Haitao Shell Full Synthetic Machine Oil Okshadow Gray Xili A3/B4 SL 5L 187.93 yuan


The extraordinary gray joy is fully synthetic. It contains the unique XHVI synthetic basic oil of the shell. It has excellent long -term antioxidant capabilities and can provide excellent maintenance performance. Shell oil is the F1 team Ferrari’s special engine oil.The cleaning effect is excellent, suitable for turbocharged engines, small noise, and has a good reputation in the field of full synthetic engine oil.

海淘壳牌 全合成机油 超凡灰喜力灰壳A3/B4 SL 5L 187.93元

API standard classification: S represents a gasoline engine. The letters behind S indicate the level of the oil. The more backwards, the more superior the performance of this oil.(SA-SB-SC-SD-SE-SF-SG-SJ-SL-SM-SN)

Jingdong Mall Killing 169 yuan at 8:00 on May 12, and tax-included 187.93 yuan to hand, equivalent to about 37.59 yuan per liter.You can pay attention to those in need ~