In the early summer of this year, the “over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes” is too hot, comfortable and beautiful, it is difficult to like it


The knee -knee skirt is elegant and hidden, and the versatile and practical and beautiful. In the early summer season, it is better to choose a few over -the -knee skirts to create a sense of fashion that belongs to you. However, many people may always complain that over -the -knee skirt is beautiful, but it is easy to hit people with people in terms of matching.

After all, in the early summer, everyone wears T -shirts+over -knee skirts, shirts+knee skirts or grandma shirts+knee skirts. So how to avoid hitting a shirt? The answer is to start with shoes, give up various sneakers and canvas shoes, and use small leather shoes with knee skirts. In the early summer of this year, the “over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes” is too hot, comfortable and beautiful, it is difficult to like it!

1. Which over -the -knee skirt is suitable for small leather shoes in early summer?

The knee skirt belongs to a type of single product that can contract spring and summer fashion, but at different seasons, everyone is also different in picking money.

1. White/beige/apricot -colored knee skirt+small leather shoes


For example, in the spring, everyone may choose some thick materials to create a daily look, but in the early summer, the thinner fabric with thinner materials is more suitable for us, breathable comfort can also create a light and elegant outlet shape.

Middle -aged women recommend choosing white, beige, and apricot -colored knee skirts. These colors are gentle and refreshing. They are highly adapted with early summer. They are paired with small white leather shoes or dark small leather shoes.


2. Little black skirt+small leather shoes


Little black skirt is classic and generous, and it can set off the noble and mysterious temperament of the wearer. It is very suitable for middle -aged women. In summer, choose a black over -the -knee long skirt in summer, or the black suspender skirt made of lace materials above can all can all can. It plays the two effects of white complexion and improving temperament.

Small girls must wear a pair of black thick leather shoes to emphasize elegance and high -level sense, but also play a higher role.

3. Blue denim over knee skirt+small leather shoes

In the early summer, many people will choose a blue denim to cross the knee skirt to create a fresher age -reducing out of the street, making them look younger. But if you don’t want to hit a shirt or reduce the sense of shape, it is recommended to pair with small leather shoes instead of canvas shoes.


For example, small white leather shoes or red leather shoes, the matching with the denim skirt is refreshing and generous, and it is easy to create a sense of lightness.

Second, get these careful machines to make the matching more elegant

The combination of knee skirts and small leather shoes is simple and comfortable, but if everyone wants to further show personal charm, it is recommended to get these careful machines.

1. Follow the strengths and avoid weaknesses


The combination of skirts and small leather shoes is basically not picky, and everyone can try, but if you want to create a more perfect effect, it is recommended to make adjustments according to your figure to avoid strengths.


Small girls must use a fitted short top with a loose -knee long skirt to optimize the proportion of the figure in minutes, and the small leather shoes should choose a cat or thick heel.

2. Get skin exposure skills

Whether the skirt can create a gentle and foreign mixing effect, it also depends on whether there is a highlight in the overall dress. In the early summer, it is recommended to show some more advantages as possible.


Especially the neck, clavicle, fragrant shoulder, wrist, or slim skirts expose slender calves.

3. Smooth skirt and small leather shoes

No matter how short women are, as long as they know how to use smooth -colored skills, they can easily create long legs. For example, choose the same colors and small leather shoes to enhance the texture of the shape and stretch the leg length.


Of course, the overall dress can also be used in a single color, or the neighboring color method is selected, which is high and thin.

Third, “over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes” early summer demonstration demonstration

After using small leather shoes with knee skirts, even if some common methods are used, the overall shape will change a lot. On the basis of suitable daily life, it adds a sense of delicateness.

1. Shirt+over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes

Are you still worried that you can use a shirt to match your shirt easily? It is recommended to put on a double -pointed shallow -back small leather shoes. While stretching the legs long, and injecting elegance and femininity into the shape.

However, don’t forget to use color matching to enhance fashion, such as choosing blue and white color, red and white color matching, or showing noble temperament with a skirt with his own gloss.

2. Knit vest+over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes

I feel that the knit vest and the knee skirt are too sweet, so use a pair of small leather shoes to shape a sense of lightness. It can not only modify the shape of the body, extend the leg length, but also make your match more formal.

But don’t forget to close the waistline, to create a high waistline with the outer side of the belt like above, it seems taller.

3. Long wind coat+over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes

When you have used knee skirts with small leather shoes, you also need to choose the corresponding shoes according to the style of dressing. For example, Lefu shoes are elegant and formal, and it is more suitable for shaping simple and high -end style. Suitable for creating a sense of light. The early summer “over -the -knee skirt+small leather shoes” that I shared this time is here.

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