It is recommended that everyone: In addition to high -pressure cookers, there are 4 kinds of pots in the kitchen! Others are easy to “eat gray”


For many people, it is a very fulfilling thing to make a table of food in the kitchen for a while. But it is not easy to do it delicious and beautiful. Some experience and cooking must still be available. Otherwise, it takes half a day to make a “dark cuisine”.


The cooking skills are not enough, and the pot comes to make up. This is one of the reasons why many people are keen to buy various pots, and the other is the face value. I have to say that all kinds of small pots with high face value are really unpredictable to see, but the rich functions are ignored by selective.

But as a person’s experience, except for a high -pressure cooker, there are 4 kinds of pots in the kitchen, and other pots are easy to “eat gray”!


For example, I have previously bought electric hot pot, electric steamer, multi -functional cooking pot, etc. I found that I could n’t use it a few times a year until I was completely idle.

Iron pot

The wok is the most intersection of the kitchen. The coating non -stick pot, stainless steel pot, wheat rice cooker,



The cast iron pot and so on, but the best thing to use is the simple Chinese iron pot.

A bite of iron pots, fried, frying, frying, cooking, and simmering. The hot pot is cold oil, and the oil fume is relatively small, and the fried dishes are more delicious, and more importantly:

Iron pan is healthy without coatings



Whether it is fried vegetables or stir -frying hard shell, you can rest assured to stir -fry at will, don’t worry about the risk of the coating off.


Don’t think that you can throw it away when you see the coating drop. In fact, you can see that the coating is dropped a lot. Although the coating pot is convenient, it is recommended to change the new pot in 1 to 2 years, and the cost is not low.

Compared to the coating pot, smoke -free pot, etc., the dishes fried with iron pot are also better. Because the iron pot is heating up fast, it can quickly fry the ingredients and lock the nutrition. The fried green vegetables are green, and it will not be as fragrant and crispy as boiled. It is more suitable for Chinese kitchen.

Iron cookers and cooked iron pots. Personally prefer to use cooked iron pots, light weight, and the pot is very smooth. It is most suitable for fast -fried dishes. As long as you make the pot and keep the pot, you do not stick to the pan, and it will not rust.


Especially the ultimate product of a cooked iron pot -asphyxized iron pot, nitrogen -seepage and suffocation treatment on the surface, rust -proof anti -corrosion capacity is stronger, and usually maintains simpler. Wash it with hot water each time. Just dry it with kitchen paper towels.

Compared with those German stainless steel pots and Japanese polar iron pots, although the domestic iron pot seems to be unpredictable, it is very easy to use, and the price is really at ease.


Flat -bottomed fried pan


In addition to stir -fry, for people who love pancakes and raw fried buns, it is essential for a good flat -bottomed fried pan. Those who are used in trouble can buy non -stick coating pots, do not have to open the pot, and it is easy to daily maintenance. There are generally two types of coating pots, one is ordinary Teflon coating, and the other is wheat rice lattice coating.


The coating pot taboo empty -burning, and the other is the sharp things such as stainless steel spatula to avoid scraping the coating. However, the coating pot was originally fast -moving consumer goods. If you drop the coating, you need to change it, so I prefer to use a flat iron frying pan. In fact, it is well opened for maintenance, and it will not stick to the pan.

The flat iron frying pan can be used on the open stove, or it can be used on the induction cooker. The specifications are not too large. 26cm is enough. Although fried wok can also be fried, the pan looks more “ritual”. When the frying buns are raw, slowly fry the heat. After baking, they will be carefully frying.

Compared with other pots, the flat iron frying pan is heat up quickly, fried well, and more durable. Don’t worry about the coating fall off. Usually use it to fried eggs, steaks, raw fried buns, pancakes, fried dumplings, fried fish, etc., and a small amount of meat vegetables are fried with it. The frequency of use in the kitchen is still very high.


The casserole is mainly used for soup or sauce, and sometimes it is also good to make claypot rice. In fact, if it is not very hurry,

Use a casserole soup, which is more delicious than using a high -pressure cooker


Because the casserole material is breathable, this is not comparable to any pot.

Slowly stew with a casserole, which can maintain the original flavor of the ingredients, which is delicious. Braised pork trotters, potato chicken, red -roasted meat, tomato sauce burdock … The ingredients and soups are locked in a pot, and they have been boiling slightly. The dishes stewed in a casserole are difficult to reject such deliciousness.


Dozens of pieces of cheap casserole, hundreds of expensive. If it is often stewed soup, choose a relatively good casserole, because the porcelain glaze of inferior casserole contains a small amount of lead, and it is easy to dissolve when cooking acidic foods, which is harmful to health.


In addition, you need to choose a casserole with good thermal resistance, so that you can rinse with cold water immediately after heating the pot, and will not crack or explode.

Boiling porridge or claypot rice with casserole is not only faster than the rice cooker. It also has a taste that cannot be cooked in modern pots. It is unforgettable like the rice cooked by the stove table when it was a kid.


You can also use a small stew cup, steamed and smooth egg custard, and stewed ribs of corn soup. Slow -stewing method, fragrance, seductive appetite, and the method of stewing is particularly simple.

Remind everyone: After washing the new casserole, you also need to raise a pot to prevent the casserole from bursting in use.


The method of raising the pot is also very simple. Use the rice water to boil or boil some porridge. The porridge is often stirred during the porridge. After cooking, it can be stuffed for 4 hours. Extend the life of the pot.


Xueping pot

If you often make buns at home, you have to add a large steamer in the kitchen. Like I just steam the steaming speed and frozen noodles, it is enough to use a steamed snowplace, and it can also be used as a small milk pot and soup pot.

Compared with other small soup pot milk pots, the biggest advantage of Xueping Pot is that the heating speed is fast, not easy to overflow the pan, small and exquisite, and it can operate easily with one hand.


Boil noodles, boiled soup, hot milk, porridge, steamed steamed buns … From one person to three meals in the whole family, walk away! Especially when you eat it, cook a snail powder fast food noodles and the like, cook the pot directly to the table, and wash a bowl less.

Mix a salad, bibimbap, noodles or cold dishes, because although the pot is small but deep, the handle handle operation is very smooth.

The face value of Xueping pot is also very good. The special hammer pattern and 443 stainless steel are made of special eye -catching in the kitchen.


In fact, the functions of many pots are repeated. If the kitchen space is small, there is no need to buy too many pots. In fact, this simple four -mouth pot is used every day, and the kitchen is full of fireworks.