater, the only one is really easy to use


For those who do not feel freezing, this winter is too difficult.


In November, the temperature began to “cliff -like” plummeting, making the commuting road particularly difficult. This is just the beginning. From January to February next year, it will be colder, and even meteorological experts predict that extreme cooling incidents will occur in the central and eastern regions.

As a southerner drifting in the north, although the house I rented was very powerful, I was trembling to think about the upcoming cold winter.


When I want to start a “heating artifact”, I was stunned -the lady of the heater was also rolled up!

Small sun baked stove, oil tin electric heating, heater heater, skirting, electric heating film

… There are many types, and the prices are from dozens to tens of thousands, and “black technology” is popular.

How should we pick the heating artifact of the workers?


Small heating, really not recommended small sun

Before selecting the heater, first think about what kind of heating effect you want– What kind of heating effect you want–

The heater has local heating (such as putting in the office warm feet)



The whole house is heated (let the whole house get hot)

Two categories.

If it is the former, you only need to consider these two types:

Little sun and heater.

On November 22, 2016, in Hefei City, Anhui Province, citizens purchased small sun, electrical oil such as electric oil on Qimen Road in the city / Visual China


There are many things in common in these two heater: cheap, the general price is below 200 yuan, and both belong to

That is the hot type

, The power is also below 1000W, which is equivalent to consuming an hourly electricity, which is a few cents of electricity costs.

In fact, in terms of heating effect, the two are almost the same.

But I don’t recommend small sun because it has more shortcomings, it is not as versatile as heater.

The principles of the two are completely different. “Little Sun” is just named. It emits the cold air around the hot radiation baking around the same as the sun, and the heater is like an increased version of the hair dryer, blowing out the hot air to increase the temperature.

The working principle of the heater: the air driver air blows over the high temperature heating body, and it becomes hot air after heating the air.

Therefore, the small sun is easy to lead to local high temperature, and the opportunity for warm wind is more gentle and more comfortable.

Studies have found that long -term partial use of far -infrared electric heater can easily lead to “fire red spot skin disease”.

You can observe that when you bake in a certain part of your body with a small sun for a long time, the skin is prone to large -scale mesh. Those mesh spots are red first, which will slowly become brown with pigmentation, which is very ugly and even difficult to remove.

This is not the biggest problem of the little sun. There are great safety hazards in the small sun.

Common small solar heating components are mainly three types: quartz tube, halogen tube and carbon fiber. The very cheap little sun you bought online, most of the heat components are made of quartz tube.

This material is the cheapest, easy to produce fire, and is easy to damage.

On January 4, 2011, in Nanyang No. 1 Primary School in Henan, students used electric heaters to warm their hands during the class.


The halogen tube is slightly better and has a long service life, but it will produce strong and dazzling visible light. The heating body made of carbon fiber as the basic heating material has no obvious disadvantages. The power is relatively large. Essence

With “heating” and “fire” as keywords, you will find it, and you will find it.

Nearly 80 % of the fire in the search results were caused by small sun.

Once the little sun starts to operate, the surface heat is almost rising and easy to get hot. There are many examples of cat owners who run to the Internet. If the surface is kept at high temperature, there are combustibles such as clothing, toilet paper near the small sun, and fires are prone to fire.

In contrast, most heater can now achieve low noise, and some of them also have humidification functions, which is much better than traditional electric wires.

Select the heater in the big room, see the power and the number of pieces


If you live in a big house, you want to make every corner of the entire house get hot, and wearing a short -sleeved house in winter to brush the drama and play games at home, then the heater will not meet your needs at all.

If you want to become hot in the whole house, you can generally take the aforementioned effect on skirting, electrical oil and fast heat furnace.

But first of all, you can pass the electrical oil.

Most of the electrical oil Ting is like this / Amazon


Because it is too long.

Electric oil, as the name suggests, is filled with heat conductive oil in the body. After connecting the power supply, wait for the heat conductive oil around the electric heating pipe to be heated, and then the heat can be passed on the indoor air along the heat dissipation pipe or heat sink Essence

I really complained that this super slow heating rate is really anxious. I often open the electric oil tin immediately when I go home, and I have to wrap the bloated and thick down jacket for a long time, and I feel frozen in the room.


Once the electrical oil is hot, its constant temperature is very good.

Even if it is closed, the room can be hot for a while.

