I bought a electric toothbrush in Pinduoduo, only 27 yuan, and I could take off in place …


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After the computer, TV, mobile phone and other electronic products are measured

Some friends ask the Jun Jun

Is there any measurement

Life -based product




no problem!

Today we can test the toothbrush!

(But it’s still electric … it’s boring without power …)

Eight of every hundred people in China have an electric toothbrush. In two years, the retail sales of Chinese electric toothbrushes have reached 92%year -on -year. It is a small feature of people’s start to pay attention to the quality of life.

However, the price of brand electric toothbrushes is indeed a bit expensive compared to traditional toothbrushes. The top five electric toothbrushes in JD.com are basically three or four hundred, and the flagship models go to more than a thousand. The quality of these big brands of electric toothbrushes is naturally beyond doubt. What are the worlds of those who are twenty or thirty?

So begging Zhenjun


Pinduoduo bought 2 separate differences


27 and 88 electric toothbrushes

It is also brought to compare Dr. Bei’s brand electric toothbrush to see how the effect of dozens of pieces of electric toothbrushes is effective.

/ Preliminary comparison /


The electric toothbrush is divided into sound wave vibration and mechanical rotation according to the vibration method

Regardless of what kind of vibration, the most critical of choosing an electric toothbrush is its vibration frequency, which is related to the technical content of the product to determine whether it is a standard for high fine technology products.

What is the cleaning effect of electric toothbrushes? Seeing its vibration frequency can be seen. Although not everyone likes a higher frequency electric toothbrush, it is not easy to make electric toothbrushes high frequency, mute, energy saving, and safety. In order to increase sales, many small manufacturers often have falsely marked frequency parameters and attempts to pass the level.


A hot -selling “sound wave electric toothbrush” participating in this Heng Duori has obviously there is a problem of false standards. The product packaging is very simple. There are only one electric toothbrush, 2 brush heads and 1 manual. There is no safety production license symbol on the carton packaging. It is marked with parameters such as 30,000/minute high -frequency and sound <55 decibels. It claims that it can be deeply cleaned to the oral cavity, remove tea stains, smoke stains, coffee stains, plaque, etc. I opened the instructions to discover that this was Yunmengju electric toothbrush.


This is an ordinary


Dry battery

The current type of electric toothbrush is rare in this type of electric toothbrush. The battery types of electric toothbrushes mainly include charging nickel -hydride batteries, charging lithium batteries and ordinary dry batteries.

Ordinary dry batteries are easy to use and easy to buy. It is very convenient to carry an electric toothbrush charger with you. However, from a long -term perspective, the cost of using ordinary dry batteries is high. After all, a No. 5 battery is 3 yuan, and the battery is replaced once a month.

At present, the technology of nickel -metal hydride charging batteries is quite mature. The mainstream electric toothbrushes are powered by this method, while the stability of the lithium battery is poor, and it has less applications on electric toothbrushes. The Fangpai electric toothbrushes and Dr. Bei electric toothbrushes participating in the evaluation use lithium battery charging. But no matter what type of battery supply, it is not the key to affecting the operating frequency of electric toothbrushes.


Another electric toothbrush that is hot -selling on Pinduoduo is claiming to be a brand

French Fang Fang Electric Toothbrush

Essence There is also a personal care flagship store on the Tmall platform. The official price of the same model electric toothbrush on the Tmall platform is 138 yuan, and the price of Pinduoduo is 88 yuan.


In response to the gap in price, we deliberately consulted the customer service staff of the official flagship store of the Fortune. The customer service staff said that the Fangpai brand had never settled in the Pinduoduo platform, and Pinduoduo merchants explained to us that 88 yuan is only available by the manufacturer’s direct supply. Activity price.

Is this Fortune A6PLUS electric toothbrush we bought on Pinduoduo? Is it genuine?


After getting the product, we carefully checked the production address, agency company and product,

It is true that it is indeed a genuine electric toothbrush.

Fangpai A6PLUS electric toothbrush is very fine on the packaging. The attachment is equipped with 1 electric toothbrush, 10 original packet brush heads and 1 USB charging base.


Among the many 100 yuan electric toothbrushes, Dr. Bei, a crowdfunding of Mijia, received widespread attention as soon as it was released. Whether it is packaging design, product design, or travel box design, every detail is very detailed, and the price of 99 yuan is really amazing. In addition to the electric toothbrush, it is equipped with two different functions of gingival cleaning tooth cleaning and bright white clean teeth, travel storage boxes and USB charging bases.

/ Test brush look /

What are the cleaning effects of these three hot -selling electric toothbrushes? You have to see through experiments. Ask True Jun to simulate the daily clean scene of people with a dental model.

