The classic tactics of the multimeter, these 33 points are understood, the multimeter is also proficient


1. Use a multimeter correctly

If you use a multimeter correctly, you must be familiar with the dial before using. Two zero -position regulators, gently spin the zero position. Select the wiring column correctly, and the red and black table pens are inserted to the hole.

Convert the switch to dial the gear, and the gear selection should be correct. Select the schedule reasonably, and the measurement reading is accurate. See the range scales and look at the surface reading.

After the measurement, the dial pens are dialed, and the switch is spiny in the high -voltage gear. The battery inside the table is often checked, and the metamorphosis will leak electrolyte. The environment of the instrument is good, and the magnetic field is weak.

2. Correct use of the universal meter Om file

If you use Om file correctly, you should know that there should be eight items. The battery voltage must be rich and the measured circuit has no voltage. Select a suitable multiplier gear, and the needle refers to the middle section of the scale.

Each time the multiplier file is replaced, the resistance must be regulated by zero. The tip of the pen tip is good, and the pen is not touched. The measurement circuit is broken, and the schedule of more than a thousand Euros.

The judgment of the diode components has different obstructions. Measure the transformer winding, if you touch the tattooing of your hands.

3. Precautions when measuring the voltage of a universal meter

There are eight precautions with a multimeter to measure voltage. Clearly in -table resistance, someone must be monitored. The measured circuit watch is parallel, and the charging cannot be changed.

When measuring DC voltage, clarify the positive and negative electrode of the circuit. The voltage of the sensing anti -circuit can not be disconnected during the period. Test KV high voltage, you must use a dedicated meter line.

The induction electricity to the ground voltage, the different values ​​are different.

4. The method of measuring DC current by universal meter

Use a multimeter to measure the current, and the switch is dial to the milliamp to determine the positive and negative electrode of the circuit. Select a large number of schedules to reduce the impact on the circuit.

5. DC method to determine the first end of the three -phase electric motor stator winding

Three -phase electric motor winding, head and tail DC method judgment. Universal watch dial ahho, DC power dry battery. One -phase wound instrument, another in -line battery shock.

Instantaneous metering, the reversal is the first. If the wiring is not converted, the residue is judged in the same law.


6. Remaining magnetic method to determine the first end of the three -phase electric motor stator winding

The operating motor is judged by the first and tail. The three -phase winding is out of the end, and the marks are parallel. The multi -usable table is allocated, and the parallel public points are connected to the parallel.

Slowly rotate the motor shaft and watch the instrument needle at the same time. The pointer has no obvious swinging, three times and three tails. The pointer swings to the left and right, and the two end and one end.

Change the head in one way, and then use the same method to measure. Until the acupuncture point is not swinging, the first and tails are at the end.

7. The ring -stringing method is judged to determine the first end of the three -phase electric motor stator winding

The running motor is judged by the first and tail circulation method. The three -phase winding end, the interoperability is connected into a triangle. The multi -patch of the multimeter is in the three -phase winding in series.

Uniformly converted electric machine shaft, and watch the instrument needle at the same time. The pointer is basically not swinging, and the head and end of the winding are connected. The pointer swing is large, and the head of the group is upside down.

The two connections and two lines are both end and end.

8. Use a multimeter to determine the speed of three -phase motor motor

Three -phase motor speed, using multimeter to determine. Open the motor wiring box and remove the connection of the wiring column. The multimeter is connected to the chant, and the one -phase winding is over.

The turntable rotor turns for a week and watched the pointer several times. Diode motor once, with a synchronous speed of three thousand. Two -pole motor twice, synchronous speed of 1,55.

Based on the speed of judgment, the speed is slightly lower synchronized.

9. Detect the ground resistance of the home installation of grounding protection lines

The home installation of the ground line to test the ground resistance value. The multimeter -dial voltage gear, the kilowatt electric furnace is zero. The voltage of the electric furnace is measured to calculate the working current value.

The electric furnace is connected to the ground wire, and then measure the voltage of the electric furnace. Two -end voltage error, except for working current value. The land resistance value of the commercial number is about five percent of the error.

10. Recognize the phase and neutral line of the low -voltage AC power supply

Low -voltage three -phase four -line system, power phase line neutral line. The multimeter -dial voltage gear, the range of the range of 25, connect to the ground, and touch the power cord another stroke

The pointer has a large rotation arc, and the brush is the phase line. The acupuncture point is slightly deflected, and the pens are neutral.

11. Terring the polarity of the crystal diode and good or bad

Test the polar tubular polarity, and the multimeter dial thousands of Euros. The measured resistance value is small, and the diode is in front of the resistance. The black pen is in the tube of the tube, and the red pen contacts the negative pole.