And the heaters such as skirting lines, European -style fast hot stoves, and electrical membranes are very different. In fact, the principles are all similar -all are transmitted to the heat dissipation sheet through heating elements, and then the nearby air is heated. The hot air rises, the cold air sinks to form a natural convection, which increases the overall temperature of the room.

The European -style fast hot furnace and skirting line of the whole house takes tens of minutes to heat yourself first, and then heat the air through the dense aluminum sheet, and finally realize the whole house heating / Bilibili@first look at the evaluation

Therefore, choosing a heater with good heating effect, in fact, just simply recognize two parameters:

Number of power and heating tablets

——The two affects the heating speed of the heater.

Some people vomit after buying the heater, “For half a day, the room could not get hot. This is probably because the power of the heater is not selected. If your room is about 15 square meters to 20 square meters, it is very suitable to choose a machine with a maximum power of about 2000W; but if your room has exceeded 25 square meters, it Obviously, you need higher power machines.

Some people question that the power is so high, and it is too much power.

I have to say frankly that as long as you use the heater, there is no “energy saving”.

At present, the maximum power of the whole house heating on the market is almost 2000W. If you drive 8 hours a day, it consumes about 112 degrees a week, and the electricity bill is at least 56 yuan.

Different heating equipment on the market, different power consumption / visual China

Therefore, the whole winter heater, the body gets warm, but the heart may become cold due to poverty.

In addition to power,

The number of heating tablets can also see the heating effect of a heater.

The heater at the same power, the longer the body’s heating effect, the better. If you think about the larger contact area and air contact area, whether it is heated to the air is relatively faster.


A certain electric heating film 11 pillar / network

However, here remind you that if you want to use it in the bathroom or use it to dry clothes,


It is best to look at the waterproof level of the fuselage.

Generally speaking, whether the product has waterproofing function will be expressed through the waterproof code “IPXX”. What we want to pay attention to is the last character number, where “3” refers to the water protection, “4” refers to the water splash protection, ” 5 “refers to water spray protection. The larger the number, the higher the waterproof level.

Most skirting lines have a waterproof function, which is too fragrant to dry clothes.


Finally, safety is the last line of defense for the heater. When buying, you can see if its shell material is flame retardant and whether it can be dumped.

High cost -effective heater planting grass

Considering that there are many people who have purchased articles in the past, many people are guilty to link. Here I recommend a few high -cost -effective basic heater,

No promotion for your reference!

When buying, it is best not to buy miscellaneous cards and net red brands. In contrast, some of the basic models of big names are not high, and performance and security are more guaranteed.

The first: Pioneer DTJ-T5 graphene kick kick heater 329 yuan

This is a basic model, with a maximum power of 2200W, 1200mm in length, and 135 pieces of aluminum heating bodies. This heating body is more efficient than the heat attenuation of electric heating wires. In addition, in addition to the basic functions such as overheating and short circuit, anti -tilt protection, IPX4 waterproof and surface flame retardant materials, there are three gears to be adjusted. The rooms with 20 to 30 square meters are available. The price is only three hundred. Don’t be too cost -effective.

Second paragraph: Emiut HD22-R34 skirting heater 399 yuan

This is called the mother and infant -level clothing.


Suitable for friends with children or cats and dogs at home.

Its maximum power is 2200W, the body is 1020mm, and there are five gears, which is suitable for less than 30 square meters.

Its service -free technology can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the product, so there is no need to worry about children or pets being burned by mistake. In addition to the basic functions such as overheating short circuit, anti -tilt protection, IPX4 waterproof, and children’s lock, it also supports 24 -hour appointment time, which is very convenient.

Third paragraph: Midea NDK20-17DW European fast hot hot furnace 299 yuan


The main characteristic of the explosive “white swan” fast hot furnace is cost -effective.

The maximum power is 2000W, which is suitable for small rooms with 10 to 15 square meters. In other words, the rent is friendly. There are basic functions such as three gears to adjust temperature, IPX4 waterproof, overheating short circuit, and anti -tilt protection.

As far as this price is concerned, it should have everything.

Fourth paragraph: Emiut HP-20-K1-1 heating fan 299 yuan

This heater is small and portable, with a well -behaved appearance. The maximum power is 2000W, and the rotation range is 45 °. The use of aluminum wind drums is less than 52 decibels, and it is not visible.

So the sense of use will be more comfortable.

In addition, it also has basic functions such as overheating protection and dumping automatic power off.