Experimental steps: Apply a uniform mustard in the same false dental model, and use three electric toothbrushes for 2 minutes to clean them to observe the cleanliness of mustard on the dental model.

Yunmengju electric toothbrush

Yunmengju electric toothbrush has only one cleaning mode, just press the opening key to use it. But when we inserted the brush head, we found that as long as we gently shake the electric toothbrush, the brush head will fall off.

Press the key to the brush head to turn 360 degrees. Is this the rhythm to take off? It is impossible to operate normally at all, and the brush head and handle are not stable enough. The manufacturer is really intimate, asking Zhenjun no need to change the direction …


We use transparent rubber paper to further fix the brush head before we can continue the experiment.

▲ It’s so troublesome to brush a teeth, it’s really drunk

After 2 minutes, Yunmengju electric toothbrush will not stop automatically and need to shut down. But from the experimental results of the dental mode, it can be seen that

The cleaning effect is poor

The surface of the teeth and fine seams of teeth left large mustard.

Fangpai electric brush


Fangpai A6PLUS is an electric toothbrush with the most clean mode in 3 electric toothbrushes. It has five modes: weak, medium and strong strength and cleaning, whitening, polishing, care, and sensitivity. The magnetic suspension sound wave cleaning technology is adopted, and the toothbrush is large.

▲ Obviously seeing the bristles are trembling


In addition, it has a timing function of 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the electric toothbrush will stop automatically. In addition, the electric toothbrush will be paused briefly every 30 seconds, reminding you to change the cleaning area.

From the perspective of the experimental cleaning effect, the tooth surface of the dental model is very clean, and only a little mustard is left at the fine seams of individual teeth.

Dr. Bei electric toothbrush

Dr. Bei also adopted a magnetic suspension sound wave motor with a vibration frequency of 31,000 times/minute, with standards and gentle modes. It also has a 30 -second reminder and 2 minutes automatic timing function. Unlike the Fangpai A6Plus, Dr. Bei’s brush head is more mini.

Dr. Bei’s cleaning effect is also quite good. The surface and seams of the teeth are clean and clean. It is the best cleaning effect in the three electric toothbrushes.

/ Water surface test /


The vibration frequency of the three electric toothbrushes is 30,000 times/minute, but from the results of the experiment, it is obvious that the cleaning effect of the rhyme at 26.9 yuan is inconsistent with the shock frequency marked. The cleaning effect of Dr. Fu Pai and Dr. Bei’s electric toothbrush is good,

Dr. Bei was better than the cleaning effect of the teeth.


On the other hand, after the three electric toothbrushes are cleaned, the bristles of Yunmengju electric toothbrush are obvious

The color of the mustard

The color of the other two electric toothbrushes is still normal.

But the brush hair of Yunmengju and Dr. Bei appeared

Split phenomenon

, And the bristles of the Forte electric toothbrush are still tightly ordered.

In the experience, the weight of the three electric toothbrushes is very suitable. It will not feel difficult to hold it in their hands. Their weights are as follows:

In addition, the sense of cleansing at the mid -range in the middle range is too strong when using it. After 2 minutes, the hand will feel numb.

In terms of noise, the Fangpai electric toothbrush is the largest of the three electric toothbrushes.

/ Summarize /


In this experiment, we found that there are many affordable products in the 100 yuan electric toothbrush. Fortune electric toothbrushes and Dr. Ben’s electric toothbrush are good choices, which can meet our daily oral cleaning needs. but

Like a 26 yuan electric toothbrush, it is not recommended to buy it. It is poor in product workmanship and cleaning effect. The same price of 20 yuan is better to choose a traditional toothbrush with better quality.

Is the 100 -yuan electric toothbrush hot? The heated discussion of these two nouns is essentially the upgrade of the gap between the rich and the poor in China, reflecting the changes in the overall economic and social mentality in China. my country’s consumption model is changing to the M -shaped structure. The rich people earn money all over the world. Wealth continues to rise. Under the condition of limited social resources, the original middle class has lost sufficient competitiveness and moves towards the middle and lower classes. The middle class is gradually disappearing, and the reduction of intermediate power has a large gap, just like “M”. Therefore, more and more people want to experience the quality of life, but they are unwilling to spend more money. The 100 yuan electric toothbrush is a very good choice.


After these 5 phases of the evaluation, I believe everyone has deepened the “

Cheap is not good quality”

The reason, if you want to buy things, you still need to work hard to understand the market, instead of being tied into Pinduoduo and being deceived by low prices and false propaganda. Constantly improving yourself and accumulating wealth is the king of high -quality life.


Not to mention, ask Zhenjun to move bricks, and buy the 2000 yuan electric toothbrush early experience.