The measured resistance value tens of thousands of euros, and the diode reverse resistance. The red pen touch tube is positive, and the black pen touch tube negative electrode.

Determine the diodes, and the multimeter dial thousands of Euros. The difference between the positive and negative resistance is large, the greater the value, the better. The positive resistance value is closer, and the tube tube has failed.

The positive resistance values ​​are zero, and the pipes are short -circuited. The positive resistance value is endless, and the tube has opened.

12. Detection of the quality of high -pressure silicon piles

Check the quality of the silicon pile, and the multimeter diamond voltage gear. The silicon pile multimeter is connected in series, and two hundred and twenty -two. The schedule is 25, and the silicon pile is connected.

It is greater than that of thirty volts, and there are faults without moving. The schedule of two hundred and five short -distance readings. The number of acupuncture points is zero, and the interior of the silicon pile has opened.

13. Termination capacitor is good or bad

Micro -capacity capacitors are simple and easy to measure. The multimeter dials thousands of Euros, and the red and black watches are connected to the poles. Placed once on the left and right, the larger the width, the better.

The acupuncture point is not swinging at all, and the measured capacitance is interrupted. The acupuncture point is not returned, and the measured capacitance has been penetrated.

14. Digital universal meter bee lumator resistance detection electrolytic capacitor quality

Electrolytic capacitor quality, digital multimeter detection. The switch is dumped to the bee tweet. There was a short promotion of bee sounds, and the sound of the overflowing symbol was displayed.

The bee ring has a long time, and the capacitor capacity is large. If the beekee has been rang, the electric container is short -circuit. If the bee lumator does not sound, the capacitor is disconnected inside.

15. Safety procedures that should be complied with when using a plie -shaped current meter

Using a plie -in current meter, the safety regulations must be remembered. Testing on the high -voltage circuit must be performed by two people. The potential of the measured wire, without the voltage level of the super tie meter.

Wear gloves and stand on the insulation table. Human head charged body, keeping enough safety. Measure the low -voltage bus flow, and the insulation partition plus packaging.

Poor insulation or naked lines are strictly forbidden to use clamp testing.

16. Correct use of a plie -shaped current meter

Use plie -shaped current meters, and the model specifications are appropriate. The maximum volume is rough, and the range gear is reasonably selected. The central head of the mouth is set up, and the static iron kisses is good.

After the tip is put into the wire, the charging cannot be changed. Ding -shaped current voltage meter, the current voltage is measured separately. The two lines of the lighting line should not be entered at the same time.

After each test, the schedule is tested, and the range is allocated to the maximum gear.

17. The technique of using three -phase and three -line current in tong -shaped current meters

Use plie -shaped current meters to measure three -phase and three -line current. Kirhoff has a certain rate and obtains a trick. Cover a line into a line, read the phase current value.

The tangle is put into two lines and reads the third phase current. The clamp is covered with three lines, and the number of load balanced reading is zero.

18. Tie -shaped current meter measurement AC small current skills

Use a plie -shaped current meter to measure the small current. The tested load insulating wire, the iron heart is circled up. Reading the real current value except for the turn.

19. Detecting a star -shaped three -phase resistance furnace broken phase failure

Three -phase resistance furnace is broken, and tong -shaped current meter detection. The two phase line current values ​​are less than the rated current. A phase wire current is zero, and the phase resistance wire is burned.

20. Find low -voltage electricity line short -circuit ground failure point

The low -voltage wire line is long, and the short -circuit location is difficult to check. The fault phase line string electrical furnace, the single -control switch is connected to the power supply. Use a plie -shaped current meter to measure the current one by one.

Whether there is a current division is a short -circuit location.

21. Detect the rectification device of the crystal gates

Crystal tube rectifier device, tong -shaped current meter detection. The tongs are connected to the anode to watch the number of head currents. The head indicates that the current is zero, and the measured components are not working.

The current value of the three -phase component is normal. The current is seriously unbalanced, and the components are inconsistent. There are faults in the communication part, and the rectifier transformer is short of phase.

22. Surveying the user to steal electricity across phase

The user’s single -phase electric energy meter, the measurement is less or not. At the front or back of the power meter, the tong -shaped current meter is detected. The tongs are neutral line, and the header indicates that it is not zero.

The phase line neutral line is measured, and the current reading is different. Then judge cross -phase stealing electricity and steal electricity one by one.

23. Safety procedures that should be complied with when using insulation resistance meters to measure insulation

Use insulation resistance tables, safety regulations must be observed. When measuring high -pressure equipment, two people must be performed. The measured equipment was completely power out and fully discharged.

