Hexi: a letter to the residents of the local local building


Dear residents of Tulou:


Yongding Tulou is the crystallization of human civilization and wisdom, representing the cultural heritage of the history of our district. In the buildings of the Tulou, a large number of wooden materials are used to make it highly flammable, and it is difficult to extinguish it once the fire is caught. In recent years, there have been a number of earth -building fires in Yongding, which endangers the safety of the people and has caused the mass loss of the masses. For the safety of family members, timely elimination of hidden dangers is the best way to prevent fires. Please do a good job of fire safety in the earth building.

1. Please use the electrical equipment correctly, do not use the wires and sockets without private pulling, unloaded electricity, and replace the aging electrical equipment and lines. Turn off the power switch when going out.

2. Do not lie in bed to smoke, do not throw the cigarette butt, do not throw the unexplained cigarette butt and ash into the trash can (box).

3. Please educate your children not to play fire, do not set off fireworks in the earth and surrounding. Be sure to close the doors and windows when you leave home on holidays to prevent fireworks from flying into the house.

4. Please do not buy or use unqualified chargers. Check whether the battery is hot and drums before charging. The continuous charging of electric vehicles cannot exceed 12 hours.

5. Please do not store gasoline, light oil, alcohol, banana water and other items at home.

6. Please do not stack flames such as firewood in the inside and outside of the building, and clean up public places such as stairs, corridors, and entrance halls in time to keep unobstructed.

7. Please arrange for the residences such as the elderly or mental patients with inconvenience in the operation of the inconvenience of the actions, and try to arrange it near the channel or the door.

8. The villagers are requested to do a good job in the safety of cultural relics protection units, and jointly protect the precious heritage left by the ancestors.

9. Establishing a group of protection for various buildings, recommended enthusiastic people responsible for daily inspections, urging households in the building to do a good job of safety.

The People’s Government of Hexi Township, Yongding District, Longyan City

January 8, 2020

Source: Impression Hexi

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