When measured the line insulation, the opponent’s permission should be obtained. Dual -circuit is stopped, and measurement is prohibited when lightning is prohibited. Test nearby equipment, the location of the human watch is appropriate.

Keep enough safe distance and pay attention to guardianship.

24. Use insulating resistance table correctly

Use the insulation resistance watch, the voltage level is appropriate. The pre -measurement equipment was completely powered out and fully discharged. The measured equipment was cleaned, and the surface was cleaned.

The location of the table is appropriate, away from the electric field and the magnetic field. The horizontal is not tilted, and the short -circuit of the road is opened. The two -color single -core soft lead, good at each other.

The terminal button is identified and cleared, and the test wiring is correct. Shake the clockwise clockwise, the speed gradually reaches the constant. There is no fixed number of shake testing time, and the pointer is stable.

25. Precautions should

Inspeal that the insulation resistance meter detection, keep in mind eight items. During the test period, do not touch it with your hands. The glass of the head is dusty, and the swaying process cannot be wiped.

The device is insulated to the ground, and the ground button is connected to the shell. Surgery with large equipment, separate from the rated speed. Detect the electrolytic capacitor, the ground button is connected to the positive pole.

For the same time on the same stage, it is best to use the same table. When the device is insulated, write down the temperature at the measurement. Unsurprisingly, the resistance of a thousand Euros should not be used.

26. Connect the diode to prevent the measured device from discharging the insulation resistance surface

The insulation resistance meter button, connect the crystal diode. Large -capacity equipment to prevent the equipment from being released. Eliminate the acupuncture point to ensure that the reading is accurate.

After the measurement stops, the instrument will not be damaged.

27. Method to improve the voltage of the insulation resistance meter side

Low -voltage insulation resistance tables, tandem to measure the insulation. Candidate voltage levels are superimposed, and the number of insulation resistance reads.

28. The insulation absorption ratio of the power transformer

Transformer insulation and disadvantages, insulation resistance table judgment. The normal temperature is about 20 degrees, starting at the time of measurement: the readings are read in fifteen seconds, and the stability value is in seconds.

Two insulation resistance ratio, title insulation absorption ratio. It is better than one -three, less than one -three.

29. Quickly determine the low -voltage motor good or bad

Low -voltage motor is good or bad, open the wiring box detection. The insulation resistance table shakes, the minimum insulation, the 35th degree is eight, and the ten degrees per liter are divided by two.

By two degrees for each low, it is better to read more than. Universal meter dial ahho, motor star connection method. The table pen is connected to the two heads, and the handle of the hand plate slowly turns.

The acupuncture point is obviously left and right, and the results of the three tests are the same. The measured motor is good, otherwise the motor cannot be used.

30. Insulation resistance tables to determine the quality of high -pressure silicon piles

The quality of high -pressure silicon piles, insulation resistance surface judgment. Line grounding two leads, contacting the extreme end of the silicon pile. The front and negative resistors are very good.

Two read values ​​are close, and the siles tested have failed. Two readings are endless, and the interior of the silicon pile has opened. Two readings are close to zero, and the silicon piles break through short circuit.

31. Insulation resistance table measurement judgment from town flow high -pressure mercury lamps is good or bad

High -pressure mercury lamps are good or bad, KV insulation resistance. Line ground two leads, connect to the two poles of the light head. The mercury lamp was placed in a darker place, and it was slowly tested by slowly.

The readings are less than half a meter, and the halo is good in the bubble. The lamp does not shine with zero reading, and there is a short circuit inside the mercury lamp. The acupuncture point indicates endlessly, and there is a road failure in the lamp.

32. Insulation resistance meter detection of the quality of the solar lamp tube

Measure the quality of the light lamp tube, KV insulation resistance. The multimeter dial the voltage gear, and the range is five hundred volt. Shake the watch universal meter parallel, the polarity consistent voltage.

The line is grounded with two leads, and the feet of both ends of the lamp tube are connected. The light is on during the rated speed, which is normal for less than 300 volts. The lamp tube is slightly brighter, with aging above three hundred volt.

The lamp tube is never shining, indicating that the lamp tube has been damaged.

33. Insulating resistance Terminal Judgment of the Light Lights Qihui Instrument is good or bad

Qihui device of the fluorescent lamp, insulation resistance surface judgment. Line ground two leads, connect to Qihui’s two poles. Slowly shake the watch handle, bubble discharge flashes.

The tested Qihui device is good, otherwise the Qihui device will be damaged.

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